Repeated abortion "culprit" is it!"One line" holds the baby’s life door

Red Net Moment News November 25 (Correspondent Ouozi) On November 14, a peaceful day made Ms. Wang unforgettable for life.With a baby cry, she became a proud "mother" on this day. She covered her excited tears and sighed, "Finally dreaming!" On the day of discharge, she specially made a banner thanks to all medical staff of the obstetrics.

Repeated miscarriage, the unpleasant second -child dream

From pregnancy to production, Ms. Wang can be described as "twists and turns."As a scar uterine mother, after giving birth to seven layers of childbirth in 2014, he had a miscarriage of 2 times in the next 7 years.

In March 2022, Ms. Wang discovered that she was pregnant again. Recalling her pregnancy experience in recent years, she was both happy and worried.I am glad that the 36 -year -old pregnancy has a chance to fulfill her second child dream. What is worried? Will the tragedy of repeated miscarriage happen again before?

In any case, this pregnancy is very important for her. During her early pregnancy, she carefully and worked hard to survive early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting.In order to successfully keep the baby in the belly, Zheng Lanlin, chief physician of Ms. Wang, came to Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital for help.

Cervical incomplete function, abortion "big killer"

On September 7, that is, 27 weeks of pregnancy+3 days, Ms. Wang first came to the hospital for the first time due to irregular abdominal distension.Insufficient function.

After knowing Ms. Wang’s situation in detail, Zheng Lanlin told them that the cervical function was difficult to get pregnant to a full month. Often, advanced abortion occurred in 5 or 6 months. The main way to solve the disease was cervical rings.Like the rope of the sack mouth, use a "cervical ring line" to suture at the place near the inner mouth of the cervix.As long as this mouth is tied, it is equivalent to keeping the baby’s "home", which can prevent most of the medium and late abortion and premature birth.

After listening to Zheng Lanlin’s explanation, Ms. Wang and her husband immediately decided to undergo surgery.At the same time, a "maternal and infant defense war" of time competes with time.

A line, hold on the door of life

At 18:00 that day, in the operating room of the Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Zheng Lanlin was thoroughly arranged to lead the team to perform emergency cervical rings for Ms. Wang.Although the emergency cervical rings are a small surgery, it is difficult. It is difficult to choose, surgical skills and postoperative care at the timing of ligation, and there are many complications, so it has high technical requirements for doctors.

During the operation, the anesthesia doctor and the operating room nursing team went all out for this "tire -protection war". The main doctor Zheng Lanlin was as careful and cautious, and dare not have a trace of relaxation.After the joint efforts of everyone, Ms. Wang’s cervical ring surgery was successfully completed, and she had less bleeding and short time.

After the operation, under the guidance of Professor Ding Yiling, the chairman of the Hunan Provincial Commission, formulated postoperative management plans, and regular monitoring of various indicators was normal.Under the precise and thoughtful period of regular defense and production during the medical team, Ms. Wang was hospitalized at 37 weeks of pregnancy.Baby, mother and daughter safe!

The door of the uterus is tight, so that the baby can be safe

The cervix is the gate of the uterus and the door to protecting the safety of the baby.Cervical function is often difficult to be found and diagnosed during the first pregnancy. It can even be diagnosed after two or three abortion history. Repeated abortion not only hurts physical damage, and also torture the psychological state of women.

In addition to preventing abortion in cervical rings, the most important thing is to attach importance to pregnancy examinations, early detection, and timely intervention in the fetus in order to give birth to the baby safely.

The doctor reminds that it is best to monitor the length of the cervical in 16-18 weeks of pregnancy, especially the following groups. Detailed screening and evaluation must be performed during pregnancy. The cervical length should be monitored regularly during pregnancy:

There is a history of cervical trauma: for example, multiple artificial abortion and repeated mechanical cervical dilatation during the operation, cervical laceration caused by induction of labor or urgent production;

Cervical cone cutting: This surgery has been used as a treatment method for cervical erosion. In the past, people with diagnosis of cervical erosion were not a minority;

There is a history of adverse pregnancy: recurrence mid -term pregnancy or extremely premature history;

Cervical cancer extensive cervical resection of cervical cancer;

Reproductive tract infection: for example, some sexually transmitted diseases, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.;

Congenital cervical dysplasia;

There is a history of adverse pregnancy: fetal stops, fetal malformations, dead tires, etc.

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