Seven weeks of pregnancy, which is normal for progesterone, need to be kept under normal circumstances

Performatone is a natural hormone of women. By calculating the progesterone value of pregnant women, whether the pregnancy of pregnant women can know if some parents do not know.Therefore, the progesterone value will be detected in the early stages of pregnancy, and at the same time, refer to the normal progesterone value to judge the pregnancy condition.What is the normal progesterone in 7 weeks of pregnancy?

The progesterone value is very dangerous for pregnant women. The normal value of progesterone in 7 weeks of pregnancy is 76.4 ± 23.7nmol/L.The unit is different but the objective value is the same.Low progesterone content is necessary to take progesterone orally, because the low value to a certain extent will cause the baby’s growth in the uterus to be affected, and there is a more serious possibility of ectopic pregnancy in the low progesterone, so it is necessary to be necessaryDo a relatively comprehensive inspection.

Low progesterone is also one of the reasons for early margin abortion. Therefore, when we check the low progesterone, we must pay attention to observe whether the pregnant woman has bleeding. In theory, as long as there is no bleeding, it means that it is only slightly lower.After determining that it is not an ectopic pregnancy and no threatened abortion and no bleeding, pregnant women can rest assured that even if they do not eat progesterone capsules, they can increase progesterone value through the diet.

Foods that can supplement this hormone are mainly concentrated in beans, such as rice beans.The soymilk you hit is a very good option. It is not only healthy but also good, but also supplements progesterone.

So is there no bleeding for progesterone?It does not mean that the embryo is good at low progesterone. It is recommended to check for medical examination.

If the expectant mother finds that the progesterone is low after pregnancy and the progesterone value is at a certain level, the doctor will take the initiative to help you protect your fetus.Generally doctors will prescribe the drugs supplemented with progesterone, or to supplement the pineone needle to pregnant women.Most people can be cured in more than 10 days of injections. If they are conditioned by supplementing progesterone tablets, they must be determined according to the recovery of the pregnant woman themselves. Doctors will give long -term observation and suggestions without worrying too much.If the progesterone value is lower than 25, but still has fetal heart, it can continue to be treated; if there is no fetal heart, you can give up treatment.

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