Send a WeChat "I am pregnant" to my dad, most dad responds to 3 words, smiled and smiled, crying and crying

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In family education, the role of father and mother is very important. Moms may be concerned about small things in their lives, paying attention to children’s psychology, etc., and dads are more responsible, bear the burden of family economy, and make children the most.Strong backing.

It is said that the daughter is the little lover of my dad’s last life. Compared with her son in life, my father prefers his daughter, especially when his daughter grows up, and the dad is strictly guarded every day, fearing that the daughter will be abducted by the bad boy.His daughter, posted WeChat with Dad, "I’m pregnant", what is my dad reacting?

Some netizens launched such an activity, sending WeChat to say "I’m pregnant", see what Dad reacts, the first dad, who knows the child’s little trick at once, blurts out "Is it missing money?" It seems thatMy daughter often uses this trick to ask her father for money.

The second dad first asked who the father’s father was and how people were, and then began to urge the marriage "You are not young, it’s time to get married." This dad is not angry, but he is very happy.The boss is not small.

The third dad heard the news that he was going to be a grandfather, and was very angry, and said indignantly, "Roll back right away."

The fourth dad was not very frightened. When he came up, he knew that his daughter was abandoned, but Dad just said, "Go home first."

The fifth dad knew that her younger daughter was pregnant. She first said, "This is not a bun", and then the phrase "You go home first".

Many people participated in this activity and chose a few classic to say it. Many netizens have seen the reply of Dad, saying that the first few were smiling, slowly seeing the back, looking at it, smiling and laughingI cried.


Except for the first two dads to understand the temperament of her daughter, and did not believe that her daughter was pregnant, most of her dad left the news about her daughter’s pregnancy, and they responded to 3 words "Go home". From this, we can see that Dad’sGreat, no matter how much grievances have the daughter suffered outside, Dad wanted to see her daughter as soon as possible to determine the safety of her daughter. Dad will always be the strongest backing of her daughter.

One: The benchmark of the daughter looking for the object

Good dad plays an important role in family education. He has a sense of responsibility, has the ability to support a family, tolerate his wife to protect his children. Such a father is the role model of his son and a benchmark for his daughter to find the object in the future.

Two: The strongest backing for children

Dad’s love is deep and uncomfortable. There was such a dad because of burning his face with a large area of disfigurement. In order to give his daughter the most perfect wedding, to leave face for her daughter, a serious dad, in her daughter’s daughter’s’sThe wedding scene was dressed as Doraemon, holding her daughter into the venue.

In family education, Dad may not say too much, but always use practical actions to express his love for children.

Three: regulator of family atmosphere

In family education, my mother is the role of a stingy and irritable character. Most dads are regulators of the family atmosphere. When the child is beaten by mistake, he plays a role in reconciliation and assumes errors with the child.

One: Give your child high -quality companionship

Because of the responsibility of the family, my dad is very busy on my working day. Sometimes it is very late to entertain. Maybe I go home. The children are sleeping.When you work, give your children high -quality companionship, do not play with your children while playing with your children, and devote themselves to parent -child time.

Two: After the daughter arrives at a certain age, keep the distance

Dad likes her daughter, and she wants to hold it every day and protect it, but her daughter grows to a certain age. Dad must pay attention to the distance with her daughter. It is best not to be too close.

What would you reply if your daughter sent you WeChat "I’m pregnant"?Welcome to communicate.

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