Repeated small abdominal pain, it turned out to be caused by the Qing Palace

In daily life, many female friends are troubled by chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease refers to the chronic inflammation of women’s internal genitals (including vaginal, cervix, uterus, fallopian tube and ovarian) and its surrounding connective tissues and pelvic peritoneums.It is often due to the inadequate delay of acute stage. Its onset time is long, and it is easy to recur, leading to pelvic pain, infertility, and abnormal menstruation, which affects the quality of life of women.

In the impression, there were patients with pelvic inflammatory inflammatory disease due to abortion.

Because of the inevitable abortion, the grandson of the palace must be clear

Xiaosun, two years ago, he had a clear abortion to the small clinic two years ago. After taking the antibiotics for 3 days, he stopped the medicine. He often felt lower abdominal pain.Treatment and symptoms have improved.The patient’s lower abdomen pain was worsened a week ago, with many leucorrhea, yellow color, and sticky, accompanied by the pain of the lumbosacral region.The patient was so painful that he severely affected sleep, so he came to the hospital to see.

B -ultrasound prompts inflammation in the pelvic cavity

According to the medical history and symptoms, it can be seen that it is chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.In order to confirm my judgment, I did a related gynecological examination for her. The results showed that: there are many vaginal secretions, the color of the color is yellow, and the cervix is painful (+).Barcuffs, light tenderness.

Then, the blood routine, vaginal discharge, B -ultrasound and other related examinations were arranged, and the results showed that the secretions had inflammation.The B -ultrasound of the uterine attachment indicates that there is inflammatory exudation in the pelvic cavity and inflammation blocks in the attachment area.Finally, the diagnosis was chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

Combined with the patient’s condition, give the Chinese medicine treatment, take Chinese medicine Guizhi Poria Capsules for 10 days, 3 capsules each time, 3 times a day, for promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and retaining the enema with Chinese medicine for 14 days, and then combined with physical ultra -short wave treatment treatment, Promote local blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, improve the nutritional state of tissue, improve metabolism, and help the absorption and decline of inflammation.

Because pelvic inflammation occurs in weak constitution, weak resistance, and recurrent characteristics.Therefore, in the treatment process, I deliberately instructed patients to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits after enema to improve the ability of personal metabolism. Pay attention to reasonable diet, exercise appropriately, and ensure sufficient sleep time to improve the body’s immunity and enhance physical fitness.Help to restore health and avoid recurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease in the future.

Patients are treated by actively cooperating.After a course of treatment, the condition was basically controlled. The B time of the B time was reviewed.In response to the characteristics of pelvic inflammatory recurrence, once again telling patients to pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen, pay attention to rest, do not overwork, it is recommended to participate in more body activities, relax, maintain a peaceful mind, happy mood, and review regularly.

After the uterine cavity operation, you must pay attention to care

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a very common disease, and it is also a difficult disease that often occurs during menstruation and postpartum, and sometimes occurs after cesarean section and gynecological surgery.In clinical medical treatment, women after abortion are often high people.

The flow of people’s physical damage to women’s bodies is too great. The more abortion, the greater the damage of the endometrium. In the end, it is likely to cause infertility.The risk of abnormal placenta, low weight, etc.

Female friends, if you have to clear the palace after pregnancy, you must first go to a regular hospital and take antibiotics on time. Secondly, you must pay attention to the care after the abortion surgery.You must abstain from at least one month to reduce the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease.

As a chronic disease, pelvic inflammatory disease often cannot get enough attention from women, and it is like boiling frogs, which often leads to quite serious consequences. It is recommended that women pay enough attention, and timely treatment should be treated after illness.

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