Rush on the hot search!Don’t eat, be fatal

Yesterday (16th)

A netizen for help@一 一 一 一

Make many people sigh: "Knowledge changes destiny!"

This incident also quickly rushed to the hot search

Treating heated discussion on everyone

Netizens said they saw a takoya in a hot pot restaurant

Is it the blue ring octopus?

"Can you put it in the pot? Wait online! It’s a bit anxious!"

Later,@随 随 Reply:

"It is indeed a leopard tincture (blue ring octopus)

Their toxins are poisonous toxins

The toxicity is very strong and the heating is not broken down

Do n’t eat even if you take it back for a memorial

There are commercially available octopus in the literature and the Internet

Record of mixed in the blue ring octopus

But the probability is not high, and it can be regarded as a long time."

A group of netizens immediately rushed to the original blog comment area and asked anxiously: "Are you okay? Do n’t you eat, tell the store, this is toxic and you ca n’t eat it."

Fortunately, Yuan Bo replied: "I haven’t eaten or eat, I have been withdrawn."

Some netizens said: "Knowledge really changes his destiny …" "If I am so powerful, I might have already eaten. I want to remember this octopus."

Some netizens suggested: "Do you want to clean the kitchen? I watched some of the video numbers of this raising, they dare not touch it with their hands, and they are clamped with pliers when they die.Feming or warning, if someone eats it, it is likely to be in jail. "

"Shabu hot pot is likely to be poisoned in a table … So the blogger actually saved a table of people and the boss, which may be the meaning of popular science."

It is understood that the toxicity of the blue ring octopus can be displayed through the color. In different environments, it will become a protective color similar to the environment. Once you feel the threat, the skin color will become gorgeous.It is the most dangerous time, it is in a state of warning.

Blue Ring Octopus (scientific name: Hapalochlaen Maculosa), which is affiliated with octopus, commonly known as blue ring octopus, leopard takaya is widely distributed in the Taiping waters between Japan and Australia.centimeter.You can feed small fish, crabs, shrimp and crustaceans, and can paralyze the prey with strong toxins (puffer fish toxins).In the ocean, the blue ring octopus is one of the toxic creatures, and it can be killed by this small octopus.But this octopus does not actively attack humans unless they are greatly threatened.

Don’t look at the blue ring octopus, but it is said that the poison of a blue ring octopus can kill 26 adults, and the results are very fast.

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