She adopted the illegitimate daughter of her husband and Xiaosan

Weiwei: Lord, working teacher

Xiaodong: Wei Wei’s husband

Xu Qiang: Xiao Dong’s lover

Summary of the story: After Wei Wei and Xiaodong got married, she invited her friend Xu Qiang to come to the house and did not want two people to fall in love at first sight.After being discovered by Wei Wei, she still broke the silk and gave birth to a daughter to take care of it. Unexpectedly, she was killed on the plane.The custodian found the Weiwei family, and Wei Wei learned that the two were so shameless and refused to accept the child.Later, I went to the welfare home many times to visit the child, and finally accepted this illegitimate daughter.And marry a teacher with a school, a happy life.

In the wedding room:

In a luxurious suite in the city, Wei Wei and Xiaodong had just held the wedding here. The red and red characters on the windows and doors were still new.The cave house flower night, two people clean up and chat,

Wei Wei said, "Xiaodong, do you still plan to study for a master’s degree!"

Xiaodong said: "Of course, for our better future, I have to work harder and work hard up."

Wei Wei said, "I support it. I must have a good woman behind a successful man." She said while holding the neck sitting next to Xiaodong by the bed.

Xiaodong said intoxicated: "I love you, and being able to marry you is my biggest happiness in this life. In this life, you are alone."

Wei Wei and Xiaodong pair a moment of viewing, kissing, touching, and passionate nightlife make life wonderful.

Weiwei teaches in a middle school in the city. Xiaodong studied the exam while working in a well -known company.This couple who lives in the upper society is enviable.

Half a year has passed, Weiwei is pregnant, she tells Xiaodong with a joy: "Dear, I’m pregnant." Xiaodong’s first reaction was surprise, holding Wei Wei to turn around, happiness like a flower like a flowerOpen, wait for calm down, Xiao Dong said to Wei Wei: "Let’s get rid of the child. I am in the rising period of career. I haven’t prepared to be a dad, and give me some time, up to two years, wait for everything, wait for everythingIt’s all stable, we regenerate a child, okay: "Wei Wei was reluctant, silently entered the room alone, and closed the door of the door all night.Eventually, for her husband’s career, she decided to go to the hospital to kill the fetus.


Weiwei was sitting on a chair outside a abortion alone waiting for surgery.She suddenly saw a familiar figure, Xu Qiang, a friend of the same bedroom.Wei Wei screaming surprised

Xu Qiang

Weiwei, why are you here.I’m here to accompany my mother to see a doctor.She had diabetes.And you?Who is sick in your family.

No one is sick.Alas, Wei Wei signaled Xu Qiang to look at the house card.

Why not give birth.

Both of us are fighting for their careers and wait for a few years.And you?Married?

Done.Divorced in a year.

I have time to come to my house to play, and I will help take care of it casually

Let me.I may have to rest for a while after surgery for a while.It happens that you can also talk with me.

Ok, no problem.I will go to you after I take care of my mother.

I will send your address on your WeChat later, right, add your WeChat.

13992486614 WeChat Name: Wild Flower in the Wind

Well, you will add me in a while.

Weiwei heard the doctor calling her name and hurriedly entered the operating room.

Weiwei Family

Wei Wei, who is weak, recuperate at home.

As soon as Xu Qiang entered Weiwei’s house, he couldn’t help but exclaim: "Wei Wei, your house is really beautiful. I’m afraid I can’t live in such a good house in this life." Wei Wei comforted: "Xu Qiang,You look so beautiful, and you will definitely marry a good husband in the future. It may be better than me. "" Wei Wei, I’m afraid I will not have your life. "Speaking of a knock on the door, Xu Qiang hurried to open the door and opened the door to open the door.Seeing the handsome Xiaodong at the door, Xu Qiang was stunned for a moment, and Xiaodong was fascinated by Xu Qiang’s beauty.What is love at first sight, this is probably, Xiaodong returned to God and said, "The rare guests here." Xu Qiang introduced himself: "I am a university classmate in Weiwei, I am embarrassed and disturb you." XiaodongBusy to say, "Where! Where! There is a distant place for friends! Please sit down, don’t see it outside. Despite what you need to help. Besides, Weiwei is weak in these days, and it is troublesome to take care of it."Weiwei echoed: "Xiaodong said, you often come to my house to play." Several three times, all three were familiar.Weiwei Xiaoyue can only stay in bed to support it.As a result, Xiaodong Shi and Xu Qiang went out to buy food and used it.Two people are in love, and they take advantage of this to have an extramarital affairs in the hotel.

Wei Wei went to work normally, and Xiaodong still secretly communicated with Xu Qiang.Their romantic affairs soon passed to Wei Wei’s ears.Wei Wei didn’t believe it, so she went to find Xu Qiang to explore the atmosphere. Who knew that the door of Xu Qiang’s house was knocked on, and she just hit Xiaodong who had just got up, and Xu Qiang, who was half naked in bed.Wei Wei was dumbfounded, slapped on Xiaodong’s face with a slap, and ran away with tears.Those who had loved each other had so vicious and smoothly deceived her.Xiaodong caught up with Wei Wei and begged: "I must change the time with Xu Qiang. I am confused for a while." Looking at the humble husband, Wei Wei forgive his loved man, and both of them have their own.I went home with my heart.

Two years later, Wei Wei received a call from the airline, saying that her husband was unfortunately killed on the plane flying to Chongqing.Wei Wei put down the phone and went straight to the place of the accident.In the list of the victims, she found out: "Xiaodong, Xu Qiang …", what made her even more unexpected was that about two months after the death of her husband, the door of the family was like a rushing rain.Knocking.Outside the door is a woman holding a child. At the age of 20, she said incoherently: "Half a year ago, a couple living on the eighteenth floor invited me to bring their children. Two months ago, they went to work outsideCome back for a week, who knows that two months have passed, and the no -sound letter has been used for a long time ago. There is no way. I copied according to a ID card that the home owner was thrown at home and found the above address to find the address above.Here. "Wei Wei looked at the child in his hand and was too similar to her husband. In order to support Xiaodong’s master’s degree, he abandoned his mother’s right. He never expected that he sacrificed to others.Suddenly, Wei Wei roared "rolling, rolling me-" like a beast, and the child cried heartbreakingly.

The woman helplessly sent the child to the welfare home. Wei Wei once passed the welfare home and suddenly had the idea of seeing the child.

Welfare Institute:

After hesitating many times, Weiwei finally decided to go in and see the child. The little girl was like a dirty cat and squatted on a double -layer bed.The staff took a box of medicines, and said, "Jiajia is too pitiful, she is weak, and she will get sick. You look at the back of your hand and butt.Don’t be abominable, don’t give birth if you don’t have any care. If you are in a good heart, take her home. "Jiajia opened her eyes to look at Wei Wei with a pair of helpless expectations, and Weiwei fled.Run away.

After a few months, Jiajia’s figure and eyes appeared in her head.One day in April, Jiajia had a high fever of 40 degrees, and Wei Wei went to the welfare home again. Jiajia’s cheeks were red.As soon as he saw Wei Wei, his little hand clenched Wei Wei weakly and shouted, "Auntie." Wei Wei shed tears in both lines.The child murmured, "Auntie, don’t cry, if you have pain in your head, Jiajia calls the doctor, Jiajia is not crying, you don’t cry." Wei Wei hugged the child tightly, and went around for a few days and nights. WeiWei finally decided to adopt Jiajia.A few days after adopting Jiajia, a girlfriend rushed to Weiwei’s house in a hurry, pulled the child to pick up Jiajia’s clothes, carefully check whether there are congestion and wounds, and said, "Wei Wei, are you psychologically psychologically?Torture, to torture Jiajia, and implement revenge. "Jiajia, who was waiting for Wei Wei to speak now, immediately said," Auntie is very good to me. Girlfriends are relieved and gave Wei Wei a great praise and left.

After that, Weiwei married a biological teacher in the school.Jiajia took the two people’s hand and said, "I have a good mother and a good father. I have a warm home." Holding the child’s hand strolled on the campus, for the love in my heart, she chose to forget the hatred.

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