Sanfu Tian Eat bitter gourd at the time, "the first melon of the summer", the three methods are simply done, clearing heat and cooling the heat

Speaking of leeks, everyone must be familiar with. A kind of vegetable commonly used in life is often used to make dumplings with eggs.In addition to this approach, leeks are also often used to steam buns, vegetable boxes, leek egg cakes, etc. The method is simple and tastes not bad.

Sanfu is approaching, the weather is hot, and the leek belongs to "hot" objects. Spicy and irritating foods. Eating too much will stimulate the stomach and intestines, cause diarrhea, and cause fire.Therefore, no matter how you like to eat leeks, you still have to eat less in summer.

In the hot summer, you should eat more vegetables that clear heat and heat up to alleviate high temperature weather.Bitter gourd is a good choice. Bitter gourd tastes bitter and cold. It is known as "the first summer of the summer". Eating bitter gourd in summer can remove heat and relieve thirst.

Below I share 3 kinds of bitter gourd, delicious appetite and not greasy, most suitable for summer.

【Garlic bitter gourd】

1. Prepare a fresh bitter gourd. After cleaning, remove the head and tail first, cut it from the middle, cut it into four half, then clean the bitter gourd, cut into slices, and put it on the plate for later use.Cut half of the red pepper into a diamond -shaped block and put it in a bitter melon basin.

Prepare a few garlic, cut it into minced garlic after flattening, and put it in the pot for later use.

2. Add water to the pan, boil the fire, put a little vegetable oil and a spoonful of salt in the pot.After the water is boiled, put the bitter gourd and red pepper pieces and remove the water for about 1 minute to control the water to cool down, which can reduce the bitterness of bitter gourd.

0.5g of white sugar and chicken powder, stir fry a few times.

4, hook into a little water starch, make the soup stronger and sticky, change the heat, stir fry the pan a few times, pour a little bright oil, and simply stir fry a few times, you can fill the dish.

【Bitter Gourd Stir -fried Sydney】

1. Prepare two bitter gourds. After washing, remove the head and tail, cut it for 4 in half.

1 Sydney, peel the peel first, cut it half, process the kernel inside, clean, and then cut into thin slices, and put it in the pot for later use.A tomato, cut into thin slices, and put it with Sydney.

2. Boil the water and put a spoonful of salt to increase the bottom flavor of the ingredients, and add a little vegetable oil to increase the brightness of the ingredients.After the water is opened, put the bitter gourd and Sydney in, flip it with a spoon a few times, and simmer for about 30 seconds to remove the water control.

3. Add half a spoonful of edible oil in another pot, pour the bitter gourd and Sydney, add 30 grams of sugar, stir fry a few times, add 1 grams of salt into the bottom flavor, 5 grams of white vinegar, stir fry the seasoning, pour it in and then pour inTomatoes, hook in an appropriate amount of water starch, and quickly stir fry for 15 seconds to turn off the hot pot.

【Peridon fried bitter gourd】

1. Prepare 1 bitter gourd. After cleaning, cut off the head and tail first, dig out the inner cricket with a small spoon, and then cut into a half -centimeter thick bitter gourd ring, and put it in the pot for later use.

Cut a handful of garlic and cut it into minced garlic, half red pepper into red pepper grains, put it in the pot for later use, and then put the dried tempeh.

2. Boil the oil in the pan. When the oil temperature is 50 %, the bitter gourd is put into the pot. After 15 seconds of oil, remove the oil control.

3. Leave a little base oil in the pot. Sad the pot of minced garlic, red pepper, and tempeh. After frying the aroma, pour the bitter gourd in, stir -fry a few times, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar, chicken powder, chicken powderIn the appropriate amount, stir fry a few times.

Drink a little water, stir fry a few times, open the seasoning, and then hook into a little water starch. Simply stir fry a few times to turn off the fire and put on the pan to eat.

As a seasonal dish, bitter gourd is the freshest now and the most nutritional value.In the summer, I often eat bitter gourd, let the heat and fire and quench their thirst, cool and cool in summer without trouble!

Do friends who like to eat bitter gourd and other bitter gourds?You can share it in the comment area below and discuss together.

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