Sharing during pregnancy: Preparation and pregnancy books and app recommendations

From the beginning of pregnancy, I have been very keen to say- "doing learning mothers", so I have prepared "textbooks" early and practice the rumors of the "one child’s photo".Today, I will share with you the unbalanced experience with the needs of everyone ~

But don’t get me wrong. I am not a dogmatic person. If you do n’t move, you will shake the book bag with people, but I think the best way to deal with fear is to understand it. After all, it is a new life. In the face of production,The best way is to understand your body structure, pregnancy, and the process. After all, if you do n’t equip yourself, you will be guilty.books

There are many ways we get information. Whenever we encounter a new noun and new questions, the first reaction may be searching Baidu, Sogou, or Zhihu, etc. These apps can answer our problems as soon as possible, but forFor this systemic project, just like preparing for the test, there must be a book that can help us form a system in hand, adding bricks to our barren physiological knowledge base.Therefore, at the beginning of pregnancy, I needed such a book, so I read the relevant evaluations on Douban, and finally chose the following two.(In fact, I bought more than two books, but only these two books after reading the whole process. After all, I have to recommend it.

About preparing for pregnancy: "Meoao Preparation Book"

Mayo Clinic is a well -known medical institution in the United States. It is recognized by the medical and nursing community. It once ranked first in the national hospital ranking in a certain year.The author of this book is written by the experts of the Meio Clinic.

This is a popular science book with pictures and texts that can answer many of our questions about breeding.As I wrote in the previous article, perhaps the cultural reasons. In our biological class, the chapters that have bred life are slightly more (at least this is the era of reading with Xuan Tsai).Make up for this.There are a large number of related icons in it, which can help us clearly recognize the structure of the human body, and the table can also help us calculate the corresponding cycle.In general, reading this book is like reading science books. It is very interesting and amazing (of course, you must not forget to take some notes, otherwise, where will you throw the original intention of pregnancy?)

For example, a question that my girlfriend and I have discussed, is the number of eggs excreted in a lifetime of eggs?Even if I am a scientific student, I don’t know the correct answer, but after reading this book, I will know that when the female baby was born, the ovaries reserved thousands of unburreous egg cells needed for a lifetime.During the development career, a mature oocyte is expelled on a monthly basis.When I saw this at the time, I couldn’t wait to share it with my girlfriend, and even I thought about it. In fact, as early as my mother was in my grandmother’s belly, my egg cells had already existed, which was equivalent to me in my grandmother’s body.Also waiting.Similarly, in the process of reading, there will be many times when you feel the body structure.

About pregnancy: "Sils Pregnancy Encyclopedia"

In fact, there are also chapters of pregnancy in this book, but when I buy it, the baby has grown slowly in my stomach, so I directly skipped the previous chapter to pregnancy.Dr. Sils is a well -known pediatrician in the United States. The most important thing is that he himself and his wife have eight children healthy.His opinions in the book are very willing. At the same time, he encouraged Bao Da Bao’s mother to adopt his appropriate way.What he admires most is the most primitive and most natural approach. For example, the most important thing he believes in the process of parenting is "to raise children with the intuition of parents".Because of this, after reading this book, I recently placed another "Encyclopedia of Syls" (after all, I have to usher in the "new semester").

The main chapter of this book is to introduce the ten months of pregnancy in the order of the symptoms, analysis and the corresponding relief method that will appear every month.It is convenient for the reading in the later reading.I wrote at the beginning to deal with fear, mainly because of the fear of the delivery process. After all, entering the delivery room is a painful scene for most girls.When reading the last month’s chapter, because of the delivery of different hormones in each output, the changes in the body, the baby’s response, etc.A surgery, a symphony that mothers and babies cooperate.I do n’t know why, after reading this chapter, I seem to be so scared, but I am a little excited and expect (I have always performed well in the questioning of the nurse in the production inspection, and I even proudly feel that I can hold the process of production. I don’t know if I don’t knowWhether the sound of hissing on the delivery room will make me look very face) app) app app) APP

The pregnant mothers in Hangzhou need to download "Hangzhou Health". There are courses launched by each hospital each. Combined with the hospital’s characteristics, the corresponding output science popularization is introduced.It is practical, such as photos of the ward, photos of the tools that assist in relieving the pain of the palace, etc. Since it will be a similar scene when producing in the future, it will make people more sense of substitution and reduce fear.From the establishment of a small card in a community hospital to the establishment of a large card in the hospital, this set of pregnant women’s courses is in the same vein. Each time the birth checkup, the nurse will spot check the content of the above. There is no contradiction in front and back.

There is also an APP called "Dinglai Mother". It is a brand of Dr. Lilac Dr. Lilac. During the college, a friend who studied medicine recommended me Dr. Lilac. I think the information is very practical, so I followed it. Later, when I was pregnant, I became pregnant.Naturally, I paid attention to the mother of Lilac.Just as most of the pregnancy apps, Lilac Moms also have various functional modules, such as "reminder of production inspection", "can you eat", "cycle record", etc., but I generally only use the function of "can you eat". After all, pregnancyIn the future, I will eat more carefully. If I encounter more special food, I will retrieve it first, and then decide to choose.In addition, I also bought a course, covering the relevant content from preparing for pregnancy to new babies. I have both text and audio. I have been at work in the early stages of pregnancy. I often delay reading because I do n’t have time.Time to listen to the audio content in this course.

On the left is "Can I eat the right side is the course I bought?

Nowadays, there are countless books and APPs on the market. After all, the maternal and infant market has developed too fast (very huge profits), just like searching for a crib on the shopping website (I also made a small research for this, mother and babyThe division of the market is very detailed. Can you imagine that there is a store that specializes in the mattress used only on the baby bed. But fortunately, after seeing the courses on the clove mother, the higher the diverse baby bed risk coefficient, so in the endThrough field comparisons, we bought the most basic cribs in IKEA).

I think it will be better to do more homework before choosing. At the same time, you need to choose a product of the same pulse. For example, the two books I choose and the two apps are more scientific, which is in line with the content of the normal inspection doctors. After all, professionalismThe matter is still solving professional people.

In addition, there is no need to "superstitize" books. I once saw a doctor’s point of view.It will cause negative psychological effects, and it will be fed back to the body, becoming a physiological phenomenon you originally want to avoid.

Without verification, I also stayed far away from crabs because I was worried that such psychology would affect my body.

I am more advocating streamlined parenting. I do n’t have to do too much homework, and I do n’t have to do the original book. As Dr. Sils said, after all, the most reliable is the instinct of my parents.I am more disgusted with those excessive exquisite practices. For example, some parents deliberately find a private hospital for prenatal education in the early pregnancy. On the one hand, the baby’s hearing is not fully developed. On the other handIt seems that it has not been scientifically confirmed. At best, it is just that the baby is familiar with the voice of the family. It is enough to tell the baby a story or chat to the baby before going to bed.

Finally, in summary, eating and sleeping well, exercising in moderation, on time, obedience to the doctor’s advice, remember that pregnancy is not sick, it is a process of breeding life.

Well, after summing up, I hope to help friends in need ~ Of course you can also discuss with me. Everyone communicates together!

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