Salutan is a prescription medicine that treats hypertension and heart failure, but hypotension is cautiously used in Sagaytan

Plugstein is a prescription medicine that is classified as vascular tension II receptor blockers (ARB).

It is used to treat hypertension and heart failure, as well as the survival rate after the attack of the heart disease.It is also used outside the label to prevent kidney problems in patients with diabetes.

Plugstein can combine hypertension with other drugs, such as Sagastean and hydrochlorozine and ammlidal flat.Another composite drug with Sagastean, Sagastan/Sakapopqu is used for patients with heart failure.

Tshadam was permitted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the first time in 1996.The FDA approves its three uses: the treatment of hypertension, heart failure, reducing the risk of death after myocardial infarction (heart disease attack)

If the left ventricular ejaculation score (LVEF) is damaged, Plartan and other ARB are used only after the heart disease.LVEF is the blood volume excreted from the heart during the heartbeat.

The Sagazy Test in the acute myocardial infarction with a milestone has concluded for the first time. Plugstein can effectively reduce the risk of death after the cardiac loss of the left ventricular dysfunction (weak thermal muscle).

The trial found that Plartan reduced this risk by about 19%compared to those who did not provide treatment.

Prior to the prescription of Pushadan, doctors need to check whether there is a hypertension (systolic blood pressure at 120 or more than 80 diastolic pressure) or heart failure, that is, the heart cannot pump sufficient blood.

Blood pressure is measured with pressure cuff, and heart failure is usually diagnosed by testing such as ECG/ECG and sports pressure testing.

For hypertension, the treatment starts when the blood pressure reaches the following situations: the systolic blood pressure of people with a history of heart disease 120 or more/diastolic pressure 80 or above.You should first try lifestyle intervention unless there is a heart disease.

Due to the increased risk of hyperkalemia and acute renal failure, renal function is damaged

Hypotension (hypotension), due to the decrease in blood pressure, may be life -threatening

Liver disease, due to increased hepatitis risk (liver inflammation)

If you start treatment, you must carefully monitor blood pressure, renal function and liver enzymes to avoid complications.

This medicine should not be taken during pregnancy due to risks.

Plugstein has 40 mg (mg), 80 mg, 160 mg, and 320 mg of tablets.For children and people who cannot withstand the pills, there is also a oral suspension, which can provide 4 mg of chocarten dosage per 1 ml (ml) dose.

Salutan began at a lower dose and gradually increased until it reached the best dose.These increases occur:

Hypertension once every two weeks

Treatment of heart failure every one to two weeks

Due to heart disease every week

Adults take a fixed dose pill; the pediatric dose is calculated based on the milligrams of weight (mg/kg) per kilogram of weight.

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