Seeing the belly, I thought that the "twins" before giving birth to the B -ultrasound that it was ovarian cyst

Xiaoli is 28 years old and pregnant some time ago. When he learned that the whole family of the good news was excited, Xiaoli herself was immersed in the joy of being a mother.Eyes, joy instantly turns sad, and excitement has become anxiety.It turned out that in addition to the fetus, there was a huge ovarian cyst, which seemed to be "twins".Correspondent Zhang Yu Zhu Qing

Danger: The fetus can be seen, but there is a lump next to it

According to Cheng Wenjun, the gynecology department of Jiangsu Maternal and Child Health Hospital and the Maternal and Child Branch of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, at the time, the B -ultrasound showed that a fetus was echoed in the uterine cavity of Xiaoli’s uterine cavity, which shows the fetal heart.However, at the same time, a capacity of 137 × 67 × 120mm was found in the flat umbilicus at the upper right of her uterus, which did not explore and blood flow signals.

As a result, pregnant women have been pregnant for 14 weeks, but there is a cystic mass on the top right of the uterus.In other words, a huge block and fetus in her belly coexisted, which surprised the doctors.

What should I do if there is such a "big guy" in my belly?will it affect the fetus?Xiao Li’s family is extremely anxious.

Luck: Surgical bleeding is only 5 ml, everything is normal

After the consultation, Director Cheng learned that the patient found a "right attachment cyst" due to medical examinations 2 years ago.There is no regular medical examination in the future, and no prenatal examination before deciding to decide to be pregnant, leading to this bad result.

Because the lumps in Xiaoli’s belly grew rapidly, and Xiaoli’s gynecological tumor indicators also increased abnormally. In order not to cause greater damage to the fetus, Director Cheng suggested that the block was immediately removed, otherwise the consequences would be more difficult to control.

Subsequently, Director Cheng performed a general anesthesia through a laparoscopy with the right ovarian cysts+repair surgery, and the laparoscopic detection: The uterine enlarged is like the size of the past April, the surface is smooth, the right ovarian cyst is about 14× 12 × 8cm, the surface is smooth, and there is no obvious abnormality on the right tube and the left ovary fallopian tube.

Director Cheng carefully peels the right ovarian cyst and take it out after bagging.

Director Cheng carefully repaired the right ovaries, and every step try not to touch the uterus.The entire surgery was smooth, and the bleeding during the operation was only 5ml.Under the careful care of gynecological caregivers, Xiaoli quickly recovered. Before discharge, B -ultrasound showed that the fetus was developing well and everything was normal.


This symptom is easy to find in the early stages of pregnancy, but it is not easy to check

Director Cheng said that in fact, it is not uncommon like Xiaoli. The most tangled during pregnancy is to find the cysts at the same time as the fetus. However, women of childbearing age happen to be the most prone to ovarian cysts.There are generally no obvious symptoms of pregnancy with ovarian cysts, and it is difficult to detect. Most of them are discovered for other reasons.If you are in the early pregnancy, you can find it out of the triple clinic; it is not easy to detect after the middle pregnancy, and you need to rely on medical history and B -ultrasound diagnosis.

Director Cheng said that there are many hazards for pregnancy with ovarian cysts with ovarian cysts. Therefore, we must do a good pre -pregnancy examination to find out whether there are abnormal pelvic organs.Pregnant.At the same time, some tumor marks should be checked to distinguish whether tumors are benign or malignant in order to treat as soon as possible.

If you find ovarian cysts after pregnancy, do not panic. Pregnancy is not an absolute taboo of surgery. Do not taboo diseases and doctors to delay your illness. You should go to a qualified hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible.

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