Rumor: Meeting red when you are pregnant and eating watermelon, don’t believe it, these foods that really need to be taboo during pregnancy

Summer is difficult for ordinary people, not to mention pregnant mothers who are pregnant with their babies.The sun is like a fire. Every step outdoors will make the pregnant mothers sweat and pant.

When it comes to the "artifact" of the summer resolution, the first thing that people think of are air -conditioning and ice watermelon.In particular, the cold and delicious watermelon is simply "perfect" with summer.

Imagine: A person is in the room, blowing air conditioners, eating a spoonful of ice watermelon, and the sultry feeling of summer seems to dissipate instantly.

Pregnant mother Tongtong itself is slightly fat, and is very afraid of summer.This summer is even more difficult for her, because her identity has changed and became a pregnant woman in the early pregnancy.

Since the sixth week, Tongtong has begun to spit his life with "darkness". Any mountain and sea flavor can be put in front of her, and she can’t mention her appetite.The only ice watermelon supports her to survive all day again.

I heard that the daughter -in -law could not eat anything because she was pregnant, and she lost a lot.Tongtong’s mother -in -law came to take care of her and carefully prepared her delicious meals every day.

However, the helpless pregnancy is too serious. In the face of the delicious table made by her mother -in -law, I can’t move the chopsticks, let alone the chopsticks."Turning the river and falling into the sea".

Every time I ca n’t eat things, when I am hungry, Tongtong will call her husband to buy half of the ice watermelon on the way home.

On this day, her mother -in -law saw her daughter -in -law holding an ice watermelon, and she sent it into her mouth with a spoonful one after another.Very, pregnant women must not touch it. "When he heard her mother -in -law, Tongtong suddenly stunned.

For the first time, she heard that pregnant women can’t eat watermelon. I don’t know if this statement is well -founded for a while.In order to consider the fetus in the abdomen, Tong Tong still put down the watermelon obediently.

In addition to ca n’t eat watermelon, my mother -in -law also lists foods that pregnant women need to avoid taboos, including: mutton, pig blood, chicken feet, rabbit meat and other common foods.

Looking at Tongtong’s puzzlement, her mother -in -law explained to her one by one: "Pregnant women can’t eat lamb, and she will get sheep epilepsy after eating children. Pregnant women can’t eat pig blood, eat poorly, children can’t keep …"

Listening to the mother -in -law said, "reasonable and well -founded", Tongtong was also afraid, and dare not eat watermelon again, and these pregnant women mentioned by the mother -in -law should avoid food that should be avoided.

In fact, it is not just Tongtong. Many pregnant mothers will hear this or that about the taboos during pregnancy during pregnancy.

Although some saying listen to the absurdity, the pregnant mothers are always "glass hearts". Even if they do not believe, they do n’t want to have any risks on the fetus in the belly.

Although he didn’t eat watermelon when he heard his mother -in -law, he would still feel inexplicable.She thought: She couldn’t eat anything when she was pregnant, and now the only watermelon that can be eaten can not be eaten.

Indeed, pregnant mothers should "pass the five levels, cut six generals" during pregnancy, and upgrade all the way, very hard.

If there are still so many foods that can’t be eaten, it is listed on the list of "taboo", which is undoubtedly difficult for pregnant mothers.

So, do you really need so many foods during pregnancy?The doctor in the nutrition department came to give everyone a rumor: In fact, the pregnant mothers did not have so many taboos.

There are several major categories of foods that cannot be eaten during pregnancy. As long as these foods are avoided, other gourmet pregnant mothers can still eat with confidence.

As for eating watermelon when you are pregnant, you will "see red". Children who eat mutton will have "sheep epilepsy".

Rumor: If you eat watermelon pregnancy, you will "see red". These kinds of foods who really need taboos during pregnancy

The first: wine and alcohol -containing food

As a pregnant woman, it should be "dripping alcohol", because alcohol damage to the fetus is huge and irreversible.

In fact, as early as during pregnancy, the couple could not drink, because alcohol also had an impact on the quality of sperm and eggs.

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers often don’t drink after they are pregnant.But in fact, in addition to wine, there are many foods that also contain alcohol.

For example, alcoholic beverages, ice cream containing alcohol, etc.If pregnant mothers eat by mistake, they will also affect the fetus.

Therefore, in daily life, pregnant mothers should polish their eyes, look at the ingredients table, and be careful of the food at the entrance with alcohol.

The second: uninterrupted milk and dairy products

There are many milk and dairy products on the market for pregnant mothers. Milk and dairy products can provide pregnant mothers with nutrients such as protein and calcium during pregnancy.

But some pregnant mothers want to be fresh and buy some uninterrupted squeezed milk or dairy products.

In fact, these unintentional milk and dairy products seem to be fresh. Many problems with severe bacteria are serious. They cannot meet the requirements of food safety and are harmful to the mother and fetus.While pregnant mothers are pursuing fresh food, they must also ensure the safety of imported food.

The third type: sashimi and other raw food

Many people like to eat sashimi and raw pickled foods, and they are pursuing that unique and fresh taste.In fact, these raw foods not only have the risk of exceeding the standard of bacteria, but also may have parasites.

If the pregnant mothers accidentally eat the bacteria exceeding the standard or have a parasitic food, the consequences are unimaginable.Therefore, even if these raw foods are delicious, as pregnant women, they still have to be strictly "taboo."

Parenting message

As a pregnant mother, in more than nine months of pregnancy, you must polish your eyes and carefully "escort" the fetus in the abdomen.Some foods must be taboo. These foods are like a "red line" during pregnancy and cannot be passed.

As for the so -called pregnant women, like the older generation, can not eat mutton, watermelon, etc., after being rumored by a nutritionist, everyone can laugh at it and do not bother.

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