She was infected when she was two months pregnant … Listen to these "yang" stories

Fever to above 38 ° C.

At present, the new crown virus is close to us. Many people who have not yet "Yang passed" do not know what they will face next. On the contrary, "Yang Kang" is relieved, starting to resume and share themselves.Experience experience, I hope to provide some references for others.Except for the last patient, the last patients were recently infected with home treatment, and the others were infected before the optimization of control measures. Xiaoyu and Kobayashi were a couple.

"I hope this child can be smooth"

Xiaoyu post -90s kindergarten teacher

I was infected when I went out for dinner in two months of pregnancy

On the evening of November 27, my husband and I went out for dinner, and there was no special case that day.But during the day the next day, I felt very sour with my waist and nausea.Because I happened to be two months pregnant at the time, I thought these were normal phenomena of pregnancy at first, but I did not expect that I started to have a fever at night. I kept burning above 38 ° C. My husband immediately sent me to the hospital.

After the nucleic acid was measured in the hospital, my husband and I were measured.At that time, we were not sure how to be infected. My husband suspected that he was "recruited" when he went out to eat outside the day before, because we rarely went out. The last time we went out to go outside for dinner.Later, we learned from the official announcement that the shop we ate did find a positive case, which also confirmed my husband’s guess.

On the night of going to the hospital, we were transferred to the public health center for centralized isolation treatment.When I first arrived in the ward, I was really panic. At that time, the heart rate was also measured very fast. I was not worried about myself, but worried about the baby in my stomach.I checked a lot of information before, but in the end I did not understand whether the new crown would affect the fetus.Fortunately, my husband has been comforting me. He searched a lot of videos of pregnant mothers who had won new crowns on the Internet and said to me repeatedly, "It’s okay, everything will be fine."

I was unexpectedly miscarriage when I was pregnant with the first child, so after I was pregnant with the second child, my husband and I were very careful.But it may be that our luck is really "so good". It is rare to go out to eat a meal. I didn’t expect it to meet with the "Xiaoyang people" so well, and finally turned ourselves into "Xiaoyang people".However, during this isolation process, the medical staff was grateful to me. They learned that I was pregnant and attached great importance to me. I gave special care and allowed my husband to be in the same room for isolation treatment.It is convenient for him to take care of me.

Now, both my husband and I have dismissed isolation.After experiencing these things, I feel that my mentality is getting better and better.They all say that good things are more grinding, I hope this child can be smooth and neat.

Self -testing antigen, yang.

"For 14 days, the only scenery is the lawn outside the window"

Kobayashi post -90s entrepreneur

Infected with his wife

When my wife started to have a fever, I still didn’t feel at all.But not long after we were transferred to the public health center, my symptoms came.At first, the limbs were weak, then the whole body sore, and then suddenly a fever.I am about the same as my wife, and the fever is more than 38 ° C.However, my symptoms have to disappear faster, and after two or three days, it will basically not feel.

The ward where we live without seeing the scenery before and after, isolation for 14 days. The only scenery is the lawn outside the window.Through the glass, looking at the lawn, dazed and chatting, became the most thing with my wife and I did in those two weeks.I have even started to miss the lawn now. Before, we always settled the requirements very high. Now suddenly I discovered that people’s satisfaction is not so difficult to get.

Although there are often some setbacks looking for us, as long as our family is neat, I think these tests are not a big problem.I am very grateful to my wife. There is an old saying, "Husbands and wives are together, and their profits are broken." Whether in life or career, my wife has always been the same heart as me. I believe that we will be healthy and healthy in the future., Happy.

"Yang continues to make money, my daughter is waiting for my gift"

Alei truck driver after 90

Infected during delivery

I am from Hebei, and I have been running a truck for many years.Usually on the road most of the time, it is often in this province today. Tomorrow will be in another province. It is south and north. It is rare to return to home a few times a year.

On December 2nd, I pulled goods from Hunan to Ningbo, and just exported to Ningbo’s high -speed exports. Someone called me to say that my nucleic acid result was abnormal. Let me wait at the high -speed intersection to review the staff of Ningbo.After the review, the staff told me that Yang was transferred to a special place for centralized isolation treatment, so I packed things and went to isolate immediately.

From the beginning to the end of isolation, I spent 12 days there. Except for a bit weak, there were no special symptoms from beginning to end.In that small room alone, he basically ate, sleep, and eat.I dare to say that I sleep in the past 12 days, more than I sleeping 20 days before.During that time, my most anticipated every day may be the time to call with my family.

I have a daughter and a son. The son is still very sensible. The daughter is a bit older but there is no concept of the new crown. I told her that I was in isolation and treatment in Ningbo.When I go back, she will bring her gifts, so she always wants to let me go back early.

However, after the isolation, I still have several places to run, and it is impossible to go back immediately.After all, home mortgage car loans depends on me alone.After Yang passed, he continued to make money, and life still keeps moving forward!I have also been equipped with a little medicine on the car now. It ’s my wife who must match it. I’ m afraid that the symptoms of the next time will be different.

In fact, some of my two children had burned some time ago, and later I was slow. I do n’t know if I have been infected with the new crown virus.I hope that no matter adults and children, you can protect yourself well, and don’t worry your family.

"I have never posted such a high burning in my memory."

Ji Jun’s post -90s office workers

Infected by colleagues

I started to have symptoms on December 12.I heard that a few colleagues were Yang Yang that day, and I have guess I couldn’t escape, because I was sitting in the same area as these colleagues.Like my colleagues, my symptoms are relatively obvious, and my body temperature is rushing to above 40 ° C.I have never made such a high burning in my memory, this time may really break the record.What’s even more speechless is that my body temperature rose for a while, just like a "roller coaster", making me exhausted.

Fever is not the most tortured. The most tortured people are the pain of the whole body.Two days of pain, I couldn’t fall asleep at all at night. The key to we had not bought medicines. I couldn’t help but want to stop the pain. I could only endure it.I couldn’t help it at 3 o’clock in the middle of the night, so I sent a message to my friends.I didn’t ask them if they had medicine, I just wanted to disperse the attention.

Later, my husband said that he couldn’t carry it so hard, so he took me to the hospital, and finally got some medicines in the hot clinic.After taking the medicine, my symptoms slowly eased, but at this time, my husband’s symptoms appeared.We are basically you singing me. After you take care of me, I will take care of you again, and a relay match for anti -virus is really staged.Now, my husband and I have a lot better. Our requirements are not high. I just want to sleep well.

Although the new crown virus has given our little family a head -up and drinking, and it has not let us slow down yet, I think our mentality is relatively optimistic in the process of dealing with the invasion of the virus.In the past few days, we often see some netizens who are also "Xiaoyang people" share their experiences on the Internet. I feel that everyone’s mentality is very good.(At the request of the interviewee, the text is a pseudonym in the text)

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