Review: The stepfather introduced the pregnancy lover to the stepman. After the step -son knew, he waved his knife to his stepfather

"I heard that his stepfather stabbed the stepfather."

"It seems to say that the stepfather, who lost his pregnant lover to the back of the widow Xiazi.

Recently, a video that burst into fire online circulated in netizens’ mobile phones.

The beginning of the video is these two sentences. What does the steps and the stepfather fight and make criminal cases?

"Is it 110? Someone here deliberately took the knife and stabbed someone."

After receiving the alarm, the police came to the scene of the crime.

When the police came to the scene of the crime, the scene was still chaotic, and a bunch of people suppressed two people -a young man who looked fifty or sixty years old, a young man who looked like he was only in his early 20s.In anxiety, the police brought the main character of the incident back to the police station.

How did things start?Why should a young guy in his early 20s take a knife to a man around 50?This makes the police puzzled.

And this stubborn incident has to start with the emotional experience of his stepfather.

After an hour of interrogation, the police learned the name of the stepfather, and we called him Fang (a pseudonym) for the time being.

Fang was born in a rural family, and his family was very poor, but he knew that if he wanted to go out, he had to study well.

So he sought tuition fees while working, and slowly explored on the road of studying carefully, and finally admitted to the ideal university, becoming the only college student in the village.

However, when Fang’s university graduated to work, it was found that things were not as simple as he thought.

If you want a good job, you are not only academic qualifications, or you can have good positions if you have an academic degree.

If you are out of place, your education is only a part. In addition to his degree, there must be a strong relationship to get the corresponding attention.

So he tried his best to engage in people, but because those senior officials saw that he came from the countryside, he was very disliked him and never gave Fang Mou.

Over time, Fang did not know what to do. Until he helped an old man, his life ushered in the peak.

It was on a train that Fang met an old man because the old man had asthma, but he forgot to bring asthma medicine on the train.

It happened that Fang Mou also had asthma and brought asthma.So after Fangmou gave the asthma medicine to the elderly, he was afraid that the elderly would get sick again, and took care of it all the way.

The old man was very grateful for the behavior of the other person. He told Fang that he would come to him if he encountered something in the future, and he would help solve it.

At this time, Fang Mou just smiled when he heard this thanks. He felt that an old man could help him, and could he help himself to eat for a good job?

Until later, he asked him with his partner, how could you know the deputy mayor in our city?

Fangmou watched the old man who left and knew that his opportunity was coming. Fang knew that the old man could lead himself to eat and find a good job.

But Fang thought that if he came directly to the door, there was only one opportunity.

Fang Mou thought, if he wanted to be promoted, he did not only need only one chance, but needed countless opportunities.

So he had to find the entry point on that old man, and then the entry point on the old man was his daughter -a woman with a divorce but a disabled child.

What is a fragile place with a divorce but a woman with a disabled child?It is lacking care.

So Fangmou followed the weakness of this woman to approach the old man’s daughter -Liu (a pseudonym).

Fang Mou first created an occasional encounter. He first sent someone to steal the copy that Liu needed to work.

Then pretended to be picked up by himself. According to Liu’s downstairs, he called Liu to call Liu, and sent it to Liu.

Liu did not doubt Fang, but was grateful to him.The two added friends.

The relationship between Fang and Liu every day, the relationship between Liu and Fangmou became more and more close. Then the two often met and chat, and Fang also took care of Liu’s son.

At this time, the parents in Liu’s family urged Liu to quickly find a man to get married and take care of the child together, otherwise it would be tired to bring a child alone.

Liu told Fang that he told him that he was annoying. Fang Mou felt that his chances were coming, so he expressed his mind to Liu, saying that he had admired her for a long time.

Liu was very happy when he heard it, because she also had a good heart about Fang, who had taken care of herself these days.

In addition, the people in the family urged her to hurry to find her boyfriend, so she brought Fangmou back to the home to introduce her parents.

As a result, Liu’s own father pointed to Fang Mou said that this was the guy who rescued him on the train that day, and now he agreed to the two of them married.

But Liu took care of his son, fearing that he would not worry about his child because of regeneration, causing his soul to be injured.

So before marriage, I told Fang Mou that after marriage, he no longer wanted a child, and Fang Mou promised. From the perspective of Fangmou at that time, where is the future of children’s future?

However, the good times did not last long. After a few years, Fangmou quickly promoted the salary and increased the position of the director with his father -in -law.

But at this time, Fang Mou wanted to be a child of his own, but he didn’t dare to explain to Liu.

Although his father -in -law has retired from the second line, he can still pull him down with his father -in -law’s long -term rights background.

Fang Mou is careful about his rights.

At this time, a child he had funded for many years came to him to report gratitude.

Fang Mou looked at the children who had already been stunned. In Fang’s opinion, the girl was completely different from the girl with thin yellow muscles.

At the moment, I asked the child if the child could have a child for himself. Children who had not yet entered the society did not understand what it meant, but girls thought that this should be a way to reward.

So the girl agreed to Fang. In the end, the girl was pregnant, but the girl wanted to kill it. She felt so sorry for Liu.

Because the two have been having four years, in the past four years, the girl understands that the meaning of doing so is against morality.

But Fang Mou really wanted this child. In the end, he was always looking for a way. At this time, Liu told Fang that she wanted to find a daughter -in -law for her son.

So as soon as Fang Mou had a clever machine, wasn’t this girl just right?

The daughter -in -law who asked her to be a stepman could not only get this marriage, but also gave birth to the child smoothly.

No one knows what Fang Mou said this girl, but in the end the girl agreed to marry the steps, and Liu was very happy.

Because Liu also knew the child, she also had a proposal to fund the child at that time. She felt that this was very complete.

Soon after they got married, the girl gave birth to a daughter.

On that day, Fang Mou laughed very happy. No one knew that he was happy because he was his father.

As the child gave birth to, the girl was thinking about lived with the steps, and she felt that the steps were good.

Although it is a disabled, I also consider myself and let myself feel the love that I have not received for many years, so I think about spending the rest of my life with the steps.

So later, the girl began to hide from Fang, and Fang Mou thought about it from the beginning, so that they would live a good life.

Anyway, his child is also born, and it can be considered as a wish in his heart.

But after a long time, Fang Mou watched the girl and the stepon sweet, and felt very jealous inside. He felt that the girl was also a woman, and could not be so sweet with the steps.

So Fang began to find a girl in trouble, so that the girl should not forget her scandal.

Fang Mou threatened the girl if he did not maintain his previous relationship, and he said the girl before and her affairs.

However, the girl made up her mind and felt that Fang Mou would not compromise these things for his own future.

So the two were pulling and pulling, and when the Jizi happened to be returned, Ji Zi saw Fang Mou’s clothes that he had been dragging his wife and immediately held Fang.

Asked why he moved his wife, the stepfather was shameful and anger, telling the story of him and the girl, and the step -son picked up his knife and stabbed Fang.

After Fang Mou said these things, he happened to be seen by the passing neighbor, and the video taken by the mobile phone passed on the Internet.

So there was a scene of the alarm above.

This matter is not big, and it is not small, but as a director, he does such a dirty thing.

This shocked the people around him, because in their eyes, Fang was a honest person.

They did not expect that Fang would do such a thing, and Liu immediately proposed a divorce with Fang.

But Jizi also wanted to live with the girl, because the steps felt that these things were wrong in Fang, and the girls at that time did not understand what it means to derail.

But Liu disagreed, and the family was fragmented.

In the cultural system, ethics is a deep design of social life order and individual life order.

Ethics is the core of traditional Chinese culture and one of the most prominent contributions of Chinese culture to human civilization.

Even today, the traditional Chinese ethical and moral wisdom that has been criticized and created and developed, it still has universal significance and time significance for the increase in the value of human society.

We should understand that many things can not be leapfrog. In the case, the case can discuss with Liu. Maybe Liu will agree, but we have to follow this extreme way.

And in the case, Fang Mou specifically specifically begging with Liu and Liu.

Xiaobian hopes that everyone is down -to -earth, and pay attention to the relationship between human beings.

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