Send fat?Fan Bingbing’s raw picture cannot be covered by the big belly, and two people needed to support it before.

On December 4th, Fan Bingbing, who recently appeared at the airport, was ready to go to Los Angeles to complete the post -stage work of participating in the film.

She seemed to be in a good mood, she wore a small orange squirrel hat, which looked young and cute.During the period, she also took a group photo with fans generously, and seemed to have not been affected by the outside world.

However, during the process of Fan Bingbing’s heading to the airport, some netizens found that her abdomen was strangely bulged, and even under the cover of a large black down jacket, it was extremely obvious.

And from more airport HD maps, it can be clearly seen that it is not a strange angle of the photographer that makes her belly look fat, but it seems to be real …

In addition to the obvious belly, Fan Bingbing has been proud of "the place where the exposure is very thin", which is much fatter than before!

This wrist is just twice as thick as her herself, but if she only looks at her face, she does not become fat too much, which is very confusing.

Such a set of high -definition pictures immediately aroused doubts from netizens. Some people said that looking at this belly and posture, if you didn’t know that Fan Bingbing had just broke up, he was still single, and he almost thought she was pregnant …

However, some fans said that Fan Bingbing was originally a slightly fat girl. The shooting angle and the clothes were very loose, and it was easy to look fat.

Today, she seems to tell fans on the spot that she still came to the hot pot.If this is the case, maybe it may be eaten?

The problem is that in winter, the clothes are very thick, and if you eat it, you wo n’t be so raised in your abdomen?This explanation of fans does not seem to be able to persuade the public directly, but is snorted: how can it be so round.

And yesterday evening, some netizens filmed a event site attended by Fan Bingbing and Hua Shao.The background video shows that Fan Bingbing, wearing a pink suit with black and thin clothes. Before taking office, two male security guards have been needed to support both hands to go to the stage.

Of course, Fan Bingbing has always been known for his fatness. Earlier, she was also rumored to be "pregnant", but she was officially denied.

She also gain weight more than once. According to media reports, Fan Bingbing said with Zhang Fengyi on the spot at the fattest time.The results on the spot were really embarrassing. The scale showed that her weight soared to nearly 130 catties (63.5 kg)!

Of course, female stars are generally fattened. Fan Bingbing himself has lost 12 pounds in a short time in order to put on the golden horse warfare, so that he does not lose face on important occasions.But this time, she seemed to be a bit strange, and naturally caused people to doubt, it was inevitable!

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Fan Bingbing appeared in a low -key event, and his complexion was dignified throughout. He had been resisted by netizens before being removed by the official blog.

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