Rumor!Can children and cat really have both?My wife is pregnant, what should I do if the elders let the cat go away

The continuous development and progress of society has also prompted the increasingly common incident of pets. According to data from the "White Paper in China’s Pet Industry in 2018", the number of urban pets (cats and dogs) in my country this year is as high as 56.48 million!Among them, the number of dog breeders was about 3.3.9 million, and the number of cats was about 22.58 million.

It is precisely because of the continuous growth of cat -raising shoveling officials in recent years, it has caused a hot topic that the elders are discussing -they ca n’t raise cats when they are pregnant!The veterinarian Xiaoming has received many consultations from fans many times: the wife is pregnant, the elders let the cats at home, what should I do?

Is that really the case as the parents are worried, will the cat must carry a bow -shaped worm?Cats in pregnant women will definitely be infected with Toxoplasma?Being pregnant and raising cats, must the baby born be unhealthy?Can children and cat really have both?

The veterinarian Xiaoming is here: Of course, the answer is not so absolute. The unforgiving bow -shaped worm is not so easy to be infected at all, but there is indeed a minor probability that it will be infected!Of the 4 million babies born each year, only about 1,200 babies were infected with toxoplasma, and their infection rate was 0.0003%!Science nourishment is important.

You know, pregnancy and cats are definitely both, but remember what to do and what can be done!The veterinarian Xiaoming intends to talk to everyone today. Our elders are deeply ingrained with "you can’t raise a cat when you are pregnant."After all, our kitten is also super grievance ~

First of all, we need to know why parents and elders have repeatedly obstructed us to raising cats during pregnancy. The most fundamental reason is to care and love us!For parents with relatively slow accepted scientific knowledge, they are still in a stage when they cannot accept cats sleeping on our bed. Some parents will think that today’s pet cats and the rural cats and wild cats they saw at the beginningThey will also go out, catch mice, and even turn over the food in the garbage daily. How can you know that young people now will be cleaned up daily for cat raising, scan the cat regularly, and give cats regularly insect deworming to take a bath.Woolen cloth?

This is actually a manifestation of the lack of communication with our parents. If we do children, if we do n’t want our parents to make an excessive “secretly throwing cat” behavior, then hurry up to give them knowledge of popularizing and popular scientific pets and bowworms!Of course, there are also many expectant mothers and prospective dads who are worried about infection with bowworms, so let’s follow the veterinarian Xiaoming to learn about the relevant knowledge together!

Toxoplasma Gondii is also called three corpse worms, which is simply a parasite.Gow -shaped insects are parasitic in the cells. With the blood flow, they can reach all parts of the whole body, destroy the brain, heart, and bottom of the eyes, causing human immunity to decrease, thereby suffering from various diseases.Cats and other cats are the most important hosts of Toxoplasma. If pregnant women are infected for the first time during pregnancy, they may cause abortion, premature birth, abnormal tires, or dead tires, especially infection during early pregnancy.

From this point of view, once the toxoplasma is infected, the consequences are really very serious!But the veterinarian Xiaoming wants to persuade you to calm down quickly. Let’s take a look at what the hosts of the toxoplasma wormworm are and what are the ways to infected?

To put it simply, the host of the Toxoplasma wormworm does not only have the cats we have known in the past. Even dogs, pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, and even fish may exist!Of course, there will be in our human body, but the difference between onset and non -disease.So, if you do n’t have pets, but a raw meat enthusiast and you have a bow -shaped worm disease, then you are still blaming our cats. This black pot is a bit wrong ~

As mentioned above, many people also carry bow -shaped worms, but for those who are immune to normal, they are mostly invisible infections, and they may carry it for life but not onset.For those who are immune defects or low, they may lead to serious consequences.During the pregnancy, the immunity of expectant mothers is relatively low, so it is more likely to infect hormonal diseases, which is the root cause of why the toxoplasma is always linked with pregnant women.

Now I know that pregnant women may have severe consequences after infection of Toxoplasma worms. The fetal infected fetus is more likely, but please see the following text:

In the past, the view that "pregnant women are prone to infection of Toxoplasma disease and causing fetal malformations" are actually one -sided!Only the prospective mothers who have never been infected before, "the first time" infection during pregnancy can "possible" infection to the fetus, causing fetal malformations!If the expectant mother had been infected before pregnancy, she would no longer be in danger of infection!

Generally speaking, cats that are infected with bowworms, and the cysts that are excreted in the feces, may last for 1 week to 20 days. This period is the infectious period, and the capsule is infectious for 1 to 5 days in the outside world.

The symptoms of pregnant women infection of Toxoplasma are often mistaken for a slight cold or normal phenomenon during pregnancy.Some pregnant women may have symptoms such as fever, lymph nodes, retinitis, visual decreased, physical pain, gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms.

Of course, because the veterinarian Xiaoming is not a human doctor, he can only remind you that pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination in time if they are discomfort!

Being precautions, the veterinarian Xiaoming suggested that the prospective mothers who have cats in the family must go to the hospital for a pregnant woman’s bow -shaped torch examination (serum antibody examination).In addition, there is a comprehensive pre -pregnancy examination called "Torch" (enzyme -linked immunosorbic adsorption test) in the pre -pregnancy medical examination, and one of them is toxoplasma infection testing.Intersection

Generally speaking, the single test cost of Toxoplasma is around 100 yuan (the costs in various places will be different). Veterinary Xiaoming suggests that the expectant mothers with frequent contacts with pets should detect the toxoplasma worm in the early pregnancy, middle and late stages, not just 16 pregnancy 16.Do only once on the week.

Of course, in addition to the detection of the bow -shaped worms of expectant mothers, the veterinarian Xiaoming also suggested that the shovel officer can test the cat before preparing for pregnancy. You can buy the test paper by himself or send it to the animal hospital to check whether the infection of the Toxoplasma.(Of course, the blood test results of the hospital will be more accurate than the test strip!)

For the expectant mothers during pregnancy, the veterinarian Xiaoming has the following cat -raising suggestions to effectively prevent bow -shaped worms:

1. The work of shit shoveling is left to her husband to do it. You can contact the cat as little as possible without intimacy; if you have to shovel in person, you can also bring gloves and wash your hands in time;

2. Feed cats or cooked cats for cats, try not to feed raw meat, do not let them go out to predator;

3. Regularly disinfection of cats and cats of cats and cats;

4. Cats who often go out are repeatedly deworming once a month, and cats who do not go out often are 2-3 months of deworming. All cats are deworming every 3 months;

5. Keep your personal hygiene, wash your hands before dinner;

6. Do not drink raw water and eat raw meat (not 5 cooked meat)!Remember to clean the raw fruits and vegetables;

7. When cutting vegetables and dishes, pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked. Kitchenware that touches raw meat should be rinsed with soapy water and water;

8. Low temperature (-13 ° C) and high temperature (67 ° C) can kill the bow-shaped worm in the meat.

Well, I have said so much, I do n’t know if you have a new understanding of the toxoplasma worm. In this way, do you want to be unforgivable?Looking at the veterinarian Xiaoming, learning the knowledge of scientific and petting, expectant mothers can usher in a healthy baby!

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