Short story: I am pregnant, stir up my boyfriend’s engagement banquet

There is no jealousy that has never been groundless. In the world of emotion, women’s intuition is more sensitive than the smell of police dogs.


My name is Jian Dan, and my daughter is Jian Ning.I can’t remember what my mother looks like, Jian Ning doesn’t know what her father looks like.

My father’s name is Jian Jun, a real estate developer. There is no lack of women around him, but none of them have been taken home by him.

When I was four years old, my parents divorced.My memory is blurred for my mother’s impression.

Listening to Grandma said that the mother was disliked her father’s poor, and ran away with a big model. Later, she went abroad. Later, her grandmother didn’t know.

My father was a strong person. When I went to kindergarten, he was still a car repairman; when I was in elementary school, he became the owner of the car repair factory; when I was in junior high school, he joined the real estate; when I was in high school, when I was in high school, I was in high school.He became the big boss of the real estate industry.

Because my father was busy with his own career, I saw him in a year and counted with ten fingers.

The most time to accompany me was the grandma, and later the aunt at home.

My father has always been single, not so much for me, it is better for money.

He made money, I spent money, and my life was very lacking.

I went to the country with a high Chinese diploma and returned to the country with a master’s degree in economics.


After returning to China, I did not listen to my father’s arrangement and work in his company.Instead, it was based on the company that had no relationship between real estate to work with real estate.

Shi Haoran who worked at the company at the same time.

Shi Haoran looks tall and handsome.When you see who you see, there is a smile on his face.

He was acknowledged that he lived in the company’s employee dormitory.

My home lives far away. In order to hide it, it was Jian Jun’s daughter, and I drove the car to the subway station every day, and then took the subway to change the subway to change the shared bicycle.

Every day, I tossed to get off work, and when I am busy with work, I should not eat. After a month, people have lost a lot.

At noon one day, his father asked me to eat, and he handed me a bunch of keys and an address.It turned out that my father bought me a small apartment near the company.

It happened to work overtime at night. It was already midnight when I was completed. A male colleague had to drive me home. I said, I lived nearby and declined my colleagues’ kindness.

Shi Haoran said that if he wants to go back to the dormitory, he can send me home first, and I agreed.


I found out the address given by my father and stubbornly.

"Why don’t you know your home?" Shi Haoran said to me with a smile.

"The house I just bought is not familiar."

"You can buy a house when you just work? I really envy you." Shi Haoran said.

"The money given at home is afraid that a girl to rent a house outside the house is not assured." I quickly explained.

"Are you also from the country?"

"Um." I should be in harmony.

The apartment was not far behind the company, and I was a little nervous for the first time.

"Thank you for sending me, come up for a drool!" I didn’t dare to go upstairs myself.

"Okay." He agreed to be very refreshing.

The apartment is not large, but the five internal organs are all available.The decoration is not luxurious, but it is delicate.The hue of the house, the light green in the light green, is like the sunlight through the dense branches and leaves on the ground.

Unexpectedly, the aesthetics of the old father are quite fashionable.

"Your family is so beautiful." Shi Haoran sighed and said my heart.

I asked Shi Haoran to sit down and prepare to burn the water. I was used to opening the refrigerator door, and the various foods were stuffed with the refrigerator.

I opened the cabinet again, and the rice, noodles, and oil should be everything.There are also instant noodles in the cabinet door next to the door, which is convenient for fans and convenient to pull peeling.

Seeing instant noodles, I am a little hungry, "Shi Haoran, you are not hungry, I cook instant noodles, do you want to eat."

"I didn’t be hungry, you said that, I’m really hungry." He walked over with a smile, "I’ll cook it, I am doing this."

I really can’t cook. Since he said, I quickly gave him the position of the chef.

He added vegetables, tomatoes, eggs, and shrimp skin to the instant noodles.A noodle cake was cooked with two people, and he cut some cucumber shreds and carrot shreds on the noodles.

This is the most full meal I have eaten since I work.


With the instant noodles at the bottom of the night, the breakfast was saved the next day.

From that day, Shi Haoran became my male girlfriend.

My father prepared a lot of ingredients for me, but his daughter would not cook.

In order not to waste food, I often invite Shi Haoran to visit at home. Rather than saying that I invited him to dinner, it is better to say that I invite him to cook for me.

He is not only my chef, but also my repairman. Where is my family, he is more clear than me.

In my work, when I encountered setbacks, when I was in a bad mood, he would hand over a piece of chocolate or mousse.He said that high sugar content can be happy.

He was good to me, and I received all the order.


Once, the big boss asked me to interpret the plan for the customer. As soon as I stood up, Shi Haoran put his coat on me.Still said in my ear loudly; "You go to the bathroom quickly."

When I arrived at the bathroom, I knew that the aunt came, and a little red behind the skirt.I didn’t even notice it at all.

When I didn’t know what was good, he heard him call me at the door of the bathroom.

"I bought it downstairs." He passed on to me a pack of safety pants."You just wear my coat, it’s pretty good."

When I came back, there was a bag in the chair, and the bag was a brand new casual suit."Stall the goods, don’t dislike it. Let’s put it together." The words on the card are pretty good. I looked at Hao Ran, and he was looking at me with a smile.

I changed my clothes and took a cup of ice coffee from the tea room. I was about to drink and was snatched by Hao Ran.


The company’s group was built, organized to climb up, and drank at the bar near the company in the evening.

I am not alcohol, I can’t find the north without drinking much.

I remember that when everyone was out of the field, Shi Haoran said he would send me home … I admit that I was broken.

It was not the phone alarm that woke me up from my sleep, but the meal fragrance passed from the living room.

"You wake up, and rinse your mouth quickly." Shi Haoran handed a cup of lemonade and a pot.I obediently did it.

"Why are you in my house?" My response was a little dull.

"I carried you back yesterday, don’t you remember?"

"There seems to be such a thing, then what?"

"You cry with my hand and let me find your mother." Shi Haoran said with a smile.

"Then what?"

"You let me go to sleep with you." He raised his eyebrows.

"Then, you’re in danger of people." I stared at her.

"Am I the kind of person? Although I also think, I have a moral bottom line." He said a lot, I’m afraid I can’t hear it.

"What’s going on with my clothes?"

"You take off yourself, no matter how I get it. I have evidence." He turned on the phone, which was my video of being off my clothes.

I grabbed his mobile phone, deleted the video, and looked at it carefully to determine that there were no other evidence before returning the phone to him.

"I recorded this point. Later, I went to the bathroom. When I came out, you were already in the bed."

"Then why don’t you go?"

"Didn’t I tell you? You let me sleep with you." He looked at me.

"Then you sleep with me?" I looked at his eyes.

"Yeah, but don’t misunderstand, I was sleeping outside, I didn’t touch you, I dare to swear at the lamp." He turned around, "Hurry up! I have breakfast, I don’t get up, I don’t get up, I don’t get up.I’m going to be late. "

"Also vowed to the lantern, who learned from?" I was laughing by him.


From that day, I started to hide from him unconsciously, and he didn’t talk to me as before.

On Sunday morning, I didn’t get up, and Shi Haoran came to knock on the door.

"Are you looking for me? I haven’t woke up yet?" I asked him to enter the house.

"Jian Dan, I don’t want to escape, I like you." His hands held his shoulders.

I was suddenly awake, "What are you talking about?"

"I like you, be my girlfriend!" Before I reacted, his lips had been pressed on my lips.

He hugged too tightly, and I was unable to struggle.A kind of sweetness, I cater to his kiss.

He suddenly picked me up and walked towards the bed.

"What are you doing?" I was a little nervous.

"What do you want me to do?" He looked at me and showed a smile. "Don’t you wake up? Sleep for a while, I’ll go to you for breakfast."

I really fell asleep. When he called me to get up, it was noon.

"After dinner, let’s go to watch a movie?" Hao Ran pulled my hand and sat down.


"Why, I went to watch a movie with my girlfriend, and asked why?"

"Who is your girlfriend?"

"You, who?" He kissed my waist and kissed my mouth.


In the days of love, the air is sweet.

Because the company stipulates that colleagues are not allowed to fall in love, our love cannot be made public.So sometimes, he and I can only express their frown.

One afternoon, he went out to work and did not return.I worked overtime at the company until seven o’clock in the evening.

When I dragged my tired body to open the door, I was stunned by the special layout at home.

He heard me back, ran out of the kitchen, hugging me.

"What day is it today, your birthday?" I asked puzzledly.

"We love a month of love." Hao Ran said excitedly.

"It’s been a month. I didn’t notice it."

"I came back early, for this anniversary. I bought you new clothes for you, you can change it quickly, we will open me."

"What clothes, I don’t wear sexy ones."

"Be young, hurry up and change it!"

The home service he prepared for me was really naive, and it was a gray -blue catnex.

I said with him casually, I like Chinchlona, but he didn’t expect him to remember.

We all drank a little red wine, and we were a little bit faint. Hao Ran hugged me to the bed, and then held me and said, "Wife, I want, can I?"

"What do you want?" I knew the consultant.

"I want, you give me! Okay?" He looked at me, his eyes were full of passion and desire.

The atmosphere has been settled here, and I seem to be unsuitable without nodding.

Since that day, I have lived together.


Soon, I had a pregnancy reaction.

He knew that I was pregnant, and it seemed a bit wrong.He lying on my belly and said; "Sorry, baby, you are not here. Moms and dads are not capable of supporting you. You must not complain about your father and mother.Come again, okay? "

"Hao Xu, let’s get married!" I pulled his hand and spit.

"Marry, I want to get married too! It’s easy to get married, go to a note, and get a certificate. It is not so simple to support the child. At least we have to have a bigger house?"

"I sold this house, we loaned and bought a bigger one."

"Jian Dan, you think too simple, feed a child, it is impossible to have a house alone. You believe me, I love you, I will work hard to make money. At that time, let you live with our children.Life. It is not time to want a child now. "He held me, and his fingers passed through my hair." Jian Dan, your house is yours, I won’t want it. I want to earn money to buy a house and get married. "

His words were so moved that I couldn’t speak.I wanted to tell him a few times that money was not a problem, and I took it to my mouth.

In order not to let colleagues discover that he accompanied me to a hospital far away from the company for abortion.

I said I had a cold and asked for a week off.In addition, I lay up on holiday and I lay 9 days at home.

Hao Ran gave me a nutritious meal every day, forcing me to eat.Xiaoyuzi was not finished, and people were fat.


The two people in love are inevitably lingering. However, when Hao Ran was interesting, he was unwilling to wear raincoats. Three months later, he was pregnant for the second time.

I know that he didn’t want to ask for a child now, and there was no difficulty for him. He went directly to the hospital for a miscarriage.

He didn’t want to wear raincoats, so I had to find a way, I started taking a oral contraceptive pill.

Two or three months later, I had the symptoms of nausea and dizziness. I thought I was pregnant again. I went to the hospital to see a doctor. The doctor said that I was the side effect of oral contraceptives. Let me stop the medicine.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the drug to disappear.

I learned to calculate the safety period, but the safety period is not safe. One year later, I was pregnant for the third time.

In order to have a better development in his career, I jumped to my father’s company three months ago.

Because of my work experience, I did not start from the bottom, and I became the deputy manager of the planning department at the company.The salary is not low.

He is now the backbone of the company’s business, and its monthly sales have achieved more than 10,000 achievements.

I think it should be possible to feed a child with our existing economic capabilities.

"Let’s leave the child and get married!" I told him seriously.

"Wife, our current conditions are very good, but we are all foreigners, and we have to go to the confinement center. Before the child goes to the kindergarten, you have to ask auntie. This requires money." He also seriously followed me with me seriously.Reasonable.

He went on to say, "When the child is young, can you rest assured that the child and the family completely throw the child and the family to the aunt? I am not assured, I think you will be uneasy, you have to resign at home. So you have no income, so you have no income.Think about it, can I support my family completely by my current income? "

He held me and kissed my hair. "For another year, I work harder, sign one more singles, and earn more commission. When we shake hands, there will be some savings, and then we want children, okay?"

He seemed to say something, and I agreed.


After finishing abortion this time, Hao Ran sent me back home and hurried out.

When the night was quiet, Hao Ran hadn’t returned yet, and I was a little hungry. I thought of the kitchen to find something to eat.

As soon as my feet fell to the ground, my stomach suddenly hurt, and I felt my heart cracked.

I called Hao Ran, his phone turned off, and I had to call my father.

My father came, and he came with his father, Yue Shuheng, the secretary of his father.

Yue Shuheng hugged me into the car and dragged all the way to the hospital.He hugged me into the emergency department.

The doctor said that I was infected by artificial miscarriage, and the stomach pain caused to be hospitalized.

Yue Shuheng ran up and down and helped me go through the hospitalization procedures.I just lay down on the ward, and Hao Ran’s phone came over.

I said it’s okay, let my father go back to rest.

Hao Ran hurried to the hospital and saw that I was lying on the bed and liquid, and she cried.

In the days when I was hospitalized, Hao Ran did not go to work. He accompanied me every day in the hospital. The sick rice he made was well received by the patient.


After discharge, my father called and instructed me to rest at home for a few more days, and I obediently obediently.

After holding the morning meeting, my father called me to the office.

"You fall in love, I don’t oppose it, but you can’t hurt yourself." Dad said to me seriously, "Break up! Leave Shi Haoran."

"He is good to me, we love each other very much, why do you want me to leave him?" I asked puzzledly.

"Have you been dating for two years? If you are sure of your feelings, why not bring him to me?"

"I hope he loves me, not your daughter of Jian Jun."

"Okay, you want your love to be pure, I can understand. But you did three abortion for him, did he say to marry you?"

"We don’t have a plan to get married, because it is not time, he feels that economic conditions are not mature." I said straightforwardly.

"It has been done 3 times, it is not time. If he knows that you are my daughter, it is time." The husband’s tone was obviously ironic.

"Before we did not decide to get married, I wouldn’t tell him that you were my dad. I would prove that he was married because he loved me." I was very confident that Hao Ran loved me.

"Jian Dan, are you too simple to have your mind. If he really loves you, he will marry you long ago. He will not use the economy as an excuse. What is he going to be? You have to be with him?" The old father is really trueIt’s angry.

"He can accompany me, he can cook for me, he can remember my birthday." I said stubbornly.

"You are right. I only care about making money over the years and don’t take good care of you." My father sighed.

"Okay! I respect your choices, but you have to be careful! Pay attention to your body." I know what my father said is?How can I care about it.


Recently, Hao Ran always had a difference, and the days when I was less and more, I made me more concerned about him and a doubt.

Once, when he took a bath, a phone call came in and I picked it up. There was a girl’s voice in it. "Haoran, I miss you, do you miss me?"

I was about to speak, and Hao Ran rushed out of the bathroom and took away his mobile phone.

"I’m busy now, and I will call you back." He briefly answered and hung up the phone.

"Who is she? Who is that girl? Why did he say you miss you?" The woman’s intuition told me that his relationship with that girl was not simple.

"The new female colleague in the office, the little girl loves to joke, I told her, I have a girlfriend."

"Ghosts believe in your words." His explanation made me unable to believe it.

"I’m really wronged. One day, I asked her to tell you in person to tell you clearly. Don’t be angry with my wife, we will go to the movie for a while." He held me and sprinkled it.

He looked at me with a rogue.


These days, the girl’s voice has been lingering in my mind. I always feel that he has hidden from me, but there is no evidence, and I can’t say anything?

When I was working abroad, I went home earlier, and Hao Ran went home first.

"Why are you back so early?" I looked at him.

"I deliberately asked for leave early today?"


"Don’t you know why?"

"I don’t know!" I was a little tired, ignored him, and went to lie down after changing his clothes.

"Wife, eat." Hao Ran’s tone was so gentle.

"I’m tired, I won’t eat today."

Hao Ran picked me up and put it at the table.

There are flowers, flowers, candlesticks, red wine, cakes.

"What is the commemorative day today?" I thought in my heart, but I couldn’t mention it.

"Wife, Happy Birthday" Hao Ran took out a diamond necklace and brought it to my neck.Then kissed my cheeks.

"Today is my birthday, I forgot." I was a little overjoyed.

There was a longevity noodle he made in front of me, and the aroma was fragrant.

He pinched the longevity noodles and put it into my mouth.

At this moment, I feel that he still loves me.

"I don’t think you are very happy these two days. Are you still angry with the phone call that day?" He said in a word.

"No, I believe you." I said I didn’t believe it myself.

"I’m sorry, let you eat the wrong, I have told that colleague, don’t make such a joke in the future, making my wife unhappy." He kissed my face again.

"Who is jealous? Who is unhappy?" I smiled happily in his arms.

After the misunderstanding was lifted, I was pregnant for the fourth time after lingering overnight.


"You young people really don’t know how to pay attention. Since you don’t want children, you don’t know to take some measures. The curettage is hurting the body." The doctor’s attitude was a bit bad, and they were not wrong.

"Keep it! You’re not young, you should get married." The doctor’s attitude eased.

"Before we are ready, let’s open the list." Haoran nodded and told the doctor.

The doctor glared at Hao Ran, "Men must have the role of responsibility, and you must know how to protect your girlfriend. You are cool for a while, how big do she have?"

The doctor may have touched Hao Ran.Since that day, his passion is not as frequent as before, and occasionally, he will obediently take good protection measures.


He has become more and more frequent. He left home this time and returned for almost half a month.

I don’t know where the sense of insecurity came from. What did he do for so long?I want to ask, but I dare not ask, I am afraid of asking, affecting our feelings.

Xiaobi Sheng was newly married, because in the safe period, we indulged it.This time I was in the middle.

"Let’s get married! We have been together for three years, and it’s time to get married." I said with his hand.

"Wife, you know, I work so desperately, just want you to live a happy life." He looked at me and I knew what he was thinking.

"I think we are very happy now." I was inadequate to what I said.

"I want to give you a luxurious wedding, making my woman the happiest woman in the world, do you know?" He was a little frustrated, "Sleeping first, I will accompany you to the hospital tomorrow."

"You’re busy at work, just go by yourself." At that moment, I was a little disappointed.


I know that the process of doing abortion, but my ghosts hung up the expert clinic.

The doctor who saw the clinic was a pale aunt.

She looked at the checklist and said to me, "Your uterine wall is very thin, and there is a amount of uterine cavity. This time, you can get pregnant and lucky.

I asked: "If this is a situation like me, if this child is aborted, how the probability of being a mother in the future?"

"The probability is statistics from big data. I tell you that the probability is 1%. Can you guarantee that you are that 1?" The doctor said, "The child is going to you, let’s keep it!"

"We are not ready to be parents." My voice was small.

"When most people are not ready, they are parents, not all do well. Go back, tell your boyfriend, get married, give birth to the child." She looked at me lovingly.Essence

Seeing that I was a little hesitant, she went on to say, "If you are my daughter, I would say, my boyfriend can not, but the child must stay. If this child gives up, it will be difficult to get pregnant in your life."

After listening to the doctor, I decided to leave the child.


Hao Ran listened to me, "If you want to leave your child, he is anxious and furious.

For the first time, he caught fire to me and said that I was ignorant and couldn’t understand him.

Hao Ran went on a business trip, and when he was leaving, he also said to make me think about it.

How can I give up my mind easily.Isn’t it just money?I decided that after he came back, he told him that my father was a real estate tycoon, that is, to have money, so that he didn’t have to worry about money.


My father asked me to accompany him and attend the engagement banquet of a business partner daughter.

What was unexpected was that I saw Shi Haoran there.He is not a guest, but a prospective groom.

He also saw me. He left the bride and walked straight towards me. He pulled my arm and walked out. The father standing beside him was stopped.

"Jian Dan, you listen to me."

"What do you want to say to my daughter? Tell me first." My father punched on Shi Haoran’s face, and Shi Hao then stepped back and fell to the ground.

"Brother Jane, what happened?" The bride’s father came over.

"Ask your aunt. Ask him what he did to my daughter?" The father had to go up to Shi Haoran and was held by everyone.

I dragged my father’s hand and begged: "Dad, let’s go! I don’t want to see him anymore."


I went home with my father.I locked myself in the bedroom, not eating or drinking, one day and one night.

The next morning, the door opened, and Yue Shuheng found the locksmith and opened the door.

My father looked at me with a stunned face and said in distress: "Jian Dan, don’t be sad, it’s not worth crying for that scammer."

"Dad, I’m pregnant. If this child has a miscarriage, I may never be a mother anymore, what should I do?" I cried on the bed.

My father stroked my head and said, "The child is innocent, stay! I will raise it as a grandson."


That day, my father and I left from the scene of the engagement banquet. The guests left the scene in advance. Shi Haoran was kicked out by the prospective father -in -law’s house.

He came to the company to find me and told me that he still loved me. He was entangled by the rich family, and engaging with that girl was persecuted.

I didn’t care about him. He even went to the company to harass me again. In order to avoid it, I had to stay at home.

Ten months later, I gave birth to a girl, and my father named her "Jian Ning".

Shi Haoran came to the hospital to see me, hoping that I could look at his daughter and forgive him.

I told him that when he asked me to abort, his daughter was no longer him. Let him get out of my sight, and the farther the better.

Later, I never saw him again. I heard that Yue Shuheng had found him. As for where he went, I had no time to care.

In the contact with Yue Shuheng, I found that he was a knowledgeable and practical person.He will not create romance, but he is a person who is doing.

Under the intention of our father, we were in love and got married.

Unexpectedly, after marriage, I gave birth to a boy, and Shu Heng named him "Yue Chengyi".

My father gave the company to my hands and lived a lot of grandson at home.

Now, I am the big boss of the company, and Yue Shuheng has become my "secretary".


In the past emotional experience, the bad has always been there, but I regarded those bad as part of love. When the first time I was hurt, love was actually gone.

I enjoy the current life, although there are no flowers and red wine.But I think peace and joy.

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