Should expectant mothers suffer pregnancy?

(Reporter Guan Youming) Ms. Zhang has been married for more than three years and has not been able to conceive her child. She finally became pregnant earlier this year. She went to the hospital to build a siege health card and conduct first prenatal examination.What made her unexpected was that the test result turned out to be infected with syphilis.She was very worried that the fetus might be infected and even considered to end pregnancy.But she was not easy to conceive. She was reluctant to be reluctant and worried all day.

Dr. Gu Xia Ting, a Maternal and Child Health Institute of Gusu District, introduced that syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease. The mother may be infected with syphilis to newborns during pregnancy, and the infected fetus may also have a dead birth, abortion or childbirth.However, the treatment of syphilis infected by pregnant women must also be analyzed in detail.Ms. Zhang found syphilis infections in the early pregnancy, and non -syphilis spiral antigenal serum test (RPR) titration level is not high. As long as it is immediately treated with standardized anticoir treatment, the child has a very low chance of infection with syphilis by maternal and infants.

Statistics show that as long as early screening is found, more than 99%of babies can avoid infection after standardized treatment, as healthy as normal babies after birth.In 2015, in the fetus that had a child childbirth in patients with early pregnancy intervention, regulating anti -syphilis therapy and regular follow -up patients, did not find a case of congenital syphilis infection.Therefore, it is not the best choice to terminate pregnancy like Ms. Zhang.After listening to the doctor’s opinion, she began to actively conduct regular anti -syphilis treatment, and followed the doctor regularly.

Dr. Gu Xianting also reminded that in 2015, the proportion of abortion, death, and newborn deaths in Muscum infected with syphilis in Gusu District was relatively high.The reason is that these pregnant women have not performed prenatal examinations and syphilis -related testing in the early pregnancy, and they have not been treated with regular anti -syphilis during pregnancy, which eventually led to these bad pregnancy endings.Therefore, the majority of women of childbearing age and pregnant women should pay special attention to cleaning up and avoiding unsafe sexual behaviors before marriage. Related testing should be performed before and during pregnancy and strengthening the perinatal health care during the pregnancy, so as to achieve early, early intervention, and early treatment.At the same time, women who have previously infected with syphilis should strengthen prenatal health care during pregnancy, regular prenatal examinations, and test the test of syphilis serotology test in accordance with the doctor’s advice. Anti -syphilis treatment should be performed if necessary to prevent fetal infection.

(Responsible editor: Ding Jingfang)

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