Rough salt heat compress 4 parts, cured 4 major illnesses, unfortunately, few people will use it!

Hot compress is an ancient way of health care.Under normal circumstances, everyone will use hot towels, warm water bags, etc. to apply hot compresses, which is also commonly used in clinical therapy methods.

Hot compresses can expand blood vessels, improve local blood circulation, and promote local metabolism, which is beneficial to the recovery of the disease. At the same time, it can also alleviate muscle spasm, stasis, swelling, and pain, which is particularly effective for gynecological diseases.

If you want to achieve better results, it is not enough to use a towel or warm water bottle. Now there is a hot compress method more and more popular: coarse salt and hot compress.

The hot compress thick salt is mainly to strengthen the effect of hot compresses. The trace elements in thick salt will enter the human body at the same time as hot compresses to achieve anti -inflammatory and analgesics, regulate balance, and dredge blood vessels.Strong, the hot temperature can be penetrated into the body, and the coarse salt particles are large, which is convenient for the storage and transmission of heat. It can also absorb the disease and cold air in the body and improve the heat compress efficiency.

1. Chronic inflammation, palace cold, dysmenorrhea

This type is best to understand. When girls are dysmenorrhea, most of them use warm water bottle hot compresses?

Coarse salt heat compress can effectively regulate Gong Han, and the dysmenorrhea brought about, which also has a conditioning effect on chronic inflammation and chronic inflammation such as pelvic inflammation such as pelvic inflammation, pelvic effusion, and attachment inflammation.

It is usually hot in pains such as abdomen, waist, hips, etc., once a day.

It can be applied during non -menstrual period, and the menstrual periods can be applied with a small amount of menstrual periods, but if there are too many menstrual flow, use must be suspended.This method is adhering to, and long -term use can have better results.

Note: If you plan to get pregnant, you must pay attention to it. You may be conceived after use. If you continue to get hot compresses, you will cause fertilized oval malformation. It is best to apply hot compresses during the period of menstrual period to before ovulation.Pregnant women are prohibited!

2. Bone joint disease

Wind, cold, humidity, paralysis, pain, and joint stiffness related to bone joints, such as cervical spondylosis, periarthitis, windy inflammation and pain caused by wind and cold.

Wrap the coarse salt and wrap it in the joints where pain and cold, and apply hot compress for 20-40 minutes each time until the coarse salt gradually cools down.

"For patients with severe patients, they can only assist treatment and cannot completely replace drugs, surgery, etc., and seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid delaying the best time for treatment.

3. The humidity in the body is heavy, and the person with cold body

When you apply hot compresses, you can apply the belly button and below, and you can also apply the feet with hot compresses. After each time you soak your feet, hot compresses can be performed. This will increase the effect of wetting, and the effect of cold removal is also obvious.

4. Fatigue, worn shoulder neck fatigue and soreness

For long -term desk work, especially maintaining a posture for a long time, it will cause soreness and stiffness such as neck, shoulders and waist.

It can be applied to the neck, shoulders and waist with coarse salt, which will heat the local tissue, regulate the plant nerves, improve the function of motor nerves, expand the capillaries, accelerate the blood circulation, so that the muscles will be slowly relaxed, the muscles and bones are flexible, and the muscles and bones are flexible.Fatigue and improve the effect of neck and shoulder pain.

Put the bulk thick salt (unprocessed large grain salt) in the pot and fry the heat, or heat it in a microwave oven, put it in a cloth bag, the length of the cloth bag is preferably covering the heat compress area; put the coarse salt into the cloth bagPut it on the hot compress area. The affected area can be padded with a towel to avoid burns. A towel can be covered on the bag to reduce the loss of heat.

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