Since I was pregnant, I dreamed every day and couldn’t sleep well?Don’t panic, at least one more benefit

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have the symptoms of dreaming and sleeping.

According to statistics, the phenomenon of often dreaming during pregnancy is very common, and about 70%of pregnant mothers often dream.The dream is strange, and the content of the dream still remembers the content of the dream after waking up, which is indeed different from before pregnancy.

Therefore, the pregnant mothers who are often troubled by dreams during pregnancy, often when they see her husband sleeping like pigs, always want to get a kick.However, it was soft again.In the night, sitting silently at the bedside and staring at the two copper bells, one sheep, a hundred sheep, a thousand sheep, and 10,000 sheep, countless until dawn.

■ Related to hormones during pregnancy

After a woman is pregnant, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body gradually increases.Estrogen can promote the rapid eye movement of pregnant mothers, and progesterone has an induction effect on the pregnant mother’s sleep state.In other words, women after pregnancy prefer drowsiness and are prone to sleepy.

The daily sleep time of pregnant women is about 30 to 40 % more than before pregnancy.For example, it is enough when you sleep 8 every day before you are pregnant, then the sleep time may reach 11 hours after pregnancy, which is a small meaning.

The daily sleep time of pregnant women is greatly extended, so the number of conversion times from light sleep to sleeping has also increased, and dreams naturally increased. This is also a proportional relationship.

■ Related to the mental stress during pregnancy

Everything is beyond their expected range, and people’s sense of insecurity will deepen.For women who are pregnant, the growth and development of the fetus is an irresistible factor.Therefore, the mental stress of pregnant women is basically obvious to all.

For example: I am worried about the health of the fetus, tended to the gender of the fetus, and the problem of the baby’s appearance, whether it is possible to give birth, or even educational problems after the baby is born, and so on.

In short, pregnant women are more sensitive and lacking their sense of security.The so -called "think about the day, there is dreams at night", the mental pressure of pregnant women increases, the quality of sleep naturally decreases, it is easy to wake up when sleeping when sleeping, and not sleep well.

In addition to sleeping and unsatisfactory sleep, in addition to the rise in hormone levels, it is mainly due to the excessive psychological pressure of pregnant women.This is one of the more effective ways to release this pressure through sleep.

Two psychologists in Israel have often dreamed of pregnant women, and they have done special research and do not sleep well.The results show that pregnant women who often dream during pregnancy are shortened by about 60 minutes than ordinary mothers during childbirth. In addition, pregnant women who often have nightmares have greatly reduced the risk of depression after delivery.

Therefore, from this point of view, pregnant women often dream or sleep well when they sleep, but they are not completely bad.

During pregnancy, it is almost impossible to sleep all night, let alone sleepy sleep.In this regard, every Baoma who came here should have a deep understanding.

First of all, you can’t pass the frequent urination.If you don’t get up 3 times a night, you are embarrassed to say that you have worked hard to get pregnant.

Secondly, the fetus continues to grow in the palace, and the internal organs of the pregnant mother are squeezed.The capacity of the uterus increases by 1000 times, and the weight increases by 20 to 30 times. What is this concept?

Your breathing will become short, obviously not as smooth as before pregnancy, and may even be hypoxic; coupled with sometimes when you just fall asleep, the fetus will wake you up in one foot, so you can sleep well?Strange!

Therefore, it is too difficult to get comfortable sleep.In other words, who doesn’t want to sleep well?It is best to wake up naturally, and think about it.

■ Method 1:

A cup of warm milk before going to bed every day, about 2,050ml.Milk not only has calcium supplementation, but also has the effect of promoting sleep.In addition, pregnant mothers are used to replenish the sun while replenishing vitamin D, which is helpful for improving the self -immunity of pregnant women.

■ Method two:

Adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise for 30 minutes a day, exercise can promote blood circulation and improve sleep quality.However, it should be reminded that everything is available to avoid excessive fatigue.

■ Method 3:

Soak your feet every night, and the water temperature is controlled at about 38 ~ 40 degrees Celsius.Similarly, soaking your feet can also promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and help sleep.

I hope the above text will be helpful to pregnant mothers.If you have any questions, you can leave me a message in the comment area below.I wish you a good pregnancy!

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