Searching for love: The dwarf husband was paralyzed in bed, and his wife stole the wife in August and wanted to kill the child

The dwarf husband was paralyzed, and his wife ran out in August, and actually wanted to kill the child.

This man who is losing his temper is Gu Hongyuan, a native of Hunan. He is 29 years old and has dwarf. He is only one meter tall. He is sitting next to his wife Wu Na.Na, regardless of his family’s opposition, he married Gu Hongyuan and had children.

When Gu Hongyuan was immersed in the joy of his father’s father, his fate gave him a ruthless blow again. In September 2014, Gu Hongyuan’s feet were different. At firstWalking, at this time Nana left a note for her in -laws, and disappeared without a trace.

The Gu family was so anxious that the family did not dare to tell her son that he secretly contacted the show group, hoping to find the daughter -in -law who had run away through the show group. When he saw the reporter, the parents of the Gu family quickly took it out.

Nana is pregnant for more than eight months. If the child in the belly is now destroyed, the family dare not imagine. Gu’s parents told reporters that there are two sons at home. The eldest son has epilepsy.His son Gu Hongyuan had dwarfs. They did not expect that there would be girls in this life who was willing to marry the second son and conceive the child.

The arrival of the grandson has become the only hope for the Gu family, but now, the decision of the daughter -in -law is like a thunderstorm. Thinking again and again, the parents of the Gu family still decided to tell the son Gu Hongyuan that he learned that his wife left home and had to get rid of her belly.When the fetus, Gu Hongyuan had to find his wife back anyway.

He was struggling to get out of bed, but he fell to the ground. Gu Hongyuan couldn’t do it. He could only let his parents go out to find. Mother Gu had no idea at this time. After helping his son, he wiped the tears.Is this decision made?Mother Gu did not dare to think about it. When he was in a hurry, he had to find a daughter -in -law Nana first.

The parents of the Gu family found the town and did not see the daughter -in -law Nana. In the end, with the help of the villagers, the parents of the Gu family found Nana in the hospital in the town.I was at a loss, and the parents of the Gu family stepped forward, and even dragged to persuade Nana not to be impulsive.

Hearing this, Nana suddenly collapsed. Facing the drag of Gu’s parents, Nana always resisted and reluctant to leave, insisted on trying to kill the fetus in the abdomen.Such a move will inevitably cause great harm to her body. Such a double -edged decision is undoubtedly devastating in the Gu’s family and the child.Na did not shake.

Nana told reporters that now her husband is no longer able to walk, and can only rely on the power of the outside world to move step by step. Perhaps he will slowly be paralyzed.The child made a bet, and the Gu family persuaded each other.

The child is too big in the month, and now the child hurts himself too much. I hope that Nana and other children will make a decision after birth.I hope she can consider it as appropriate. After several persuasion, Nana finally agreed to go home to negotiate with her husband.

Seeing his wife, Gu Hongyuan was furious, holding the note that had been left before, and asked his wife loudly, why did he kill the children who were about to be born, why did you wipe out their future?

Gu Hongyuan was filled with indignation. His future has collapsed. He is complained or painful, and he can’t change it after all. He possibly the possibility of falling step by step, but his wife even has to strangle?Reporter, Nana is like his Snow White. He is willing to protect her like a dwarf.

Now he blame his wife’s not to say goodbye, and his wife’s arbitrarily acts, but why don’t he hate his powerlessness?

Seeing this, Nana lowered her head and said that her parents said that if the son’s illness was cured, they would be happy. If they could not cure well, they would not delay Nana.Finding others to marry again. As for the children, they must do everything to raise their children. Faced with the hard -working persuasion and begging of the in -laws, Nana always silently silently shed tears.

The reporter called Nana aside and asked if she left because she had abandoned her husband, and Nana also opened her heart and said her inner thoughts. It turned out that Nana never had abandoned her husband’s disability, let alone because her family owed debts at home.Escape from the suffering in front of you, the reason why you do it mainly without permission is that he will drag the family after giving birth to a child. Without this child, you can go out to make money and treat your husband.

Nana said that the child can still ask for it again. The most important thing is the health of the husband. Now that the husband does not understand her, it doesn’t matter. In the future, the husband will understand that Gu Hongyuan, who knows the truth, apologize to Nana.After the confession of the model, the couple burst into the same month, because the child was too big, one was unbearable, and the other was too hurting the body, and the husband was so insisted. In the end, Nana gave up the idea of killing the child to kill the child.Essence

After the misunderstanding, the family took Gu Hongyuan to the hospital for examination. The doctor told the family that if the surgery was not moved, Gu Hongyuan would slowly paralyze.

Faced with this result, Gu Hongyuan was sorry for the injustice of fate, or he would paralyze step by step, becoming the burden of the entire family, or he was paralyzed directly on the operating table.What should I do?

On the side, Nana had already burst into tears. She silently took her husband’s hand and made up her mind. She would not leave her husband anyway. Nana told reporters that in the face of such a result, she was too distressed that her husband was too distressed.No longer tangled, maybe your own firmness can bring warmth and strength to your husband.

From the hospital, Gu Hongyuan thought alone for a long time. In the face of his wife’s firmness, he did not have a smile, but his expression was heavy. He flipped through the photos of his wife in his mobile phone and recalled it. Considering again and again, Gu Hongyuan made a major decision.He has to seize the opportunity to perform surgery as soon as possible. At the same time, he hopes that Nana will leave himself and find a better person.

But Nana is unwilling. She firmly believes that her husband will get better. In the face of the unknown future, Nana said that she would not be afraid, nor would she regret it.People are pursuing happiness throughout their lives. Everyone has different definitions of happiness. Who can say that Nana has no sense of happiness?

Even if the life is poor, as long as you smile with the favorite person, it is the happiest thing.

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