Rumor, the president is high after pregnancy?It is possible to be completely closed and sufficient in nutrition.

When I went to the Mom forum some time ago, I found an interesting post, and there were many mothers following the post.

The master Lili said that she had two yards when she was pregnant, and after giving birth to the child, she found that the previous pants and clothes were short. I found that she had 5 cm long. She was 160 cm before.165 cm.

Many mothers who have the same experience follow the posts below. Liang Liang said that he had been 1.58 meters before, and now 1.6 meters. He has been lying about 1.6 meters before, and now you have to have a child.

Gao Gao said that he was 1.7 meters before pregnancy. As a result, a baby had a baby to 1.72, and his husband was only 1.72 meters. Now he is pregnant with a second child. My husband said that he wants to cry.No matter how high he is, he is higher than him.

Some of the pregnant mothers said, can pregnancy really grow taller?I am so happy, I hope it can be 5 cm long.

We generally say that girls will not grow taller again when they grow at the age of 16, but pregnancy and baby can really allow some people to achieve their height of secondary development.

why?Jing Ma went to check some information and consulted doctors from obstetrics and gynecology and orthopedics. Based on their views, they found that the main reasons were.

1. After pregnancy, the stomach slowly becomes larger. In order to maintain the balance of the body, the mother will involuntarily lean back, causing the spine to be stretched, and it seems to be a bit taller.

But after giving birth, some mothers will slowly restore their height before pregnancy.Therefore, such growth may be false.

2. The pregnancy hormone has changed, allowing the child to grow taller, so the body of the pregnant woman will secrete the growth hormone

Growing hormones to stimulate the bone growth of pregnant women. In addition, we will usually supplement calcium tablets or drink milk to supplement calcium. The nutrition will be richer, resulting in our pregnant women’s gardening.

However, this situation is not every mother encountered. Those who can grow taller are the mothers who are about to be closed and have not fully closed, and pregnant women have a good nutritional condition.

Most mothers have completely closed because their bones have been completely closed, so pregnancy will not make themselves taller.

1. The shoes are two yards larger, and the mother’s shoes are suitable

A mother said that she was wearing slippers at home after she was pregnant. All the previous shoes could not be put on, and they wore their mother’s shoes when they went out.

Many mothers have such experiences. Some are edema in the late pregnancy, but some mothers still find themselves without edema.The shoes could not be worn before.

It is mainly because our weight will increase after pregnancy. These increased weight is not just that our belly is big, the chest is large, and the extra meat will make our feet larger.

In addition, in order to better produce in the future, our body will secrete loose hormones, and slowly stretch the bones and ligaments of pregnant women’s pelvis and become flexible.

This relaxation hormone also makes the mother grow up and bones, so the feet will become larger. Generally, the feet will become larger or so. It is normal for some mothers to lose weight after giving birth, and the feet will become the original.Maybe you want to change your shoes.

2. The amount of hair becomes more and less

After pregnancy, we must let the child grow up in the stomach. All the hormones of the body are promoting the growth of the fetus. Because the increase in estrogen, our hair becomes more. Usually our headlines will fall out every day and grow more.Keep a balance, but after pregnancy, our headlines cannot grow, so hair will become more.

But after giving birth, the hair that had not been lost before will start to drop, so it will be more serious after childbirth.

Therefore, one year after pregnancy, the headline will be balanced from more to less to slowly.

3. There are many tooth problems

The study of 2,635 women in public health journals found that the more possibilities for women to give birth to children.

Mom Jing remembered that Grandma said when she was a child that they had a child to lose a teeth.

There are many reasons for the oral problems of pregnant women:

Cause of hormones

The change in hormones after pregnancy will make the gums sensitive, resulting in bleeding gum bleeding easily in the early pregnancy.The gum bleeding made the mother dare not brush her teeth.It’s easier to have a problem with oral cavity.

Effect of pregnancy

Many mothers will have a pregnancy reaction in the early stages of pregnancy, and the acidic substances spit out through the mouth will corrode the mother’s teeth and affect the health of the teeth.

Frequent food after pregnancy

Frequent foods are more likely to allow the residue of food to stay on the teeth to breed bacteria and affect the health of the teeth.Especially eating at night will affect the health of pregnant women.

It is easier to lack calcium after pregnancy

Many mothers do not have the habit of drinking milk when they are not pregnant. The daily diet is a low -calcium diet, and it is easy to deficiency in calcium after pregnancy. Calcium deficiency is not conducive to the health of the teeth.

Therefore, we must pay attention to oral hygiene after pregnancy and postpartum, rinse your mouth after eating, brush your teeth sooner or later, and pay attention to calcium supplementation.

4. Incontinence

In the early stages of pregnancy, I wanted to go to the toilet, but I started to cough and laugh loudly in the middle and late pregnancy, because the pants were wet when they cough.

Thinking that the embarrassing problem of having a child can be completely solved, but found that he is too naive, and it is even more serious after giving birth.

The main reason is that the pressure of the bottom muscle in the middle and late pregnancy becomes greater, causing the elasticity of the bottom muscle to deteriorate. There is no way to hold our urethra well, and the involuntary urine flows out of control.

It is recommended that after 42 days after delivery, the Kiger movement can be done to strengthen the bottom muscles of the basin through the shrinking exercise. Then we will strengthen the power of our urethral sphincter and reduce the occurrence of urinary incontinence. Generally speaking, this movement is done three times a day after delivery.This year’s urinating incontinence will be relieved.

5. Skin change

The most obvious thing is that there will be a black mid -line on the stomach, which is also called pregnancy line, mainly due to the increase in melanin in the body during pregnancy. There are also some mothers who have chloasma, freckles, or coming.Some moles on their bodies will become more obvious, mainly caused by melanin, and generally they will gradually improve after giving birth.

If stretch marks are generated, the possibility of completing recovery will be weak.

Mother Jing said: Mom will experience a lot of suffering, and her body will be in various uncomfortable symptoms, so her husband should be more considerate of his wife, and the child must also filially his mother.

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