Several characteristics of cat pregnancy, shit officer must see

Spring is here, and cats’ estrus is also here ~

Some kittens at home have fertility planning, so shovelers should first understand the basic symptoms of cats in the early stages of pregnancy and small common sense during pregnancy, so that they can better take care of their master.

Before my cat sterilized, a nest of kittens have been bred. As a "coming person", I will talk to you about those things about cats during pregnancy!

How to judge whether a cat is pregnant?Under normal circumstances, cats will have the following signs:

1. Symptoms of cat harm

That’s right, cats are also harmful to the symptoms of joy. Unlike human beings, it will vomit. Cats will generally have increased appetite and increase the number of toilets.

If your kitten is in the estrus period, the characteristics of the estrus in about three days after mating will disappear, and some pregnancy characteristics will basically appear in about 20 days.Pay more attention to the cat’s diet, and pay more attention if the amount of food increases.

2. Cat’s nipple changes

After the cat is pregnant, the nipple color will become pink and start to increase.Generally, after 20 days of pregnancy, the symptoms will be more obvious, and at the same time, it will rise around the nipples.In the late stages of pregnancy, some milk will pour gently when gently squeezing the nipples.

3. The body shape of the cat

The cat’s belly will gradually bulge, and usually starts in about a month.The shoveling officers can pay attention to observing the cat’s belly. If they gradually become larger, they can take a pet shop to check it.Generally, you can hear the heartbeat of the kitten in about 20 days, and you can see the kitten’s bones after a month and a half.

Of course, after the cat’s belly is bulging, the shoveling officers should not easily touch the cat’s belly. The cat is vigilant after pregnancy. If your relationship with the cat is very good, it is willing to touch you.If you have a certain degree of prevention, it is recommended that the shoveling officials should be careful.

Cats are also a hard work. Everyone should take care of the pregnant kitten.Of course, I have introduced the related content of cat sterilization before. If the shovel officers do not want cats to conceive, remember to sterilize as soon as possible.Is it good or bad for cat sterilization?A shoveling officer must not miss a sharing

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