Several methods to detect whether you ovulate


High -quality eggs and smooth ovulation are the necessary conditions for our women to get pregnant. Follicular development is not good, and follicle luteum is also difficult to get pregnant or difficult to get pregnant.Today, let me talk to you about follicles and ovulation disorders.

After the female baby’s life, the number of follicles in her ovaries was set. There were millions of follicles when they were born, but only about 400 to 500 eggs that could develop and discharged.400, still 500, are closely related to our usual behavior.For most girls, ovulation begins with her first menstruation, but a few people also have no ovulation menstruation.

First, let’s find out what the normal eggs and ovulation processes look like.Eggs are the largest cells in our bodies, but it is difficult to observe.Usually, our doctors are indirectly estimated to observe the form of follicles through B -ultrasound. The maximum diameter of mature follicles exceeds 20 mm and an average of 17-20 mm.This kind of follicles are large and round, and the surface of the ovary is prominent, indicating that ovulation is required. If the B -ultrasound monitors the disappearance of follicles and can see the signs of the ovarian collapse, it means that ovulation has been ovulated.

Secondly, how do we detect ourselves ovulation?

First, you can self -test at home.When waking up in the morning, the basal body temperature is measured. The body temperature during ovulation will be 0.3 ~ 0.5 degrees higher than usual, and it will last about 14 days before the next menstruation. This is the two -way body temperature.The detection method is that you just wake up every morning. If you do n’t do any activities, such as you ca n’t get up, do n’t talk, you ca n’t drink water to eat. Daily records of the oral cavity (menstrual cycle and normal ovulation generally before the next menstrual menstruation.14 days began to rise and accompanied until the next menstrual period).If there is no ovulation, the basis of measurement, the body temperature is flat and there is no change. We call it one -way body temperature.Although the two -way body temperature can predict ovulation, this method is also limited. It will be affected by some other factors, such as activities, colds, and medication.

Second, observe leucorrhea.Volume secretions during ovulation will increase, clear, and easy to draw.

Third, detection of ovulation test strips in home.The LH test strip is also ovulation test strip, which can accurately and quickly predict ovulation time, economy, no harm, and convenient. If the urine is determined, the LH peak occurs, and ovulation occurs mostly within 14 to 24 hours.

Fourth, you can also go to the hospital for professional testing. B -ultrasound plus blood drawing to detect the level of blood LH.

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