Rumor: Vulvar itching thinks a sexually transmitted disease?One article tells you clearly

Many people will think about itching. I don’t face this problem, and I am a little embarrassed to say it. When I buy some medicine for myself, the general effect is not ideal and it is easy to cause repeated. Some friends often think more.It is a sexually transmitted disease, and even causes family contradictions, thinking that it must be caused by the history of unclean sexual life in the partner!Finally, come to the hospital to find a doctor.

Today, I will tell you one of the most common cases that cause itching -what is the vaginitis infected with fungi and how to regulate medicine?Some research data show that about 75%of women have suffered at least once mold vaginitis in their lives, and 40%to 45%of women have experienced two or more attacks.Many female friends mistakenly think that they are sexually transmitted diseases, and they have unnecessary panic anxiety after being diagnosed.Although the disease is simple, it is easy to recur, so it is important to fully understand some of the disease.

The mold here refers to fungi (we eat fungus, shiitake mushrooms and the like, and some fungi can cause human disease. There are currently more than 400 types of fungi found; some fungi can be eaten and different). Generally, rosary beads are generally used for rosary beads.The fungus is common and most of them are Candida (one of the Candida), so mold vaginitis is also known as Candida vaginitis (note that it is not white !!! There is no such medicine named) It is a common disease.

Severe and stubborn vulvar itching, first consider whether fungal infections, so how do you know if it is a fungal infection?

Generally, the secretion of vulva is applied to the glass sheet and the covering glass with a compound potassium hydroxide soluble solution is placed under the microscope. Observe the mirror. It is easy to see the branches and bimets of the fungus.White Candida is oval, which often produces long buds without falling off (sprey) to shape ace -like acetic and non -bacterial acetic.EssenceIt is prompted to be infected with fungal and the most likely to read Candida.It should be noted that not all found fungi need to be treated. Doctors need to combine clinical symptoms to judge: 10%-20%of women carrying fake silk yeasts have no symptoms, and these women do not need to be treated.

What is the fungus, you can view this article:

Bacteria, bacteria, and viruses are stupid. How can I cure it?What is the sacred fungus?Candida vaginitis is a vulvar vulva vulva vulva with typical characteristics of a typical characteristic characteristic of stricter itching, leucorrhea thick tofu residue -like secretions.

Usually, everyone first finds that the vulva is inexplicable and itchy. There is no sign of signs. After that, it is found that the vulvar secretions of tofu slag are constantly. Patients are often very distressed and have a great impact on life.Check the vulva scratching marks, the vaginal mucosa is congested and edema, and the white sheet is sticky. Wim removing the white film to see the red and swollen mucosa of the white film. Sometimes the mucosa erosion or shallow ulcers can be seen.Vulvar burning pain, frequent urination, frequent or sexual intercourse pain.

Many people can’t understand a little bit. Usually, why are he infected with hygiene?Under normal circumstances, there is an environment in which lactobacillus has lactobacillus in the vagina of the human body. Pseudoma yeast is a common parasitic bacteria in women’s vagina.When the poisoning force of fake silk yeast is enhanced, the body’s resistance is weaker than the invasion, which eventually leads to a large number of fake silk yeast reproduction, which is damaged by the vaginal epithelial cells of the body.

In short, there are two reasons. On the one hand, the cause of bacteria is the reason for the human body.Below I summarize a few sensible factors. You can take a look at it, and pay attention to some problems in life.The core factor of fungal growth is: warm, humid, and low immunity.

1. Pregnancy

Candida is also parasitic in some healthy women’s vagina. The vaginal environment of pregnant women is more suitable for the growth of Candida. Many female friends usually have such vaginitis and easily recur during pregnancy.There is also a kind of common athlete. The feet are extremely itchy because of fungal infection, but the type of bacteria is not Candida, and most of them are the most of them.

2. Living habits

Many beautiful female friends like to wear tight -fitting jeans that highlight their figures, etc., common obesity problems. Under the poor living habits of the office, the perineal minister is humid and dull for a long time, which is conducive to the growth of Candida. The environment does not change.inflammation.

2. Diabetes patients

The content of glycogen in the vaginal epithelial cells of diabetic patients increases, and the normal acid -alkali balance environment of the vagina is destroyed, which can easily lead to the growth of pathogenic bacteria and vaginitis.Especially women with poor blood glucose control, normal parasitic fake silk yeast is easy to reproduce in large quantities, and it is easy to form refractory mold vaginitis. It is often effective in conventional antibacterial drugs after blood sugar control.

3. Abuse antibiotics

Many people use antibiotics and anti -inflammatory drugs. They do not know that the abuse of antibiotics has a great impact on human health.Miobacterium is a bacteria that balance the fungus. When taking antibiotics, the number of lactobacillus will be reduced, so that the fungal starts to reproduce a lot.It is easy to cause imbalance in the vaginal flora and induce the disease.

4. fungal infection

Underwear cannot be ventilated, and it is easy to induce mold vaginitis.Although the fungal infection on the feet is not the same as the pathogenic bacteria of vaginitis, socks and underwear cannot be washed together.

5. Decrease immunity

In addition to the growth of fungi, it is related to the immunity of the host. This part is also the relationship between hot fungus and host in recent years.It is mainly due to the decline in immunity, and only a few are indirect infection through sexual intercourse or contact with infection. Therefore, you do n’t have to doubt your health habits, causing excessive anxiety to suffer from vaginitis.

Treatment is required to relieve symptoms.Asymptomatic women and sex partners do not need to be treated.

There are many oral preparations and external drugs that can be used to treat simple vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease, many of which are over -the -counter drugs and are single -dose schemes.Because there are no preparations, drugs, or the way to administer the way, it should be preferred and taboo when taking oral or external use antifungal drugs.Select the treatment plan according to female patients as simple infections (90%) or complex infection (10%).

Oral treatment of VS local therapy — currently there are multiple oral preparations and local preparations that can be used to treat simple vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease, many of which are non -prescription drugs and single -dose schemes.If local treatment is selected, only vulva treatment is not enough to remove fungi stored in vaginal storage, even if the patient’s symptoms are mainly concentrated in the vulva.Although vulvar therapy can improve the symptoms of vulva, vaginal treatment still needs to be performed to completely cure diseases.

1. Simple sex infection

Standards -the standards of simple sex infection include all the following: distribution, rarely seizures (≤3 times/year), light to moderate signs/symptoms are intended to be diagnosed as infected non -pregnancy women who are infected with normally

Initial treatment -we recommend using oral fluonazole because most women think that oral drugs are more convenient than drugs in vaginal.After oral 150 mg of a single dose of fluoronazole, fluoronazole in the vaginal secretion can remain at least 72 hours.

The side effects of a single dose of fluoronazole (150mg) are slightly mild and rare.However, although fluinazole can interact with a variety of drugs, the dose used to treat vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease is rarely caused.

Simple infection can be relieved for several days.Sexual intercourse is not available during the treatment, but there may be discomfort before the inflammation is relieved.Sexual partners do not need to be treated.Complex infections -The characteristics of complexity infections include the following or more features:

2. Complex infection -The characteristics of complex infections include the following or more features: there are severe signs/symptoms non -white Candida infection, especially smoothing of Candida pregnancy, poor diabetes control, immunosuppressing, weakness and confirmation of cultivation and confirmationHistory of vulva recurrence of Candida vaginitis (≥3 times/year)

Antibacterial drugs are resistant to drugs, so they need to be used under the guidance of doctors or pharmacists. They can choose oral or external vaginal administration according to the situation.

1. Under normal circumstances, our vagina will maintain the balance of acid and alkali value by ourselves. Try not to clean the vagina with a cleaner or disinfected potion or even excessively brushing.If it is not clear, it is easy to buy some so -called special effects products. In fact, the harm of doing so is great. It may not only damage the balance of the vaginal environment, but also cause vaginal damage. ThereforeClean.

2. Pants with cotton -padded pants usually try to wear cotton -quality inner and outer pants to keep them dry. Usually, if the secretions are not much, do not use sanitary pads as much as possible. If you use it, you must replace it frequently to avoid breeding bacteria.

3. The consent and prescription must be passed with antibiotics. Although antibiotics can kill bacteria, it will promote the growth of fungi. Therefore, the reasonable use of antibiotics is very important for human health.

4. Normal sexual life and simplicity of the infection of many vaginal diseases are transmitted from sexual behavior. If there are too many sexual partners, it is difficult to control whether the infection is infected. One of the cases of fungal infections on both sides need to be treated in time (male maleGenerally, rosary foreskin balanitis), during treatment, to avoid sexual life, so as not to cross infection.

5. Keep your mood happy and happy, and the impact of emotions on physical health is also very great, often easy to be ignored.It is also a good way to improve immunity. In addition, the normal life and rest should be normal, so that the immune system can operate normally.


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