Rumor: Can’t you raise dogs if you are pregnant?Don’t scare yourself!An analysis for you

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For pregnancy, it is a major event in every family that is about to welcome a new life.This also makes people in the family very nervous about pregnant women.Especially for family -raising families, there are always many ways to say about dogs. Some families choose to give the dogs to others after pregnancy.Some people are directly fostering. Can’t you really raise dogs when you are pregnant?Does a dog really affect the fetus in the family?In many cases, this black pot dog should not be back!

When it comes to hidden dangers, it has already shown that the attitude will affect pregnant women and fetuses?Not sure and deny.Instead, look at the problem dialectically.Do you know what these hidden dangers bring?And are these hidden dangers absolute?

The largest problem is the toxoplasma

Although the bow -shaped worm is very small, it is very powerful.Structures and evolution are one level higher than bacteria.This is why many people are very nervous.The host of the toxoplasma is not a dog.It is through birds, fish and mammals and people.And one -third of the average population in the world has been infected with bow -shaped worms.Gow -shaped worms do not have to exist in dogs as a parasite. I prefer to stay on the family of cats, cattle, sheep, pigs, etc.

What is clear here is the ultimate host of the bow heartworm is a cat family!Gow -shaped worms can complete development and reproduction in the intestines of cats.As the cat’s feces are discharged.The infected cats can excrete 20 million toxoplasma eggs every day.And the number of days is relatively long.In the infected cat excrement, the infection of Toxoplasma is infected.As a dog, it is just an middle host.People can also become the middle host, which means that when they are infected, they will be attacked by Toxoplasma.What is the difference?The difference is that the bow heartworm cannot reproduce in the main body of the middle.There is no toxoplasma oval in the feces arranged by the dog.But it also has the characteristics of spreading bow -shaped worms.The host of human beings, as a bowworm, will not only have the opportunity to infection in the infected dog feces, but also some raw meats are likely to be a way to spread.

How can humans be transmitted by Toxoplasma?

If the fetus wants to be transmitted by a bowworm, it must be spread through the method of maternal and infants.And if you want to be infected with Toxoplasma, it is more because people eat the bugs into their belly.For example, it was exposed to cats containing bow -shaped worms, and they touched without washing their hands. After that, they eaten or eaten raw meat or uninterrupted milk.In this way, it can allow the bowworm to survive in the host like humans.

Therefore, for dogs at home, even if the dog is infected with a hormone, the dog is not the ultimate host.The bowworm ovation will not be discharged from the dog.As long as you do n’t eat dog meat or do n’t eat dogs infected with dogs, you will not be infected.

The second major problem is allergy.

What is unable to avoid dogs is that there will be a fixed stage of changing hair throughout the year.A large amount of hair removal of dogs is likely to increase the risk of owner’s allergies.If the pregnant woman itself has asthma, it is likely to threaten the health of pregnant women.Otherwise, the owner who has a pet around for a long time.It is difficult to have such a phenomenon.

The third major issue is pet parasites.

The parasites that are often mentioned are tapeworms.Most of the dogs are brought by the dog when they were young.At this time, the dog will have physical weight loss, loss of appetite.This problem can be solved when the dog is taken in the body.So even if there are pregnant women in the family, as long as the dogs are used to repel deworming in the body regularly.These do not affect the health of pregnant women.

The fourth major problem is the hook end spiral disease.

Hook -end spiral disease is a very serious disease.Once this disease is infected, hemolytic anemia, liver failure, etc.It will also cause abortion and dead fetuses for pregnant women.And there are many ways to spread.Inferential air, saliva may be infected.And this kind of bacteria cannot be removed by deworming.However, the current dog octagonal vaccine contains ingredients to prevent hook -end spiral disease.If there is a pregnant woman in the family, remember to get a dog vaccine, check it early, and find prevention as the main prevention in advance to keep healthy.

The fifth major issue is in vitro parasites.

In summer, if a dog often goes to the grass, there may be in vitro parasites, such as fleas, tapeworms, lice.They often use dogs as their host.And the breeding speed is faster.Hidden on the dog’s body.It is likely to cause the dog’s itching and pain.If you want to solve this method, you must regularly remove the in vitro deworming the dog. This can not only ensure the health of the owner, but also to ensure the health of the dog.If there are pregnant women in the family, you must repeat the dog in a regular period to bring a positive energy to the pregnant woman.

The sixth problem is that the dog’s personality is lively.

Many times compared to all parasites.In fact, the most important thing is that the dog’s personality is lively.For pregnant women who have raised dogs at home, dogs have long been accustomed to the owner’s companionship.When pregnant women start to be cold dogs, dogs may come up with many ways to please the owner. At this time, there will be a lot of excitement.It is likely to hurt the owner.This is to pay attention.Pregnant women at home should learn to appropriately let others divert the dog’s attention.And giving dogs with daily life will reduce the dependence of dogs to pregnant women.

1. Check before pregnancy.

The best way to avoid various diseases is to do pre -pregnancy examination.During the pre -pregnancy examination, it can be checked for a variety of diseases such as Toxoplasma, syphilis, rubella and other diseases.The results just saw the result showing that it was not infected.Don’t worry about getting pregnant.If you are already pregnant, you must also be a basic examination of human -animal affairs.At this time, it can ensure whether pregnant women and fetuses are healthy.Allergies can be done at the same time.For pregnant women who have been exposed to dogs for a long time, antibodies are likely to have allergies.As a result, the human body to the tolerance of allergies without allergic reactions.It was confirmed that the pregnant woman’s health was confirmed.Pregnant women should also pay attention to their own hygiene.Usually, pets have a scale contact.Avoid intimate images such as kissing to avoid injury.After contacting the dog, wash your hands in time to avoid feeding food directly and touching the dog’s stool.

2. Sword to ensure the health and safety of dogs.

Scientific dog breeding can ensure the basic safety of dogs, while defending the health of the owner.As the owner of a pregnant woman at home, it should be regularly vaccinated with dogs, deworming and deworming in vitro.At the same time, take a bath to clean the ears and the hygiene of the ears and various parts.Learn to disinfect the dogs regularly.Not only should it be disinfected in the dog’s residence, but it must also be disinfected regularly on what the dogs have used.And when there are pregnant women at home, they can take dogs for inspection of human -animal affected.You can judge whether the dog is infected with the disease.At the same time, combined with the test results of pregnant women to make corresponding cooperation.

Finally, the owner of a pregnant woman in the family is not to put the responsibility of the pregnant woman infected with parasites, and all the responsibilities of the parasites are attributed to the dog. The daily diet and hygiene must be done well.Scientific feeding methods can avoid many problems.The reason for really not raising dogs is not a disease that dogs are transmitted to people.It is because you really love it.Please cherish every dog who comes to you.Its arrival will definitely bring you a lot of happiness.Your serious treatment will definitely gain a happy life!

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