Russian giant panda "Ruyi" and "Tintin" completed the first "intimate contact"

On July 19, Moscow Zoo said that the recent "Ruyi" and "Tintin" of Russian giant pandas have completed the "first intimate contact", and the two sides performed very well.

"Ruyi" and "Tintin" play together (source: source: Moscow Zoo)

It is understood that female pandas have only 2 to 3 days per year. The garden party arranged for four "intimate contact" within 3 days.The principal said that I don’t know if "Ding Ding" is successful in pregnancy, and it will always pay attention.

The Moscow Zoo wrote on the official Telegram: "’Ruyi’ and ‘Tintin’ finally entered adolescence. It seems that they like each other. Now we need to wait -if" Tintin "is pregnant, then the descendants will be sent to China. HoweverIt is not the first time to succeed. After all, they are very young pandas. "

According to the Russian satellite news agency, "Ding Ding" and "Ruyi" came to Moscow in 2019. The male panda "Ruyi" was born in 2016 and was 7 years old; the female panda "Ding Ding" was born in 2017 and is 6 years old.Earlier, the two giant pandas were raised separately in the adjacent houses, and communicating with each other can only "look at each other through the door."

The report pointed out that before the first "date", the two giant pandas saw each other across the railing. They looked very friendly to each other, and then zoologists put "Ruyi" into the fence of "Tintin".It shows that they are happy to play and roll together.

The report also said that according to the suggestions of Chinese experts, the "dating" was carried out in the fence. During this time, the Grand Panda Pavilion was not open to tourists.Akolova, the head of the Moscow Zoo, said that it is not possible to guarantee that the "Tintin" is successful, and the garden will always pay attention to its situation.

It is understood that the giant panda lasts about four to five months. Generally, one to two cubs will be produced, but rarely three.The cubs when they grow up will set off to their hometown China.

(Litchi News,)

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