Reverse!Female doctoral abortion during pregnancy, scum men perverted the uterine prolapse, drug drugs caused their children to die

Education and wealth can never fill the defects of character.

The derailment door of the female doctor came in the future, and the truth was broken.

The derailment in the marriage and 34 weeks of pregnancy will cause abortion. Slandering the ex -husband’s aspect will not work.

The behavior of the heroine Wu Mouyi in this melon has repeatedly impacted people’s world views and broke people’s awareness of the Dr. of the famous school.


In the early morning of June 6, 2019, Mr. Chen kept next to his wife Wu Mouyi’s emergency sick bed.

Looking at his wife who had a sudden abortion and his body was very weak, he suddenly felt that the people on the pillow that got along with each other were strange, and it seemed that there was any secret that he could not sue himself.

So for the first time since he got married, he turned on his wife’s mobile phone and looked at her WeChat. He wanted to know why his wife became like this.

In WeChat, a person’s note called "Econ 100A VINCE" attracted the attention of Mr. Chen. How could she have a doctorate in biology with the people who studied the economy?

Mr. Chen talked about the chat history of his wife and the man named Vince, and Mr. Chen’s hands couldn’t help shaking.

It turned out that yesterday’s wife was pregnant with 34 weeks, and went to Vince’s family for appointment, and she sent a photo to seduce Vince. Such behavior directly led to miscarriage.

What Wu Mouyi said to Mr. Chen was to review the content of the final exam with friends.

Mr. Chen was anxious because he couldn’t find her. He kept asking her specific position and cared about her personal safety, but at that time, she was happy with Vince’s chanting goose. How can I have time to reply to his news.

Continue to go forward, Mr. Chen knew that the Qingqing Grassland on his head had been pushed up for more than a year. If it wasn’t for his wife’s accidental hospitalization this time, he didn’t know how long it would be concealed by the adulterer.

In the chat record with Vince, not only the cool selfie of his wife, but also when Mr. Chen and his wife spent a honeymoon, he took a swimsuit photo for his wife.My bedroom.

Mr. Chen couldn’t believe that these unbearable contents were derived from his wife Wu Mouyi, because in his impression, Wu Mouyi has always been a pure and cute, very simple and intellectual girl.


In fact, Mr. Chen is also a student of the University of California. After graduating, he returned to China to develop. He introduced Wu Mouyi.

Mr. Chen did not believe in the story of love at first sight, but when he saw Wu Mouyi at first glance, he fell.

Wu Mouyi is youthful, beautiful, and hot. Coincidentally, the two are still alumni.

The male was unmarried, and the woman was unmarried. Soon after knowing, Mr. Chen started mad pursuit of Wu Mouyi.

The two soon were together, and then for the husband and wife. After marriage, Mr. Chen also loved Wu Mouyi very much. For his wife’s studies, Mr. Chen gave up his domestic career and crossed the ocean with his wife and re -find a job.

He was tired of work, but he still took care of his wife carefully, took the wife to go to school, and washed and cooked for her. In Mr. Chen’s eyes, they would have two or three children, and then they would grow old. Repeat such a simple and happy life.Essence

But what I didn’t expect was that the wife was just a pure appearance and a wild sea.

Shortly after entering school, at a friendship event, she met a boy, the boy was tall, handsome, and a tendon meat.

"Ah, this is my ideal type." Wu Mouyi said to his girlfriend.

After the contact information, Wu Mouyi wanted to talk to this muscle man every three or two days.

After knowing that Wu Mouyi had gotten married, at first the boy was still politely staying with her, but facing Wu Mouyi’s continuous speech teasing and cooling photos, he contributed to surrender, and the scale of the two chatted became more and more and more and more.Big, in the end, the two sides established a lover relationship.

They frequently carried Mr. Chen’s private meeting. The hotels and boys’ homes left the traces of the two of them "doing exercise". They were even photographed by classmates in the new classroom and sent to the Internet.

This boy was Vince, which later led to Wu Mouyi’s abortion.

In fact, after learning the truth, Mr. Chen was angry and sad, but he did not immediately cut off the relationship with Wu Mouyi.

He watched his old lover lying on the bed and still felt distressed, so he chose to stay in the hospital to take care of Wu Mouyi until he was discharged before going through the divorce procedure.

Who knows that he is good, but he can’t return to Wu Mouyi’s introspection and apology.

In the two years after the divorce, Wu Mouyi kept spreading rumors in the circle of friends of the campus and the friends of the two, saying that Mr. Chen was a mother treasure man, and always violent her, so she proposed a divorce.

Under the endless tolerance, Mr. Chen chose to tell the truth. This is the melon that we saw "34 weeks of pregnancy in the 34 weeks of pregnancy" we saw.

He thought that Wu Mouyi could stop, but he really underestimated his ex -wife’s ability to reverse black and white and nonsense.


Facing the sudden counterattack of her ex -husband, after a few days of condemnation, Wu Mouyi returned on social media.

There are 3 parts of her backbone:

1. The husband does not work on the side and cannot satisfy herself.

2. The lover is a scum man, and the gameplay is particularly abnormal, and he was deceived.

3. I just derailment, I have been looking at my ex -husband in spirit, and also take care of his feelings.

Because of his desire to be derailed in the marriage, he degraded his ex -husband, and described herself as a little girl who could not stand the temptation of scum men. Wu Mouyi’s face was really too thick.

According to her self -reporting and evidence, we cannot judge the authenticity of 1 and 3, but her lover is really abnormal.

First bought a large -sized toy for Wu Mouyi, even Wu Mouyi, who loves to play, feels exaggerated.

Then he also asked Wu Mouyi to insert his toenails into his private parts, and he would put ants to eat there.

Not only that, he also has a habit, that is, using his fist to stab the girl’s lower body. It is precisely because of this habit that eventually led to abortion.

Speaking of VINCE, Wu Mouyi has a sip of scum, but the dirty relationship between the two people has been maintained for nearly 2 years. Wu Mouyi has not chose to end the initiative. Obviously, it is only because of this incident.Essence

Dr., in most eyes, is a representative of high quality and high education.While enjoying the excellent material life, they also enjoy people’s respect.

However, derailment seems to have nothing to do with academic qualifications. It is not only academic qualifications, but actually has nothing to do with wealth, status, and gender. It is just like a mirror, which reflects the ugliest side of human nature.

On June 7, a man in Hubei died of a waste of waste. When his wife sorted out the relics, he found that the husband who had always saved money was derailed, and he frequently transferred more than 400,000 to the third party.

On June 22, Brazilian star Neymar apologized to his girlfriend on ins because he dated other women during his wife’s pregnancy, and there were more than one.

On June 26, some people reported their wife to derailed a university leader in Nanjing. If the two were intimate in the elevator, it was really spicy.

The above is only a few derailment incidents that occurred in June this year. If it is not reported, how many are not found in the darkness?

Sometimes, character can fill the defects of education and wealth, but education and wealth can never fill the defects of character.

Even if you are a doctoral and celebrities, you can’t control your hormones, you will lose your lover, a happy marriage, and the respect of more than ten years of hard work, and eventually become someone else’s laughing stock.

Whenever you, please keep in mind that people have the right to choose, but we must abide by the moral bottom line.Because morality is the foundation of human nature.

(Author | Fish Roe Sauce · Tianqiu)

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