Seven folk taboos during pregnancy, can not participate in marriage funerals, etc. How many do you win?


Pregnancy is a big joy, so pregnant mothers are careful. Whether they are from all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation, but only notice these?

A few days ago, my girlfriend complained to me. She is pregnant now. There is just a very good classmate to get married. The tickets have been bought. I plan to go to the wedding, but she was stopped by her mother -in -law.

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The reason is that pregnancy cannot attend the wedding of others. This makes it easy for the bride to not be pregnant. At the same time, the fetus in the abdomen is not good. Girlfriends feel crying and laughing.

In fact, it is really not good to be similar to such folk taboos. See how many of you were in your pregnancy?

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1. Can’t move

It is said that the fetal god will be touched. The fetal god can make a monthly change position on a monthly basis, but taboo fetal gods are artificially moved.If it is mobile furniture, it will cause abortion, tires, or babies with uneven features.

2. Can’t nail

Folk customs believe that nails on the interior walls of pregnant women, furniture, doors and windows will hurt the fetal god, affecting the fetus cannot develop normally.

3. Can’t participate in the wedding

During pregnancy, pregnant women should not attend the wedding, let alone welcomes the wedding gift vehicle, so as not to be frightened;

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4. Can’t participate in the funeral

Here, if the pregnant woman is close to a relative, such as grandpa, grandpa, grandpa, will go to the front of the spirit to burn the paper, but it will make the pregnant woman look away from a little further, so as not to let it go.

5. Can’t cut things

It is believed that the moving scissors will cut things, and the needle thread, awl, etc. will wear clothes. If the fetal god is in, it may hurt it.Once the fetal god is hurt, there will be no children with flawed ears, ears, blindness, etc.

6. Can’t hold someone else’s children

After pregnancy, you can’t hold other people’s babies. It is easy to make the baby of other people’s families get sick, or it is easy to make the baby of others without milk. Of course, there is a saying that it is not good for your baby.not good

7. Do not eat rabbit meat and mutton

If you eat rabbit meat, you will get rabbit lips, and lamb will get sheep epilepsy.Of course, many people don’t believe this.

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In fact, this is some of the folk taboos passed by the Internet.

Finally, I hope that every little baby will be healthy and healthy.

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