Reverse again?The "pregnant woman", which has been missing for more than 50 days, has been found, but the hospital said …

In response to "Chongqing’s pregnant woman in September for more than 50 days away from home", on the evening of August 12, the reporter learned from the Furong Police Station of the Wulong District Public Security Bureau that the aforementioned Ms. Xiao Xiao has found, and the parties are safe.

The aforementioned staff said that it was inconvenient to disclose more information, "the case has not been over, and the specific situation is based on (notification)."

According to Chongqing client report, when the police found Xiao in Jinhua, Zhejiang on the 11th, they were not pregnant based on Xiao Mou’s narrative and investigation and visits to factory workers.At the same time, according to the results of the local hospital in Zhejiang, Xiao did not have traces of recent cesarean section or natural delivery.

Earlier, Ms. Xiao’s family released the "Lunar Revelation" saying that Ms. Xiao, a pregnant woman, left home around June 17, and then took a taxi to Jiangkou to turn on the market.Mr. Chen’s husband, Mr. Chen, said in an interview that "Xiao Mou was pregnant for 9 months, but he had not been inspected in the hospital."His little daughter told her father afterwards, "Moms went to the hospital to go around and come out."

The missing woman Xiao Mou was 33 years old and was born in Wulong, Chongqing.Xiao said that it was because of family contradictions and was unwilling to return to Chongqing because of family contradictions.

Ms. Xiao, Ms. Chen, told reporters that at noon on the 11th, the family members had learned from the police that Xiao Mou had been found, and booked a ticket to Zhejiang to meet with Xiao.

Ms. Chen said: "Xiao himself didn’t want to return to Chongqing, and even didn’t want his family to know where she was.! "

Earlier, Ms. Chen, a citizen of Chongqing, reported to reporters that in the early morning of June 17, the sister -in -law who had been pregnant for 9 months left from home alone. She has disappeared for more than 50 days so far, hoping to help find it.

According to the monitoring screen, at 5:28 am on June 17, the missing woman finally appeared in front of the sanitary home of Wulongjiangkou Town, wearing a sun hat, a mask, a black mesengers, and a two -wheeled shopping cart in hand.Walking and eventually disappeared in the picture.

After the incident, his husband, Mr. Chen, went to the police station to report the case and posted a tracing notice.In the founding of the person, Mr. Chen said that his wife had been pregnant for more than 9 months when he disappeared.However, Mr. Chen went to the hospital to ask after the wife disappeared and learned that his wife had never gone to the hospital for a production inspection.

After learning that his wife was not pregnant, Ms. Xiao’s husband Chen said that he hoped to communicate with his wife in person.

According to the surging news, Chen recalled that his wife told him in December 2019 that the news of pregnancy also had more obvious symptoms during pregnancy, but his wife had been inspecting the maternity inspection at the local Wulong Fukang Hospital and never told him the results of the inspection.

Chen said that his wife usually has a more introverted personality, and she speculates that the wife may have symptoms of prenatal depression based on the status of his wife’s circle of friends.Chen also said that during his wife’s pregnancy, he had touched his wife’s belly many times, "bulging."

Source Beijing Evening News (ID: wxbjwb) Comprehensive Chongqing Client, Surging News

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