She was 5 months pregnant and her boyfriend insisted on breaking up

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Ms. Li, 30, has been pregnant for 5 months, and she is going to be a mother, but what makes her sad is that because of the conflict, her boyfriend returned to her hometown, and she never ignored her. In order to give this child a complete home for this childShe hopes that through 630 every day, this is endangered.

In a park, the reporter saw Ms. Li, because she was pregnant for 5 months, so it was very inconvenient to act.Now she needs to take care of people, but she can’t contact her boyfriend.

Ms. Li is from Dazhou, Sichuan. She has been working in Chongqing. Her boyfriend is 28 years old. She is a city of Chongqing City. Both have had a marriage before. Boyfriend and ex -wife have a child. Currently, she lives with her boyfriend’s parents.The two met with friends in October last year. At the beginning, the relationship was not bad, and her boyfriend was very concerned about Ms. Li’s family.At the beginning of April this year, Ms. Li found that she was pregnant, and she told reporters that her boyfriend began to alienate her when she felt that she should go through the marriage formalities and set up a family.Ms. Li said that before they worked in a company in Chongqing, her boyfriend’s performance was not very good, and she was the first company’s performance. Perhaps because of self -esteem, her boyfriend intends to return to her hometown to work and put forward her request for borrowing.And Ms. Li did not agree at the time.

Ms. Li said that she has two houses, one of which is still among the mortgage.With her boyfriend insisted on doing engineering, she sold one of the houses to support her boyfriend’s career.Before selling the house, Ms. Li wanted to return to her hometown with her boyfriend to see the project. After returning to her hometown, because the project project was not implemented, the relationship between the two was completely stiff.

Ms. Li was unhappy in her boyfriend’s hometown and then left.Afterwards, Ms. Li contacted her boyfriend many times and hoped that her boyfriend would return to Chongqing to work, but her boyfriend did not agree.

Ms. Li introduced that when I was pregnant in April this year, the relationship between the two had a crack. At that time, her boyfriend said that she was unwilling to ask this child, but Ms. Li disagreed and resolutely gave birth.

Ms. Li said that she is now contradictory. On the one hand, she wants her boyfriend to come back and give her a complete home, but at the same time, she is a little worried about her boyfriend.

What is the attitude of Ms. Li’s family about this situation?630 and the first -eye reporter contacted Ms. Li’s father. He said that at the beginning, the relationship between the two was good, but since the daughter did not borrow money to do engineering, her boyfriend began to escape the reality.Don’t ask.

The bell must be tied to the bell. What is the reason so that Ms. Li’s boyfriend Zhang insisted on breaking up?The 630 and the first -eye reporter called Mr. Zhang’s call. He acknowledged that he did borrow 8,000 yuan from Ms. Li, but he made an IOU and agreed to clear it at the end of the month.On the phone, Mr. Zhang once again said that they could not live together.

On the phone, 630 and the first -eye reporter learned that Mr. Zhang now has zero workers in his hometown and has no fixed income.However, on the phone, the two argued again.

Because her boyfriend’s attitude is determined, Ms. Li hopes that the desire to apply for a permit will not be realized.Ms. Li said that she will no longer have any fantasies about her boyfriend. What she has to do now is to raise her fetus with peace of mind. In the future, even if it is difficult, she will raise her children well.Ms. Li’s situation is emotional.To be honest, Ms. Li and Mr. Zhang have only met each other in October last year. They can get to know it for half a year, and they are pregnant. At this time, the understanding of the two parties is not deep enough.Ms. Li said that she also felt that she was a bit older, and her family also put a lot of pressure on herself. She was a little anxious to fall into this dilemma.I do n’t know deeply, I ’m not marrying, I’ m going to break up first. It seems that this emotional thing is still impulsive.

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