Schen Gele was holding a big belly to find Zang Tianshuo’s wife, Li Mei, said: I am pregnant with his child

Schenge Ri Le was looking for a big belly to find Zang Tianshuo’s wife, Li Mei: "I am pregnant with his child, the person he really loves is me. Siciangiri wants to force Li Mei, Li Mei’sIn a word, Sqi Gele was completely relieved.

As a result, Li Mei said, "You are not the first, nor the last, he can’t do without me, I am fucking!"

In 1968, Siciangiri was born in Inner Mongolia. Siciangiri is the third child in the family. Since she was a child, she was a silent person, but the mother said that their four sisters were the pillars in the house.

Almost all people who live in the prairie can sing and dance, and Siciangri is no exception. At the age of 13, Siciangi Ri was admitted to the Inner Mongolia Academy of Art to start a systematic learning dance.

In 1990, Schenlei established the goshawk band in pursuit of a music dream, and served as a bass player in the band.Later, he went south to Shenzhen to seek development, and he was also famous, but there was no red and purple.

However, Shiyun is not good, and he can only wave his sleeves, say goodbye to Yangcheng, return to teacher Beijing, and continue to look for the opportunity to show his wings high.

In 1994, when he went to Beijing, the goshawk band was renamed "Cavaliers", but the development was not very smooth. Later, the band disbanded and started singing the bar.

In 1999, a coincidence was that Sicin Gele, who had been mixed in Beijing for 4 years, and finally met Zang Tianshuo and was dug by Zang Tianshuo to the band development.

Don’t look at Zang Tianshuo’s appearance is not handsome, but the momentum and strength are loud.A "Friends" sang a man with tears, and often remembered the young years of friendship.In addition, Zang Tianshuo was a bold and righteous, and a group of friends gathered around him, which had a great influence in the entertainment industry at that time.

When I first met Sichen Ge Ri, Zang Tianshuo widened my eyes. My obedient, this was too delicious?Could the girls from the prairie come out of being so empty?

You look at her little look, cute and naughty.Didn’t you hear her singing, isn’t it the most beautiful elf in the night sky?Zang Tianshuo, who has a green eye, and the wisdom of the eyes, start packing her at no expense.

At the beginning, Sichen Gele was held as a bassist position in Zang Tianshuo’s band. Zang Tianshuo took care of her, whether at work or life.Later, Zang Tianshuo began to invest in packaging and create a new Siciangiri.

A song "Song Songs Like the Spring River" made Sichen Gele a popular one night. This quiet little girl became a hot first rock actress. Honor and resources came to wake up.

The grace of dripping water, Yongquan reported.How can you not hold so grace?A romantic night, Sicium Gram Le fell into the warm arms of Zang Tianshuo.

At first it was just a gratitude, and I felt dedicated to him to express his gratitude.But after a long time, the relationship has changed, and his dependence on him is getting stronger and stronger. He hopes to be his righteous wife.

However, Sichen Gele did not know that Zang Tianshuo had a family at that time, so under the concealment of Zang Tianshuo, Sichen Ge Ri also was immersed in the sweetness of love.

But one day, Zang Tianshuo suddenly confessed his marriage to Sichen Ge Ri Le, and said that his wife Li Mei was pregnant, and he had to bear a responsibility as a father.

Five Thunder Boom!Siciangiri didn’t want to understand that this man who was deeply affectionate to her had to marry others.Want to ask him 100,000?

But Zang Tianshuo had turned away.Let her cry in the wind.

The taste of falling in love is too painful!Schen Gele returned to his hometown for healing.In the empty prairie, she shouted again and again: "Brother Shuo, why are you so cruel? Why is it my sadness! Why?"

However, the more you want to forget, the more memorable.All the thoughts of Zang Tianshuo thought about it, she remembered their sweet past, and thought of holding her resentment without regrets.Without him, she came to Beijing again.

She returned to Beijing to re -invest in Zang Tianshuo’s arms.Zang Tianshuo once again promised that the child divorced when he was 1 year old.But when the child was 1 year old, Zang Tianshuo said, "If you are pregnant, I will divorce Li Mei and marry you."

But Sichen Gele has gained all her sincerity. She didn’t want to give up easily, so she told Zang Tianshuo that she could wait, and Zang Tianshuo also returned to the family while coaxing Sqingiri.

Because of this sentence, she gave Sichen Ge Riche the hope that she wanted to get pregnant madly and wanted to be a real woman in Zang Tianshuo.

Soon after, Siciangiro had Zang Tianshuo’s children, but she still waited for the unable to delay.But when she told Zang Tianshuo about this news, Zang Tianshuo said coldly: "Fight, let’s break up."

Siciangi was sad and found Zang Tianshuo’s wife Li Mei. She said angrily, "I already have Zang Tianshuo’s children, you divorce."

Li Mei seemed to be used to it, just said calmly: "You are not the first, nor the last. I am used to it. I am now like his mother cares about him and gives him love. As for whether he is loyal to meThat’s his business. "

After listening to Li Mei’s words, Sichen Gele suddenly understood everything. It turned out that he was not the first choice of Zang Tianshuo except Li Mei. If Zang Tianshuo really married himself, he might also be on one day in the future.Facing the current scene.

The hit Schenlei was swallowed home to swallow a bottle of AM medicine. Fortunately, he was taken to the hospital in time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.After that, she also wanted to get through, so she went to the hospital to do the child, and then broke with Zang Tianshuo.

After killing the child, she put a lot of time in her work and let herself busy, in order to forget the love she could not get.

Until 2018, Zang Tianshuo admitted to the hospital for illness, and Sichen Gele went to see him with his friends.At this time, Zang Tianshuo had lost his original edge, and the whole person looked a lot mild.

Suddenly, he said to Schen Gele: "I was too young at that time, so I’m sorry." Siciangiri just looked at him quietly and didn’t say much.

The long -lost apology finally came, but the lost youth could not come back.Fortunately, after the baptism of years, Sichen Gele was pale a lot and accepted ordinary.

Today, Siciangiri is in his fifties and is still single, and he has no love again.For her, emotional things may be the most difficult question.

In our lives, we will encounter many people, let us grow, hurt, and happy.But at any time, only the most basic bottom line can we gain the favorite person.

I don’t know if it is related to her feelings of her younger feelings, or maybe she hasn’t met the right person.Love is really valuable, but before the lovers, girls still have to learn to love themselves and protect themselves.Don’t be blinded by others’ words at will.

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