Shangguan Yunzhu: I bumped in her life. She loved five people in 30 years and jumped off the building at the age

The Republic of China was the beginning of the light and shadow era. Those beautiful figures showed the sadness and joy of life under the camera, but their destiny seemed to be deeply linked with a certain cause and effect.

The female stars who came out of the Republic of China seemed to be closely combined with the word "red and thin life", such as Ruan Lingyu, Zhou Xuan, Hu Die …

It seems that the tragic characters they once performed from the screen came down from the screen, and finally became their fate.

There is also a film official Yunzhu, who is popular in the north and south of the river, and her destiny is also ups and downs.

On March 2, 1920, Shangguan Yunzhu was born in a family named Wei, a family member of Wei Town, Jiangyin County, Jiangsu Province. His father was a elementary school teacher and named it "Wei Junzhang" (Luo).Ringled and renamed Wei Yajun.

Shangguan Yunzhu has been a beautiful woman from an early age. The people are very Peugeot. Goose egg face, willow -leaf eyebrows, and cherry mouth. In the girlfriend, they were already famous "little beauty" in the town.

When she was in elementary school, the family had actually broken. A large family of living expenses mainly relied on her sister Wei Yueli and his brother Wei Junhuan, who was teaching in Shanghai, but it was difficult to support the overhead of Shangguan Yunzhu to continue reading.

When she was facing a crisis of dropout, Zhang Danyan appeared.

Zhang Danyan is a classmate of Shangguan Yunzhu, and his family is also a local wealthy household.His father did tea and salt in the provincial capital. Zhang Dayan was quite talented in art and was admitted to Shanghai’s American colleges.After the return of Zhang Dayan, he successfully entered Leyi Girls, and became an art teacher who taught and educated.

Zhang Danyan is also the admiration of Shangguan Yunzhu. After learning that she was unable to study because of tuition, she volunteered to bear all the school costs of Shangguan Yunzhu, which enabled her to finish her middle school smoothly.

At the age of 16, in order to provide a better educational environment for her daughter, the father had sent Shangguan Yunzhu to the Leyi Girl in Suzhou to study.

She was not familiar with Shangguan Yunzhu in Suzhou, and settled her in her cousin’s house.Unexpectedly, the first day when he arrived at the cousin’s house, Shangguan Yunzhu met Zhang Danyan.

At this time, one of the two, one has been settled, and the other is the age of being full of spirits.

Shangguan Yunzhu was indulged in the age of love, so Shangguan Yunzhu stole the forbidden fruit with Zhang Danyan at the age of sixteen. It didn’t take long for her to get pregnant.

After learning about this, Zhang Danyan was also a person who dared to be a dare to be. Under the opposition of the Zhang family, he married the Weiguan Yunzhu to the Wei family.

Unmarried first pregnancy and ordinary background, so even when Shangguan Yunzhu was pregnant during pregnancy, he was not recognized by the Zhang family.

Fortunately, Shangguan Yunzhu gave birth to a son. His mother was expensive, and Shangguan Yunzhu was also integrated into the Zhang family, but the Zhang family’s attitude Shangguan Yunzhu did not forget.At this time, Shangguan Yunzhu was only 17 years old.

The outbreak of the Anti -Japanese War, Shangguan Yunzhu escaped from Shanghai with his husband’s house.

In the turbulent situation, ordinary people have become full of life.In order to make a living, Shangguan Yunzhu, who had just arrived in Shanghai, ran to a photo hall on Xia Fei Road as an invoicing lady.

Due to the outstanding appearance and outstanding temperament, Shangguan Yunzhu can attract the attention of many past people to the store.He Zuomin, the owner of the photo studio, believes that this is a business opportunity.He bought fashionable clothes for Shangguan Yunzhu from Xia Fei Road, and took a lot of photos for her to put it in the window as a signature of the guest.

Her boss He Zuo Min has worked at the Shanghai Star Film Company, so in the small photo hall, some bright stars will also come to visit.

And she is delicate, always hiding behind the counter, quietly looking at these stars’ conversations and clothes; after paying salary, she bought her favorite clothing and jewelry to dress herself.appearance.

Even if the clothes are imitated, the jewelry is fake; but she seems to have a interest in the entertainment industry, and she has gradually emerged as a movie.

So, she found a teacher who had tuning accents, and then admitted to the Huaguang Drama College to study drama, and then the early Xinhua Film Company’s actor training class studied.

This was opposed by Zhang Danyan, of course, there were some selfishness of Zhang Danyan, but the poor family at that time did not allow Shangguan Yunzhu to "squander".

But Shangguan Yunzhu’s star dream was determined. Even if everyone opposed it, she still had no hesitation.

In the days of the Academy of Drama, the teachers gave her a loud name: Shangguan Yunzhu.

Initially, she played some roles of running, and slowly accumulated her fame.

This accumulation is rapid.

Here, Shangguan Yunzhu met Zhang Shanzhang, the company’s manager.Zhang Shanzhang was very important to her, and even decided to hold her to the heroine in the movie "Wang Lao Wu".

Shangguan Yunzhu was very happy. She didn’t expect her dream to be realized so soon.After the grand opening ceremony, the media overflowed with her, but her husband resolutely opposed her to enter the performing arts industry.For this reason, the couple, who had been loving, began to quarrel frequently.Later, Zhang Dayan wanted to return to Suzhou and was rejected by Shangguan Yunzhu. The two broke out the worst contradiction.Shangguan Yunzhu, who was slapped, moved out of the Zhang family.

His wife’s reputation is getting bigger and more complicated.

Divorced in 1943, Zhang Dayan took his mother and son Zhang Qijian back to his hometown.

Shangguan Yunzhu still focuses on the glory of the acting career.

After that, Shangguan Yunzhu changed his body and became a big star Shangguan Yunzhu on the beach on the beach.

At that time, when people in the entertainment industry talked about Shangguan Yunzhu, they always disdain their tone, and always looked down on.

They always feel that she crawls too fast, too anxious and close, obviously plays a movie, but there is no literary atmosphere.

And Manager Zhang is not a good person. He asked Yunzhu as the female No. 1 to fight against the sister of his company. This sister obviously felt that his status was threatened, and he settled with Zhang.Written by the media as the opportunity to take the opportunity.

A woman wants to be out of place, without resources, her cultural level is not high, she can only choose "blackened".Soon, Shangguan Yunzhu met Lu Xun’s lover Yao Ke. Soon she walked close to Yao Ke, and Yao Ke did not disappoint her.The female No. 2 of Diaoling, at this time Shangguan Yunzhu is also very famous.

The two people who have achieved each other should have worked together for a lifetime, but there was another problem.

Yao Ke is a prodigal son. He couldn’t help derailing in three years after marriage.Sure enough, the nature of a man is so natural. No matter how beautiful the woman at home is, the flowers and plants outside are always attractive.

Shangguan Yunzhu led his daughter away from this broken marriage with her daughter, and came together with another actor Lan Ma.

Lan Ma is a very talented man. He looks handsome and can bring a lot of guidance experience to Yunzhu. She actively confess in the utilitarian heart.

At that time, the two starred in "The Light" together, and then the Blue Horse recommended Shangguan Yunzhu starring in the second female No. 2 of "Paradise Spring Dream".More fire and pure green.

After that, the two took care of each other and achieved each other in art.Lan Ma is a powerful actor. He has played four couples with Guan Yunzhu four times.It can be said that she is the teacher of Shangguan Yunzhu in the film performance career. The two have lived together for 3 years. Shangguan Yunzhu has many masterpieces, such as "Hope in the World", "Magic", "Beauty Wing", etc.Almost both have become the masterpieces of the two.

She and Zhou Xuan, butterflies, and Ruan Lingyu became famous, and became the four major aftermaths of Shanghai at that time.

Of course, even if the outsiders are "very right", they have not allowed the two to get into the marriage. This is not only because the blue horse is lazy and transformed, but it cannot be integrated with the exquisite Shangguan Yunzhu.Different, because Shangguan Yunzhu found his new direction.

At this time, Shangguan Yunzhu was famous and wealth, but because of lack of heritage, he did not recognize the upper society.

After the blue horse broke up, the appearance of Cheng Shuyao, the elegant theater manager Cheng Shuyao, changed the life of Shangguan Yunzhu. This man

Cheng Shuyao has a connection, recognition, and literary quality, handsome, and elegant, and is accustomed to wearing tie tie for troops.

In 1951, the two walked into the palace of marriage.

There is no vigorous relationship with Cheng Shuyao and no dog blood plot. The two came together naturally.Perhaps for Shangguan, Cheng Shuyao is a man who is suitable for marriage and children. Cheng Shuyao is very kind. He is very good for Shangguan’s daughter Yao Yao.Following the mother’s surname to Wei Ran), I still love Yao Yao very much.

She lives in the house, driving a private car, and enjoying the envy and praise of passers -by.

However, as the current situation becomes more and more sensitive, Shangguan Yunzhu, who is an actor, has to put away the cheongsam inlaid with gold, put on the gray -blue people’s outfit, and start to require progress in accordance with the historical trend.

In 1952, Cheng Shuyao was stigmatized because of a slanderous corruption case,

In order to rest, Cheng Shuyao took out 800 US dollars and two rings from the house to send it to the theater. As a "stolen money", he refunded the compensation. He wanted to return the money to the same."Corruption", staying in the unit to supervise and transform for one year.

Shangguan Yunzhu was worried about affecting his future because he could not tolerate his husband’s principle errors. He chose to stand in a team and immediately proposed a divorce.

Yao Yao was reluctant to lose such a good dad, crying for her mother not to divorce, but Shangguan Yunzhu had decided.

Brother Cheng came to visit Cheng Shuyao, and saw that he kneeling on the ground begging Shangguan Yunzhu not to divorce. His eyes were crying, and her eyes were only cold.

Cheng Shuyao served in his sentence in one year. His son was received by his grandfather. Shangguan Yunzhu took Yao Yao and began to live with He Lu with the director of Shangying.

The divorced Shangguan no longer wants to feel emotional, just want to play a good show, bring a good child. At this time, a man named He Lu walked into his life. He was a deputy director of the Shangying Factory.

He Lu was originally a tenant of Shangguan Yunzhu’s house.Because of this relationship, He Lu often communicates with Shangguan Yunzhu.

It was just that Shangguan Yunzhu was famous and young and beautiful. They played a drama together. He Lu secretly loved her and felt that Gao couldn’t climb.Now seeing her difficult to fall, I think about helping her more.

After understanding Cheng Shuyao’s condition, He Lu took the opportunity to insert a foot.

When Shangguan Yunzhu was hesitant, he went forward every day to ask the warmth and seized the opportunity to accompany Shangguan Yunzhu.

Originally, Shangguan Yunzhu had a plan to divorce. He made a decision under the violent pursuit of the offensive of He Lu.

With the breakdown of Shangguan Yunzhu’s marriage, He Lu has taken advantage of it. Compared with her former lover, He Lucai is mediocre, and his career has not improved much, but he is very careful in his life and is right to Shangguan.Yunzhu thoughtful.

After experiencing too many ups and downs, it is true that the blandness is true. One thing is to take you first, and the man who knows how to take care of you is actually more exciting.

Although Shangguan Yunzhu has never entered the palace of marriage with He Lu, he is the oldest man who has been with Shangguan Yunzhu’s long time until she died.After the divorce, Shangguan Yunzhu was still influenced by Cheng Shuyao’s case and was blocked by major film and television. There was no play to perform. This situation has three years.In order to perform on the stage, Shangguan Yunzhu went to the righteous performance, and finally waited for a chance.

In 1955, a "South Island Storm" recruited the heroine, and Shangguan Yunzhu tried his best to win all the methods.

Unlike the role she played in the past, Shangguan Yunzhu did everything out, breaking the previous image, and perfectly interpreting the heroic spirit of the heroine of this drama.

After becoming popular, Shangguan Yunzhu was invited by the chairman 7 times.

In 1957, in the Ministry of Culture’s "1949-1955 Excellent Film Awards", Shangguan Yunzhu won the first prize.

In 1962, Shangguan Yunzhu was rated as one of the "Twenty -two Copie Copies of the New China" by the Ministry of Culture.

In 1963, he starred in the movie "Dead Wood in Spring" and "Early Spring February".In 1964, he starred in the movie "Blood Monument", and in 1965, he starred in "Sisters of the Stage" and played the acting female lady.The three characters she finally starred in all died of fate.

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 1966, Shangguan Yunzhu was rushed back to Shanghai East China Hospital.Through examination, breast cancer is diagnosed.

She is only 46 years old. She is too young, and she is a movie star with good strength. The Shanghai Film Bureau is familiar with her leadership and pity the talent. She decided to income her to know the ward high and arrange the best doctor for her.

Three months later, breast cancer just left, and brain cancer came again.After the surgery again, she lost her memory, and she couldn’t even read and write the most.

Later, he was seriously criticized in the special revolution loaded in history.Even the relevant departments have set up a task force to criticize her.

Doctors are rescued by the doctor. This time, even if there is a god, it is difficult.

Beginning in September 1968, the "Shangguan Yunzhu Special Project" came to Shanghai and forced Shangguan Yunzhu to pay for "conspiracy". She was beaten and scolded every day.

On November 22, Shangguan Yunzhu was filed again. The rebels forced her to admit that it was a foreign agent. When she was met by Chairman Mao, she had a conspiracy.Kick out of the door and get off the ultimatum: If you do n’t explain tomorrow, you must take a complete revolutionary action on her!

Under the double torture of the body and spirit, the woman who relied on to be strong and strong has survived the calamity countless times, and finally collapsed and completely collapsed.When she returned home, she didn’t eat the rice, and she murmured in her mouth: Write the materials for me and write the materials for me.

At about 3 am on November 23, 1968, Shangguan Yunzhu, who was proclaimed by the political movement, family members, and the body tortured by the body, drew down the balcony on the fourth floor where the apartment was in the apartment, and worked hard for her life.The tragic way was ended.

In 1978, Shangguan Yunzhu was rehabilitated. In 1995, he won the Best Actress Award for the China Film Century Award.

Shangguan Yunzhu’s wind and snow, the fifth paragraph of the fifth paragraph, may be "love and dislike", which is just a difference in thought. Although her pursuit is very simple, she just wants to have a happy and happy home. UnfortunatelyJust blame her too much, and most of her life meets most of them.

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