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Global World Contradicance Day was officially born

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What is fertility?

Women’s fertility is popular is the potential of women who can get pregnancy and childbirth.This is mainly manifested in two aspects, one is the endometrium and the other is ovarian function.

The ovulation we say every day is ovarian secretion of eggs. This egg is like seeds, and the endometrium is like soil.In addition to having good quality seeds, women have to have fertile soil, and they are indispensable for both.

The older the age, the lower the fertility, the

Is there still a need for protection?

In terms of women’s physiological laws, the trend of ovarian function decline is irreversible.

Age is an important factor affecting ovarian function

The heyday of ovarian function is 25 to 30 years old. During this period, the egg quality is the best, so the strongest fertility is the best time to bred life.

After the age of 30, ovarian function entered a recession, and the mass of eggs also slowly decreased. After the age of 35, ovarian function entered a period of rapid recession. The quality of eggs was greatly reduced. Infertility, abortion, birth defects and other risks will increase.However, with the development of society, the age of fertility is delayed. At the same time, comprehensive factors such as environmental pollution, social pressure, and living habits have also affected people’s fertility ability.

Therefore, the protection of fertility now refers to taking early prevention and early treatment and some special protection measures for various factors that may cause fertility to cause fertility to help these infertility risks protect their reproductive endocrine function and reproductive potential.The purpose of breeding offspring.

How to protect fertility?

First of all, do the following points:

① Good life and rest: healthy diet, no smoking, alcohol, no stay up late.

② Avoid weight loss and obesity: Excessive weight loss causes low body fat rate to cause amenorrhea-pituitary-ovarian axis, and cause amenorrhea; obesity can easily cause endocrine disorders to cause thin ovulation or not ovulation (comprehensive ovarian ovary comprehensiveSymptoms) affecting conception.

③ Adjust work pressure and psychological pressure: Long -term and excessive pressure can cause female ovulation abnormalities. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of self -regulation. During pregnancy, we must maintain a relaxed and happy mood during pregnancy to get pregnant smoothly.

The last point is the most important: avoid unnecessary abortion: the impact of artificial abortion on women’s fertility is very great. Not only will it cause damage to the endometrium, but also after surgeryComplications such as rotations will increase the difficulty of the next pregnancy, reduce the fertility of women, and even lead to secondary infertility.Therefore, if women who have no fertility in the age of childbearing age, they must take contraceptive measures.


I have taken contraceptive measures, but what’s the matter with unexpected pregnancy?

Most of them are due to the wrong contraceptive method.

For example, the safety period contraception, because each person’s ovulation time is not fixed every month, so there is no so -called safe period.

Another example is ejaculation in the body. In fact, there may be sperm in early sexual secretion. There is no way to control this, so these two contraceptive methods are not desirable.

There are still a lot of emergency contraceptives or pregnancy.Emergency contraceptives, as the name suggests, are brought to "emergency" afterwards, and cannot be regarded as conventional contraceptive methods.And you can only eat once a month, and you cannot exceed 3 times a year.The progesterone content in emergency contraceptives is very high, and the adverse reactions are very significant after taking, such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.Occasionally, if you eat it once, it will disrupt the level of hormone in the body; if you eat it for a long time, the endocrine system may be completely confused.And after taking emergency contraceptives, there will be no more protective sexual life in the month, otherwise it will be easy to fail.Under the correct use, the contraceptive rate of emergency contraceptives is only 85%.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of contraception?

1. First introduce the in -palace, which is the rings in the mouth of ordinary people: it has always been one of the first efficient contraceptive methods for the World Health Organization.

Its advantages are: long -term, reversible, and efficient.After being placed once, it can be regarded as a long time (more than 5 years). If you change your mind to have a baby, you can remove it at any time without affecting the subsequent pregnancy; as long as in the "use period", contraceptive success is fully trusted.At present, there is also a drug ring on the market. In addition to contraception, it also has a therapeutic effect, which can effectively reduce the amount of menstrual flow. It is used to treat the special moon after more than the dysmenorrhea.

Its disadvantage is that in the early days of a small number of people, it may occur with discomfort such as bleeding and small abdominal pain. Most of them can be relieved after 3 months of symptomatic treatment.There may be a small number of people who may have moved down the position of the in -palace in the later period.

2. There is also a long -acting reversible and efficient contraceptive method is the subcutaneous buried contraception: this contraceptive method is a silicone stick containing unilateral progesterone contraceptives on the inside of the upper arm.The purpose of contraception.

The advantage is: 3-5 years of contraception for one-time planting, and the effective rate of contraception is more than 99%. After taking out the silicon capsule tube, you can quickly recover the fertility.

The disadvantage is that the subcutaneous buried agent has certain side effects: about 20% of women will have menstrual disorders such as inaccurate menstruation, extension of menstrual periods, and bleeding during the initial use; individual women also have amenorrhea.However, the above phenomenon is acceptable, and most of them can gradually improve after half a year.

What is the difference between compound short -acting oral contraceptives and emergency contraceptives?

Compound short -acting oral contraceptives, which contain two components of estrogen and progesterone, can imitate human menstrual cycle to form regular menstruation, cause pregnancy to deceive the brain, and inhibit ovulation to achieve contraceptive effects.

As long as it is taken regularly every day, the effective rate of contraception is 99%, which is one of the efficient contraceptive methods. Its side effects are small. In the short term, a small number of people may have disgusting and vomiting, breast pain, headache and dizziness, and generally disappear.As long as taboos are excluded, healthy women can take it.But note that it is different from emergency contraceptives. Be sure to take it every day. Once you miss it, vaginal bleeding may occur.

Easy to gain weight for contraceptives will lead to infertility and reduce sexual desire. Some people even say that the contraceptive pills are eaten right.Is some statements correct?

It may be possible to gain weight for a long time to take contraceptives for a long time, because the estrogen in the contraceptive pills causes water sodium retention and progesterone affect metabolism, so some women gain weight.However, with the development of medicine, the estrogen levels in compound short -acting contraceptives are the same as that of the body secreted by the human body.

And in clinical applications, compound oral short -acting contraceptives not only play a role in contraception, but also play a pivotal role in the treatment of some gynecological diseases.For example, the treatment of dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, preventing the recurrence of endometrium polyps, and even domestic and foreign studies have found that long -term compound short -acting contraceptives can reduce endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer.risk.Therefore, long -term compound short -acting contraceptives will not cause weight, infertility, and reduce sexual desire.When you want to have a baby, you only need to suspend the medicine to prepare for pregnancy.However, it is still necessary to emphasize that here is a compound short -acting oral contraceptive, not emergency contraceptives. The side effects of emergency contraceptives are large and the contraceptive effect is poor. It is not recommended to take it.

Couples who have used the above contraceptive measures and even have already done sterilization. Can you not need to use a condom?

While using these methods, it is still recommended to use a condom to prevent sexual transmission.In particular, if there are no other contraceptive measures, you must use condom contraception alone to adhere to the correct use, and use 10 details of the condom correctly:


Select a model with a suitable size and check the validity period before use.


Be careful to tear the packaging bag to avoid using sharp tools such as scissors.


We must be worn before each sexual intercourse, emphasizing the whole process.


It is not advisable to expand in advance. It should be put down on the penis downward, and put it on the top of the sperm to store semen to store semen.


Ensure that the condom holds the entire penis and retains the front -end space.


Only water lubricants can be used, and Vaselin, paraffin oil, face oil, oil, etc. can accelerate its rupture.


After ejaculation, you should hold down the bottom of the condom with your fingers and the bottom of the penis before the penis is soft.


Do not let the semen flow out when removing, and you cannot touch the female organs before you wash your hands.After removing, check whether it is damaged.


If damaged or semen enters the vagina, adopts emergency contraceptive method.


Each condom can only be used once, and the plastic bag should be packed into a dry trash can in a plastic bag.

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