Rumor: Be ugly when you are pregnant?The doctor said that it can be beautiful during pregnancy

"Skin is like grease, and the skin wins the snow." This is the dream of every woman, but it is rare that the real beauty is really beautiful. Even the most beautiful girl on the street is inseparable from the blessing of skin care products and makeup. This should beNo one refutes it.Modern women’s skin care and makeup are not only "women who are pleasing to themselves", but also many of them are out of work.For more women, the sense of skin care ritual every night is to work hard for one day, and you can please your body and mind and release stress in just ten minutes.

My friend Xiaoli is like this. As a foreign -enterprise white -collar worker who works at Lujiazui every day, skin care and makeup every day are like eating and sleeping, but this situation suddenly changes after her pregnancy:

A week ago, Xiaoli just tested her pregnancy, the family was happy, and the excitement was self -evident. But after getting up the next morning, Xiaoli couldn’t be happy, because all the cosmetics and skin care products on the dressing table were gone.It’s!The reason for the elderly in the family is that I am pregnant, cannot make up, and can not be used by skin care products, which will affect the fetus.Xiaoli on the way to work was depressed, and Su Na Zai Tian made her feel unconfident. The wind and wind was still painful, and she quickly complained to me.

Xiaoli’s trouble is also the trouble of many expectant mothers. The old people say that the elements are facing the sky when they are pregnant, and they cannot make up. Can they only be a "yellow -faced woman"?Of course, the new mothers in the 21st century are resolutely disagreed.Today, we will come and talk about skin care during pregnancy. Under the premise of all the health of the baby, pregnant women can also be a beautiful expectant mother.

Knowing and knowing that they can do everything possible. First of all, we need to know what changes in the skin on the face during pregnancy.

After pregnancy, almost all expectant mothers will have different skin pigmentation. The most common is melasma or pregnancy surface spots, and the incidence of pregnancy women is as high as 75%.After pregnancy, women’s cheeks, foreheads, upper lips, noses, noses, 颏, cheekbones, and jaws may be spots.Although these stains seriously affect women’s skin beauty, there is good news -these stains will mostly return to normal in a few months after giving birth. Except for the situation, freckle treatment needs to be performed after delivery.

Everyone knows that the skin is prone to acne during adolescence, especially boys, which is the result of the role ofrogen.Many expectant mothers with smooth skin, after pregnancy, will find that they start to keep acne, thick pores, oily noodles, greasy hair, and hair loss. This is the cause ofrogens, because the body rises in the body after pregnancy.Pathotin, androgen.If you have acne before pregnancy, the condition of acne may increase after pregnancy, and usually improves after delivery.

Most of them appear in the early stages of pregnancy. In addition to the worsening hair on the face, the chest, legs, arms, back, hips, etc., especially expectant mothers with heavy body hairs before pregnancy.As a result, it usually disappears after delivery.

The probability of skin allergies and skin sensitivity after pregnancy will increase higher than before pregnancy. Dry skin itching and eczema are common.

There will be so many changes in facial skin during pregnancy, so the problem we need to consider should not be whether you need skin care during pregnancy, but the problem of skin care and skin care during pregnancy.Now, let’s take the focus of skin care during pregnancy: sun protection, moisturizing, and cleaning.

Solar radiation is an important factor in maintaining excessive pigmentation. Although these pigmentation and pigmentation can gradually recover after giving birth, if the sunscreen during pregnancy is not in place and the pigmentation is aggravated, it must rely on medical beauty.Therefore, taking good sunscreen measures is an indispensable part of the whole pregnancy, and it is an important method for preventing facial ministerial spots and preventing existing spots from aggravating.In addition to hard sun protection measures such as umbrellas, wearing hats, sunglasses, sunscreen is a must -have product for skin care during pregnancy.Many expectant mothers are tangled again, how to choose sunscreen, physical sunscreen or chemical sunscreen?

Chemical sunscreen contains model filter doses, such as zinc oxide, Avhzhazon, etc. The physical sunscreen is inorganic, which contains inorganic compounds, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.Whether it is chemical sunscreen or physical sunscreen, the current research shows that the safety is very good. There is no evidence that the skin absorption will have adverse effects. In theory, the sunscreen of regular brands can be used during pregnancy.If you really do n’t worry about using chemical sunscreen, you choose physical sunscreen. The ingredients are relatively stable, the irritation and sensitivity to the skin are low, and the skin permeability is also very low, causing the probability of allergies or dermatitis.

The importance of moisturizing is self -evident. Without the protection of skin care products, the skin on the face is like "fluttering". The moisturizing factors and sebaceous gland secretion on the skin are reduced. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, the water in the air has become less water.The water in the skin will become less and less, and dry lines and itching will appear.The correct use of moisturizing skin care products can help repair the skin barrier, maintain the stability of the skin, and help improve the thickness of pores and strong oil secretion, and play a role in reducing oil secretion.

There are many moisturizing products on the market now. Common ingredients are hyaluronic acid, glycerin, Vaselin, omitcin, Hohaba oil, sheal oil, olive oil, horse oil, wool fat, beeswax, these are all pregnant women can use it.Select according to your skin.

If your skin secretes a lot of fat, you can choose the lotion, refreshing the texture, and avoid acne; the prospective mothers with dry skin will choose frost with more fat, or the sentence, choose a regular and reliable product.The mask can also be used, but it is definitely not enough to moisturize by the mask. After finishing, apply lotion or cream in time to lock the water to moisturize.

Daily skin cleaning is also important. Washing your face every morning and evening is the basic requirement for skin care.When choosing a cleaning product during pregnancy, pay attention to the choice of products that are not easy to be allergic and not easy to cause dry skin. It is best not to use the soap -based base. The ingredients are the facial cleanser or cleansing mousse of the amino acid surfactant, and the nature is mild.Small stimulation of the skin.

Pregnant women do not need to choose special skin care products for pregnant women, choose simple and mild skin care products, but pay attention to avoid the following ingredients:

1. Skin care products containing fruit acids are easy to stimulate the skin.

2. Vitamin A -type drugs for acne, regardless of or orally, have teratogenicity to the fetus.

3. Add vitamin A alcohol with similar chemical structures to vitamin A acid, as well as hidden safety hazards.

4. Products containing salicylic acid, oral salicylic acid has the risk of fetal deformity. Topical products are not conclusive, it is best not to use it.

During the whole pregnancy, efficacy products such as whitening and freckle removal are still recommended for the time being. Even if there is no component containing the above -mentioned hidden dangers, there is another problem to consider: the skin during pregnancy is different from before pregnancy, the skin barrier function will change, allergies will occur, and allergies will occur.The probability of probability rises, it is okay before pregnancy, and allergies may occur after pregnancy.In case of this situation, because of the factors of pregnancy, doctors choose to use medicine will also be restricted, which will cause unnecessary trouble.

In addition, it is best not to dye hair, perm, and nails during pregnancy. These products also have hidden dangers.You can make up when you need daily work. It is recommended to light makeup. The safety of the ingredients, liquid foundation, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, blush can be used. After returning home, remove makeup in time, make as little makeup as possible, and less thick makeup.

Seeing this, it is estimated that there is a pregnant mother who asked again, "How do I know the ingredients of skin care products?" Look at the formula on the product’s outer packaging. If you can’t see it, tell you a WeChat applet "beautiful practice",You can inquire. The risk ingredients of the product and the ingredients of pregnant women with caution are marked. Most of the products on the market can be found, which is still very useful.

The correct skin care during pregnancy can not only protect their skin, but also make people look more glory and be beautiful. You are happy and your baby is good!

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