Should the "menstrual period" be prohibited?

In the clinical work of acupuncture, some young and middle -aged female patients are often found. In the process of treating other diseases with acupuncture, because the treatment is not stopped during menstruation, it has a regular and normal menstrual period.To this end, reference to the reference, organize the medical case to make the following arguments, and please supplement it.

Regarding the precautions of women’s acupuncture, ancient and modern acupuncture literature only focuses on the forbidden needle during pregnancy, and proposes to ban the needle for less than 3 months of pregnancy; more than 3 months of the upper abdomen and lumbosacral parts;Historically, some acupuncture points that are more sensitive and can cause the uterine that can cause the uterus, such as Hegu, Sanyinjiao, Taichong, Shoulder Well, Zhiyin, Kunlun, etc., should also be banned or stimulated lightly.It is not mentioned whether the menstrual period is suitable for acupuncture.Many doctors are not suitable for menstrual period and unclear, so menstrual abnormalities caused by menstrual acupuncture occur from time to time.

The author once told several female patients: If menstruation is tide, stop the needle for several days.At this time, a patient with a nearly 40 -year -old Wang (elementary school teacher) told me that his menstruation has always been very regular, every 25 days, each time for 3 to 4 days, the menstrual volume is medium, and the color is normal.Two months ago, due to the treatment of acupuncture in the hospital drooping at the stomach, the doctor did not discuss the needle during menstruation, so the needle was not wrong, and the menstruation was closed.When the menstruation is about to come in July, the needle of the needle is clean, it is clean, accompanied by backache back pain, full chest and abdomen, thirsty but not wanting to drink water.The tip of the tongue is scattered on the red spots, and there is a slender purple ecching on the right side of the tongue.The symptoms see, as "Jin Kuang Summary" said: "Patients are full of chest, lips, dry lips, dry mouth, but do not want to swallow water …" Reminder: In the meridian (uterine) meridian pulseQi and blood disorders cause blood stasis meridians.Immediately, the Tianshu acupuncture of the acupuncture stabbing abdomen was stimulated in the middle, leaving a needle for 20 minutes.In the afternoon of the day, the menstruation came immediately, the color was dark red, there were stasis, and the amount was medium.After 3 days, the menstruation was clean, the symptoms disappeared, continued to treat stomach sagging, and instructed to stop the needle to rest in the future.The menstruation in September 20 is even more common.

The adverse consequences of menstrual acupuncture mainly cause normal menstruation.Or the menstrual cycle is advanced in advance; or after the menstrual period push, two months of one line; or the menstrual cycle is not fixed, sometimes advanced, and sometimes delayed; the menstrual color is often purple;Or less, more than the collapse, fewer people and even amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea.Menstruation is a complex and coordinated physiological phenomenon that women are under the leadership of the cerebral cortex, and the relationship between the nervous system and endocrine system is the most closely.In the era of "Yellow Emperor’s Canon" more than 2,000 years ago, Chinese medicine had a deep understanding of the normal tide and abnormal changes of menstruation. The physiology and pathology of menstruation, the heart, liver, spleen, kidney and strangeness in the five internal organs, the same as the five internal organsThe function of Ren and Chongli in the eight pulses is closely related.Chen Ziming, a famous doctor in the Song Dynasty, said in the book "The Women’s Daquan Fang": "If you encounter the scriptures, it is best to be cautious.: "The heart and spleen are as long as the same as usual, the seven emotional injuries, the six prostitution and the invasion, the loss of diet, the loss of daily life, the deficiency of the spleen and stomach, and the motion of the heart of the heart.Paying attention to the diet and living areas are very important for maintaining normal menstrual physiology.Conversely, the mental tension, emotional fluctuations, dietary diets are lost in photography, and various stimuli from nature can cause qi and blood disorders of the cell palace, causing menstrual disorders.

Acupuncture, an external stimulus factors, can also have a certain adverse effect on normal menstruation.Due to the discharge of a large amount of menstrual blood, the qi and blood of the viscera and meridians are relatively insufficient, the adaptability to the external environment has decreased, and the resistance of external stimuli is weakened.The comprehensive feeling of acupuncture acid, hemp, swelling, heavy, pain, and walking makes them difficult for them to adapt, which causes mental tension and emotional instability. It breaks the inner balance and normal law of menstrual physiological phenomena, leading to menstrual disorders.

Acupuncture can cause local muscle tension and blood vessel contraction. The contraction and changes in local blood veins can affect the whole body. It is not conducive to the normal venting of menstrual blood during menstruation. It often causes reduction after menstruation, reduced menstruation, and even amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.Some acupuncture points in the lower abdomen of the human body, some acupoints in the lumbosacral region and limbs (such as curved bones, middle poles, Tianshu, Badu, Hegu, Sanyinjiao, Kunlun, shoulder well, etc.) have obvious qi activating blood circulation and blood stasis, which can promote itPelvic congestion and enhance uterine contraction.This should not only be prohibited during pregnancy, but also should also be listed as taboos during menstruation.Otherwise, it is easy to cause menstruation early, too much menstruation, and even form a trend of collapse.The obstetrics and gynecology department of Shanghai Guangci Hospital observed the acupuncture of acupuncture in acupuncture in the treatment of cervical cancer with acupuncture. Blood collapse after acupuncture of more than 80%of patients was an example.A 35 -year -old female patient said that at the end of February, she was in a national floating needle therapy in Zhengzhou at the end of February.After 1 week, the abdomen began to appear uncomfortable with swelling.Zhu Mou, a student of the floating needle class of Loundi, Hunan, on the 11th of last month, a acupuncture teacher came to them with a free clinic, saying that she had a detoxification of blood and blood, and asked her to experience it herself.She informed that menstruation came (day 1) and could not be pierced, and the doctor said that there was no problem, she acupunctured, and the menstrual flow became small.

For various abnormalities that occur after menstrual acupuncture, acupuncture can also be adjusted and corrected by acupuncture.The basic method is acupuncture points, Sanyinjiao, Yulu, Zusanli and other points to treat the cell palace and reconcile qi and blood.Based on different situations, flexibly add acupoints: advanced menstruation and many menstrual flow, pornographic punching, Dun, Taixi acupoints to relieve liver and qi; menstrual push and less menstrual volume, amenorrhea plus needle valley, Tianshu, return acupoint, return acupoints, return acupoints, return acupoints, and return acupointsQiqi and blood circulation; menstruation has no regular (meridian), adding qi and blood sea to regulating qi and blood. For those who have dysmenorrhea, plus landmarks, secondary, and seventeen vertebral downshifts.Jiayuzhong, Neiguan, and Zhongli acupoints are osceal and abdomen gas machine; those who are accompanied by back pain, and also add the blood of Shenshu, Qianzhong, and Yaochang Point.After three or five times, it can return to normal.

Once a foreign female colleague was not convinced by the soil and water, it was amenorrhea in China, and it had no tide in the three -month cycle.Teachers were acupunctured by the acupuncture of Tianshu, Hegu, and Sanyin, and three menstrual periods came.A patient with amenorrhea for several months has been treated with umbilical needle therapy for two or three months. There has been no recurring menstruation.After the umbilical needle is thorns, the menstrual period is through.In summary, since the external stimulus factors of acupuncture can have a certain adverse effect on the physiological phenomenon of menstruation, then the problem of prohibiting acupuncture during menstruation should cause sufficient attention (including acupuncture doctors and patients).

For young and middle -aged women who need acupuncture treatment due to other diseases, if the menstrual cycle and menstrual color, menstruation, and menstrual quality are normal, it is best not to treat acupuncture during menstruation.~ 5 days.If the menstrual cycle, menstrual period, menstrual volume, and menstrual quality are abnormal, or have amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and other gynecological diseases, in order to regulate menstruation and relieve pain, acupuncture can be performed during menstruation.If you have some acute disease evidence (such as heat stroke, syncope, coma, madness, madness, convulsions, severe pain, etc.), it coincides with menstrual cramps. In order to rescue the patients and relieve patients, acupuncture can be performed first, and then acupuncture is closed.Yuan, Qihai, Sanyinjiao, blood sea, Yuxu, Zusanli and other acupoints for menstrual treatment.

Thank you for your patience, and welcome to discuss the culture of Chinese medicine together.

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