Share postpartum!During the stages of pregnancy, the prospective mothers must know the good things during pregnancy, and the pieces are practical without chicken ribs

The logic of stocking during pregnancy must be: buy on demand and stages, there is no need to carry everything home at once (likely to eat gray)!

In view of the Huai Dabao, when I was Huaida, I broke up with Lei to buy a bunch of IQ taxes, and share it with pure dry goods below.

The mother and infant supplies that must be bought for pregnancy, including the following three parts:

Necessary clothing during pregnancy (prepared in the middle and late pregnancy)

Must -have for care during pregnancy (preparation in the middle of pregnancy)

Daily necessities optional (late pregnancy)

▶ ️ Breastfeeding underwear 2-3

Don’t prepare too early!(The chest will become bigger and bigger to avoid being able to wear it later).

During pregnancy, the chest becomes larger and prevents the breast sagging and discomfort. It is necessary to specialize in mammary underwear. It is more elastic and breathable and more comfortable.Recommend the two models of Mi Xi and Nuo Mian.

▶ ️ pregnant women’s skirts, pregnant women’s pants

It is recommended that Uniqlo family and full -printed. Whether it is jeans or yoga pants, it is first -rate, comfortable to wear, and a pair of pants can wear a whole pregnancy.

✅ Private parts cleaning device

The side -cut side -cut tear -to -fart artifact, will not touch the wound, and can clean the whole person comfortably. You must buy that kind of elbow, like the following ↓

▶ ️ pregnant women’s skirts, pregnant women’s pants

It is recommended that Uniqlo family and full -printed. Whether it is jeans or yoga pants, it is first -rate, comfortable to wear, and a pair of pants can wear a whole pregnancy.

▶ ️ nipple paste

Must be available, you can prepare in advance during pregnancy. By the third trimester of pregnancy, the chest bloating is often itchy and painful in the middle of the night.

Moreover, it must be used after the baby is born. Put it in the bag to take it to the hospital. The baby’s first breastfeeding does not know that the severity may really be bitten … This nipple paste has an XY analgesic component, anti -pornography and soothing sedation.The effect is very good.

▶ ️ stretch marks cream/skin care products

Generally, skin care products with whitening light spots and acne are unavailable during pregnancy. Check whether the skin care products used before have these effects ingredients, if not, can continue to be used.(Note: Mainly moisturizing during pregnancy)

I am worried that the expectant mothers who have long stretch marks can prepare a bottle of pregnancy stripes or frost in advance, and apply moisturizing work as soon as possible to increase skin elasticity.

I used the essence of the tender gestational pattern in the early days. The prevention effect was very good. It may be that the skin was well moisturized and the skin was always white and tender.

PS: Recently, I bought a child’s pregnancy pattern set for friends. 1 set of pregnancy oil and pregnancy cream. The price will be relatively advantageous. The effect of moisturizing and anti -pattern is also good:

However, you need to stick to it and apply it diligent, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, you can apply it with thick or oil and frost.

▶ ️ pregnant women’s pillow

It is recommended to sleep on the left side and late pregnancy. You can choose a pregnant woman pillow that supports the waist and legs. Pregnant mothers with large belly are better to prepare a waist support during the day to avoid the body too heavy to damage the waist.

▶ ️ 腹

If you feel too tired and your belly is tight, you can buy one.

▶ ️ abdomen band

Note: You can buy it without buying. Cesa section is generally needed, which can avoid drooping internal organs and promoting uterus and pelvic contraction.

▶ ️ 1-2 packs of puzzle pads

After breaking the water, you must change it once after giving birth 3H. The amount of usage is 6 or more a day, and you can bring more.

记 Note: Be sure to buy a big one!Intersection(60*90) Tips are easy to miss.

▶ ️ knife paper 1-2 packs

Since it is required by the hospital, although it is thin, after all, it is soft and breathable. Postpartum can be superimposed with puzzle pads.

▶ ️ 1 water cup with a straw

It is used to drink brown sugar water and test it for yourself. Until now, you can use it to feed and thirst.It is not convenient to use this child to drink water just after giving birth. It is recommended to buy that kind of elbow straw.

▶ ️ Bottle+Milk Powder 2

Newborns are easy to be hungry, and mothers may not have breast milk immediately.About 400g of MINI is used for emergency use, it is best to hydrolyze milk powder; bottle bottle with two people to disinfect.

▶ ️ Bottle cleaning agent small bottle travel

If you go to the hospital with a bottle and baby spoon, you can bring a bottle cleaning agent (the hospital is not provided).

If you do this, you will always use it, so you can prepare the home in advance even if you do n’t take it to the hospital.

Our baby has always used this bottle cleaner from Chi Najia. It is safe and gentle, and it is better to clean. The bottle brush given is also good.

▶ ️ thin/thick bag are one of each

The mother who gave birth to a baby from November to March must prepare a slightly thicker bag or quilt.In addition, the hospital’s room is not very breathable, and newborns should not open the window all the time to avoid colds, so at least two hugs are replaced with gauze scarves.

▶ ️ Newborn little socks+newborns 52 yards clothes 2 sets

The hospital will take a bath for newborn babies, and babies who are full of 5 pounds will swim once. After washing, they have to change new clean clothes.

▶ ️ Baby nails cut Pigeon, Ri Kang

Children’s nails are long and fast, and they need to scratch the baby’s small face. They still need to cut my nails.

In summary, all I listed are summarized by combining my second child experience and other treasure mothers around me.Most of them are easy to use, relatively high cost performance, and high frequency of use. If it is useful to you, remember to like it, thank you very much ~

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