Since I am pregnant, I have become more and more unwilling to write headlines, nor do I know why?

So far I have been pregnant for almost two months. I went to the hospital for two times in the middle. The tests for various indicators were normal. The next time I went to the hospital for about the end of July. At that time, I went to the hospital to check NT.

In fact, I did n’t respond during this period. I did n’t have a pregnancy. I did n’t eat it, and my job was not very busy. If I was okay every day, I was basically sitting in the office.

So I still have a lot of free time. At this time, I should have time to write headlines, but I do n’t feel like I am willing to write, and I am willing to write it.

In fact, I also occasionally come to my friends in the headline every day. I will read the articles they write. The articles they write are particularly good, the reading volume is also very high, and publishing documents every day is particularly diligent.

In fact, I am also a little envious. I also want to pick up the headlines again and write well, but now I do n’t know what happened. I can think of the topic of an article for more than half a day.

After I think about it, I will repeatedly modify and edit it again. When I finally figured out what the title I want to write, I suddenly didn’t want to write an article, and I lost my interest at once.

I don’t know why?

I learned in the parenting book that my situation seems to have a tendency to depression during pregnancy, but I have no troubles every day, not very tired, and my appetite is normal.

It should not be suffering from depression, and I am more active and optimistic, and my heart is relatively large, so depression does not exist in me.

But I don’t know why I can’t afford interest in writing, and I like to do hand -made flowers some time ago. I have never touched it at home every day.

If you change it, I can’t wait to get up and twist the handmade flowers every day, but now I don’t want to do it by seeing those handmade materials, so now my raw materials of the pile of handmade flowers are still put at home at home.Eat ash.

So why did I want to write again today?

Because I have been broken for two days, if I break it again, I guess I really have no interest in writing, and I have sufficient reasons to convince me that I am lazy and not writing.

The reason why I want to write again today is because I can open the first function of the article.

I saw that many friends in the headlines had already opened the starting function of the article, so that each article can earn twice the benefits.

At that time, I felt itchy and wanted to try it, but I did not open the entrance at all, so I gave up struggling, and I didn’t think about the starting thing.

But as soon as I opened the headline today, I found that there was a recommendation message in the background of my news, saying that let me open a link to open the starting function of the article.

At that time, I was particularly happy. I immediately opened the link to open this function. In addition to opening this, the official headline also pushed a message saying that there were continuous writing 5 -sequential articles in a row.

To be honest, I have never had a traffic package for such a long time, so I suddenly wanted to continue writing the article again, because I really wanted to earn my own traffic package, and I also wanted to try the starting function of the article.

Therefore, I wrote this article, hoping that I can stick to it later, and try to keep changing every day.

Thank you for supporting my headline friends who have always been supporting me. I have always been there, but sometimes I am a little lazy and not more.

I might as well be born to the sun. Remember to like what I share, comment on the comments, thank you for your support!

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