Since I was pregnant, my belly stretch marks have grown, but my husband has moved from my bedroom to the guest room

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I met with Lu Zhiyang.

I have a good personality and never love early.

When I was in school, I was busy with my studies.

After work, I can’t care if I am busy eating.

Due to the small social circle and strict tutor, I have never been in love.

Under the bridge of relatives and friends, I met Lu Zhiyang.

He is the kind of gentle and friendly husband I imagined.

That day, he knelt in front of me, holding roses.

Under the witness of all relatives and friends, he said, "Wine, I will take care of you for a lifetime and marry me."

I nodded with shame.

He hugged me and circled excitedly, like a child.

Lu Zhiyang is a young talent who graduated from the top famous universities in China.

When he first met, he said he was the same as me.

He has been busy with his studies, and his personal problems have been delayed, so he has no target.

He said that I was the best arrangement for me to heaven. He said that I IKEA IKEI room was suitable for marriage.

Lu Zhiyang is upright and gentle, clean and self -cleansing.

Before the marriage, he never passed the bottom line with me.

After marriage, he never had a peach -colored scandal.

He is gentle and small, and everything is first.

Everyone envy me, saying that I picked up big cheap.


Soon after I got married, my girlfriend Jin Dong gave birth to a thousand pounds.

Lu Zhiyang and I were invited to participate in the full moon banquet of Jin Dong’s daughter.

After he came back, he longed for a look.

"How cute children, Bai Nen’s small arm is like a salamander, and the fat face is like a peach."

I understand his subtext.

But I just worked for a year and was still in my career. I don’t want to have children too early.

"Yang, I want to wait for our feelings to be stable, wait …" I didn’t say it.

"One year, two years, three years …" He smashed his cup on the table.

"How long do you have to wait?" He suddenly became impatient.

I was scared by his sudden temper.

"Zhiyang, what’s wrong with you?"

He sighed, as if thinking of something.

After a while, he smiled, his face was soft.

"It’s okay, the wine is still small."

"I will wait for you, waiting for you to be willing."

I was a little embarrassed by his reaction.


Actually, there have been a sign of warning.

I’m so careless.

I always think he loves me.

Brain brainwashing and deceive yourself.

Sometimes people are like this.

It is easy to be immersed in a dream that weaves wake up.

During that time, he often went out.

He said he had to be busy with the company project and entertaining.

He said he wanted to work hard for our future.

He said that he wanted to cover the wind and rain for our mother.

He always has so many reasons.

I have also had a question that buried in my heart.

But the clothes he replaced were clean.

No strange perfume flavor.

There are no women’s hair.

"Maybe I think too much."

I talk to myself, pressing restlessness and conjecture.


That day, Lu Zhiyang returned from the outside.

His eyes were red and sitting silently on the sofa.

He began to smoke fiercely, swallowing the clouds.

Suddenly his phone phone rang.

He was a little sorry, looking at me, Wen Sheng’s words.

"Wine, the customer called again, let me go to the balcony to listen."

I didn’t hear anything, just across the glass, and I saw him a little angry and grievances.

As if asking for the other party, he cried.

I dare not take a closer look.

Afraid of hurting his self -esteem.

He didn’t want me to know, I pretended not to know.

He went to take a bath.

I picked up the blue shirt he changed.

I checked all my pockets, there was nothing in it.

I held the shirt and sniffed carefully at the tip of my nose.

There is no perfume flavor, only a very strong tobacco flavor, if there is no alcohol flavor.

Is he really going to entertain?

I think I blame him wrong.

After taking a shower, he was lying on my pillow and silent.

I took the initiative to make it.

"Zhiyang, it’s hard recently."

I approached him gently, gently approaching his chest.

He froze all over his body, turning his body calmly.

I can only see his back.

His boring voice came.

"Wine, sorry, I’m too tired, go to bed early."

His voice was a little exhausted.


Obviously I was married, but my colleague always thought I was single.

They said that I was a career woman, and they didn’t look like a marriage.

Actually, I don’t like overtime.

I’m just afraid to come home too early.

Only I am alone.

The huge room was angry.

Lu Zhiyang was busy entertaining, and he fell asleep when he returned home.

Sometimes I was aggrieved in the company and wanted to enter his arms.

Try to get a trace of warmth from him.

However, he pushed me away rudely.

"I’m so tired, don’t you want today."

He was squeezed out.

"Wine, grievance you, and accompany you well after a while."

His dragonfly was omitted like my forehead and closed his eyes.

Maybe he is really tired, I will no longer ask him to ask him.


Life is as dull as water, unsatisfactory.

Maybe it’s okay to survive this time.

Or women always have such an idea.

But accidents are always caught off guard.

Lu Zhiyang’s mother was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.

"Wine, you are a good boy, mom always treats you as his daughter."

"Mom wants you and Yangyang to have a child early."

"Mom is afraid that there is not much time, just dragging days."

"Otherwise, I’m afraid I will never see it in the future."

The old woman lying on the bed was embarrassed and her eyes were full of tears. She pulled my hand and refused to let go.

In her, I saw the fear of death and the obsession with survival.

Even though I have no way to survive, I still want to see the continuation of life.

I can only comfort her.

"Mom, don’t think too much, now science is so progressive, you will definitely get better."

Lu Zhiyang cried messy.

"Mom, I’m sorry for you, I was not sensible before, I was wrong."

After returning home, Lu Zhiyang kneeled down for me, and he asked me.

"Wine and wine, we want a child, OK? I swear to be good for you and children."


"Wine, Mom hurts you the most."

"Can you watch Mom like watching it?"

"No matter what, satisfy her last wish, okay?"

Lu Zhiyang was scared.

He is a mother with a big hand, and he has tasted the sweet and sour and bitterness of the single -parent family.

Mom suffered too much for him.

If he is not so sensible, mothers may not be so easy to get cancer.

Parents are the only barrier between humans and death.

He really doesn’t want to lose his mother.

To this day, he can only ask me.

"Wine, I know, you are excellent, you will have a very bright future."

"Now just press the pause button, it will be fine in the future."

"Did you quit your job first?"

So everything is for this pavement?

But looking at his fragile and desperate eyes.

I still shake.

I resigned and became a full -time wife.

I take care of Lu Zhiyang’s mother.

When I got home, Lu Zhiyang was very warm to me.

Three months later, I was pregnant.

Lu Zhiyang was very happy, and his eyebrows were going to fall.

"Wine, thank you for letting me be a dad."

I dragged my obese and bloated body, between the hospital and home.

Lu Zhiyang usually has time to accompany me to check on time.

But my face was still unavoidable.

Like a yellow -faced woman, there are horrible stretch marks on the stomach.

Since I was pregnant, he moved from my bedroom to the guest room.

He said that this would not bother me to sleep, and it was good for me and my children.


20 weeks of pregnancy.

He accompanied me to do a checkup.

The baby in the belly has taken shape.

The strong heartbeat accompanied me day and night.

Since then, I have more people in this world.

Lu Zhiyang always stared at my bulging belly with gentle eyes.

His head was sticking to my belly and listening to the fetal heart carefully.

The moment he was close to my belly, I heard a voice.

"Born, Sisi and I have children. She will be very happy. At that time, I will separate from wine and wine."

"I don’t hate me in the future, but there is no love between us, and there is no need to maintain it barely."

"I can live with my baby and Sisi, wine can find another happiness, and my mother will have to pay for it."

"We will all have a perfect destination."


"Husband?" I looked pale, thinking that there was an illusion, and asked him tentatively.

"What’s the matter, isn’t it uncomfortable? The baby is not good?" He asked carelessly and touched my belly nervously.

However, I heard the same voice again.

"Can the baby be okay? If there is no child, how can I be with Sisi?"

"It’s just that the day is too difficult, I’m still happy with Sisi."

"How she looks like a ghost, a bit ugly."

"However, she was just average. Now she is pregnant, she can’t watch it."

"Still laugh, comfort her."

Lu Zhiyang laughed at me. Wen Yan was like Sanchun’s sun, which was the most obsessed with me.

I was like falling in the ice cave, my hands and feet were cold, and my stomach rushed out of my sourness.

I broke his hand and spit it out all at once.

The sour smell of food comes.

The vomit residue splashed on Lu Zhiyang’s clothes.

His eyebrows flashed with a disgusting look.

It was just pressed by him soon.


"The wine is spit, and it’s not the early pregnancy, how can I vomit? The clothes are so dirty, and the shirt I bought for me is afraid of smell."

"Forget it, let’s bear it again. After all, the child is born with my Lu family. An soothing casually, so as not to move her tire."

The sound sounded, as if he was stabbing on my heart nest, with a knife and a knife.

I panicked and looked at him, and saw that he changed into a concern.

"Wine, I’m afraid I will eat bad stomach. I immediately clean up and take you to see a doctor later."

Lu Zhiyang didn’t look angry at all, but was very concerned about my body.

In exchange for usual, I must be moved.

Such a husband is praised as

But he didn’t know, I could hear his inner play.

At this moment, my heart was full of fear, shock, and the anger that came.


I rushed into the bathroom to wash.

I stared at the mirror on the wall in a daze.

Is the person in the mirror still me?

The sparse hair, the makeup that has no time to take care, the dark dark circles of Wuqing, and the dim eyes.

My cheeks have faint melasma.

My face is very pale, like too much blood loss.

I covered my mouth, and my tears slid silently from the corner of my eyes.

Wiping the tears hard, I squeezed a smile on the mirror.

Take a deep breath, I stop crying.

I tried to calm myself down.

When I came out of the bathroom, I said to Lu Zhiyang:

"It doesn’t matter, I’m just a little uncomfortable, just take a break."

"I just came out of the hospital, I don’t want to go back."

Although my face was pale, I was still pretending to be calm and smiled.

I don’t know if my laugh at this moment is more ugly than crying.

"It’s really okay? Then I will cook some ginger jujube tea to warm the stomach."

He touched my forehead with his hands, and there was no sign of fever.


Lu Zhiyang had a good face. He looked at my eyes full of concern, silent and affectionate.

It’s just that my ears have a disagreement sound, stabbing my tympanic membrane, that’s his voice.

"Sometimes women who are pregnant are arrogant, just lie down casually.

"But today’s wine is still well -known, otherwise I don’t want to go to the hospital to queue again, I’m exhausted."

"No, I just want to have some hot water to rest, you go out." I perfunctory him.

"Then take a good rest." He gently covered me the quilt and closed the door of the room.

"Why don’t you appreciate it? Forget it, I still save it."

"It’s more coquettish, knowing and interesting."

His voice passed through the door and passed to my ear.

Lying on the bed, I couldn’t sleep.

Are those sounds hallucinations?

Am I mentally abnormal?

If it is an illusion, why is it so real?

I started to control my chaotic thoughts.

Who is Sisi?The question did not rush out.

Maybe I was afraid, and I was afraid to know the truth.

Even if the truth is like a window paper, it is broken.


Lying on the bed, I started to review what happened in this year.

Those details that I have ignored by me have emerged clearly and vividly.

Aside from those halo, I found out that the one who was lying on my pillow was so strange and scary.

We met the blind date, and my understanding of his college life was depends on his dictation. We did not have a common interpersonal circle.

My social circle is small and traditional, and I will obey the arrangements of my parents.

When the blind date first met, he said that I was a suitable object to get married. He also said that I IKEA IKEA.

After getting married, he quickly wanted a child, and even abducted me morally with her mother -in -law.

He was busy with entertainment, and he was very cold when he returned home, but I was deceived by the excuses of his career.

But after I was pregnant, he immediately moved out of my room, and said it was for me and my children.

He always said that he was tired. He always had countless excuses. He said that I was not sensible and had no husband and wife.


Men are always like this.

It turns out that I have always been so stupid.

You are not tired, you are not stressful, nor are you unable to be interesting.

It’s just that the wild flowers outside are too delicate, you are used to picnic.

When I get home, how can you eat home cinnamon again?

It turned out that it had nothing to do with me, it was not my fault at all.

I started to recall that he called the balcony that day.

The "customer" in his mouth.

I am not cold.

The truth is clear.

I was caught in a thorough scam.

This is a hunting for me.

I am just a pregnancy container.

Decent decoration of a family.

A blinded little fool.

A sad and useless woman.

A pitiful woman who lost her husband’s love.

I’m like a naive lamb.

Step by step into the trap he laid for me.

Finally, it became a beautiful meal on his table.

Yes, I do have no evidence.

Even in the clothes he changed, there was no perfume flavor and long hair for women.

But the sudden special ability is like the guidance in the heavens.

Let me find a real answer in the fog.



I sat on the chair, and in the dazzling bookshelves, a book attracted my attention.

The cover is two picturesque boys and girls, the title is "Crimson Gentle Qing Qing".

It looks like a youth romance novel.

But somehow, there are so many books on Ming Ming’s book racks, only this one allows me to stop.

"How can there be such a shameful novel?" I murmured to myself, but didn’t hold back the hand that turned the book.

Opening the page, my complexion gradually dignified.

The name of the male lead is just called Lu Zhiyang.

The heroine had only one nickname in the early stage, calling for Si.

What makes me sweaty is that the name of the woman is the same as me.

Lang rides bamboo and Malay, getting blue plums in bed.

Living together in the alley, they grow up carelessly.

But at the age of seven, in an accident, Lu Zhiyang’s father died.

Lu Zhiyang lost his childhood, and only a mother in the family.

Then he began to be lonely and autistic, and Sisi had been with him.

At the high request of her mother, Lu Zhiyang slowly put on a gentle mask.

Become the "child of other people’s houses" in the neighbor’s mouth.

The gentle neighbor brother.


The teenager’s mind is always hazy.

What I can’t hide is the love that breaks out of the cocoon.

Under the faint indulgence of the elders.

Just wait for a bright season to thrive.

Unfortunately, this love has died when germination.

It is still a long and deep black alley.

The heroine was fainted and almost lost innocence.

Lu Zhiyang came forward, but was seriously injured.

The male and female owners went to the hospital because of this. At this time, the fate gave them a cruel joke.

Sisi was found to have ovarian tumors. Despite timely surgery, she still lost her fertility.

The pity of a girl can be easily transformed into love.

This love is under the hot sun, but it is evolved by the hotness of the sun.

Lu Zhiyang, who was the only child in the family, was given all hope by his mother, and he must not be wrong.

His mother did not allow him to fall in love with such a girl, a girl destined to have no future.

She even used her life to coerce her son to terminate the relationship, and they still had no points after all.

The hostess began to walk between the darkness, rebellious, smoking and tattoos, away from his world.

Later, Lu Zhiyang obeyed her mother’s preferences and married a obedient woman who was obedient.

But after marrying a female match, Lu Zhiyang met the female lead during a business cooperation.

They are fateful and entangled, abused, and burned in taboos, until they die.

Female matches take care of her mother -in -law while taking care of their children.

Women’s matching cannot withstand such days, and postpartum depression.

On a wind and sunny days, she jumped down from the rooftop.

Lu Zhiyang has since led his children and the old love to live a happy life.


I looked at the text on the book, and the fine sweaty beads appeared on my head.

"The love brain is not good, isn’t you sober now?"

A voice came from a distance, and I was shocked, and my footsteps were stunned.

A pair of powerful arms held me in time, and opened my chair to let me sit down carefully.

Looking up, his face was blurred and shrouded by countless light. I couldn’t see it clearly.

He was wearing a white shirt, which was a person I have never seen, but made people have an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Although he couldn’t see his facial features, I heard him laugh, which was a bit strange.

"You seem to be similar to me before, very gentle."

"Who are you?" I asked in doubt.

"Don’t make such big eyes, you can’t see me now."

Subsequently, he said his identity for a moment.

"I am a system, my task is to make the abuse women awaken."

"System? Abuse?" I was a little shocked.

"I don’t understand yet? For them, it is a sweet text, but for you, it is abuse."

He explained, "You are now a female match for abuse. Now you must figure out your situation, otherwise everything will come again."

"So, the voice I heard is true?" I was bitter in my heart.

"Of course all are true. I used props to read my mind for you. This is really a bit lost, and I used 500 points at once."

His voice was somewhat distressed, and 500 points had to be saved for a long time.


"How do you prove it is true?" I still had the last hope.

"Why can’t I see your face? Are you human?"

"Because the chance has not arrived, you can’t see me." He sells mystery.

"Wait for you to complete the task, you will see me. As for the authenticity, you turn to 35 pages." He became serious.

I quickly turn the page.I saw a string of digital letter combinations: Sylove210801.

"Yes, this string of numbers is Weibo trumpet. Go back and look at it slowly.

He sighed, and the figure disappeared in front of me.

I suddenly woke up and found that this was just a dream.


But this dream is too real.

To be true, I can still remember the plot mentioned in that book.

Real, I can remember that long number.

If I am not mentally abnormal, it is true.

I don’t believe in evil, and decide to verify it.

I took out my phone.

Lu Zhiyang did not let me swipe more mobile phones, especially small videos before, and he said that there was no nutrition.

He said that this is not good for the baby, there will be radiation.

And it is not good for prenatal education, it is better to listen to music and can cultivate emotions.

I opened the vibrato and slowly entered the number of dreams in the dream. My hand trembled slightly, but I restrained it.


A search user.

I opened the homepage of this user.

My heart beating.

Click on that video, which is the back of the two sunset and the scenery along the train.

At the end is a pair of hand -held hands, wearing a silver ring of couples.

The bone section is clear and the fingers are slender.

There was a mole at the hacking hand.

Too obvious.

My heart seemed to be penetrated.

The text at the end is:

"Love you is the best thing I have ever done. You are the warm sun in winter, strawberry ice cream on the tip of the tongue in summer. -TO Yang"

I opened the comment area, the following is the watery comment blessing and support.

"They met, separated, pulled, reunited. Too loving, I also wished them love to the earth, so lock in place!"

"Psychological abnormal distorted people go away, please do not touch the pure love area."


"The front row must be a person familiar with the matter. Can you disclose one or two? It’s really moving."

"Hand control benefits, friends come to watch."

This number is too hot, there are millions of fans.

The thoughts were surging, such as the hot magma splashed until the cold sea water.

My love disappeared instantly.

Just leave a little cold black embarp.

And the ugly reality of being coagulated.


I suddenly remembered one thing.

I want to do this for a long time.

On the day we got married, he was drunk and crooked.

Before going to bed, he cried and laughed in the nervousness.

But holding an old box refused to let go.

I want to open it, he refuses to.

I dare not grab him, afraid of hurting his hand.

Later, he laughed childfully and started to break it.

"Wine, this is my dowry."

My heart is like a water.

"You can open it when I marry."

"Now, isn’t it?"

I teased him and married my little fool.

He was lethargic and ignored me anymore.

I wanted to open it, but there was a lock on the box.

Later, the box was gone.

I thought he would show it to me later, but he seemed to have forgotten, and never mentioned it.

Now I must find that box.

While he is at home, he is not at home.

I flipped through the corner of my house.

Finally found it in a secret place.

This time, I used tools to pry open the lock fiercely.

The box was opened, and there was a sandal combing and a photo.

I picked up the photo and looked seriously. It was two custody.

Vaguely see from the back that wearing school uniform boys and girls.

On the left side, I am too familiar with Lu Zhiyang.

The back on the right is a girl I don’t know.

I pinched the photo tightly, and my nails were white.

I turned over the back of the photo over there.

Write a line of words: You are a young heart.

I recognized it, it was Lu Zhiyang’s word.


My stomach was kicked by the baby.

My heart hurt for a while.

I don’t know when I was crying.

"You are the little angel of your mother."

"But if you come to this world, you have to accept such a family."

"Mom is sorry for you."

I touched my belly and said to myself.

How can I explain to those future clear eyes?

Your birth is just the result of a conspiracy trick?

Tell your child, your dad doesn’t love your mother?

After you were born, your father forced his mother?

Or after the mother died, did your dad find a new mother for you?

Then I remembered another terrible thing.

I am the only daughter, and the moment I was pregnant, I really realized the bitterness of my mother.

If in the last life, I really followed the postpartum depression and committed suicide.

My parents, what kind of liver and intestine will I cry?

They just hope that I will be safe and happy to find the most discerning husband for me.

If they knew, it would be so unbearable behind my death.

How can they survive?

No filial girl, it turned out to be wine.

This time, I will never let the fate wheels come along the original trajectory.

I never believe that my destiny is dominated by a few stages of paper on paper.

They are not true love, heartbroken, heart -hearted fateful partners.

What am I?I am a joke, a clown, a foil?

I thought that even if there was no love, there was at least promises and affection.

But it turned out that all this was my ridiculous self -comfort.

A paper marriage book, Xiao thought of a century -old alliance, but how happy, the mirror flowers and water.

Draw the nutrition of the land under your feet, but it blooms bright and beautiful poppies, and has a sinking poison.

This is by no means a fairy love, a deception to another woman, the pain of her life, and the blood of her blood.

I absolutely, can’t, be a happy stepping stone!

I want them to pay the price!


On the dinner table, I drank the soup and looked at the Yang Zhiyang absently.

"Husband, why did you have a trousers in the last business trip?"

I asked him with a smile.

He thought about it, and then explained with a smile.

"When I lived in the hotel, I wet my pants, so I asked the hotel’s front desk to help buy one."

"Master Wife, don’t think about it, are you afraid that I can accept the wrong panties?"

Yeah, I really coaxed.

I always seek evidence that he loves me from the slight end.

Even if it was a wife, I was so sweet.

He was confused by his sweet words and insertion.

However, I heard his voice sounded.

"Oops, the pants that wine said seemed to be the one I bought for me?"

"Why did you have such a big doubt suddenly? I have to beware of it."

I got cold in my heart, and my heart seemed to have a leakage hole.

The wind poured in from there, making a cry.

Is it like that?You and your Sisi?

I did not change my face, and continued to attack to retreat.

"In August, Mom may have to take the third phase of chemotherapy."

"The attending physician over the hospital called and said that there was only a bed in hospital on August 1st."

"Husband, Mom said I want you to accompany you this time."

"She shouted the pain last time, and she had to hold the toilet at night. I was big in the month, and now it is not convenient."

"You won’t be unwilling? I wanted to go. Mom didn’t let me go. I said me last time."

I touched my belly and smiled softly.

He seemed to stay, and couldn’t figure out excuses to reject me.

"How can wine, but just a project on the company, I was submitted on August 1st, and I was the person in charge of the project. I was to save the milk powder of you and the baby."

"Can’t ask for leave?" I pretended to be wronged.

"Director Hua of the Department of Oncology said that she would not let me accompany it next time, afraid of risk." I lowered my eyes.

twenty one

I watched his performance like a clown.

If it weren’t for his inner panic, how could I know his superb acting skills.

"On August 1st, but my commemorative day with Sisi, is it going to make a dating?"

"Why did you become sensible? I used to take care of my mother. She was obviously considerate before."

"Mom likes wine. When she is like a daughter, if my mother dismantle me and Sisi, how can I get married?"

"The anniversary of He Sisi has been settled for a long time, so this time I still aggrieved the wine."

"Besides, wine and wine had the obligation to take care of my mother. No matter it, she said that she would be considerate of me."

I suppressed the anger in my heart and began to virtue and the snake.

If you are not benevolent first, I will be unrighteous.

Wait like my mother -in -law’s mother -in -law?

From the beginning, she knew that her son didn’t love me at all.

In the abyss of this unsightly bottom, I asked me if I died. Isn’t this the tears of the crocodile?

Does she have no responsibility?In order to want a grandson, she ignored my future, and she ignored her son’s derailment.

Blindly pretending to be dumb, even malicious indulgence, treats me as a victim.

What are the same as her selfish and deficient marriage son?

I have to fight back.

Author: Nan Qiao Caiwei

Source: Zhihu

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