Sister Apple exposes itself: Make rhinoplasty with ear cartilage, the process is too painful, call on everyone to be cautious

Do you remember a woman on the Internet?

At that time, the buyer show of the shot even returned to the soundtrack; the big river flowed east, and the stars in the sky became a cup … After watching his video, many netizens will sing involuntarily. I watched his buyer show showAfter that, I had a stomachache. In fact, this was Sister Apple.

In the past, Sister Apple’s big cake face, double chin, small eyes narrowed into a seam, the skin was dark and rough, and her face could be described as full of flesh, but she did not work at all when shooting the buyer show, and also harvested it.Numerous fans.

Many netizens found that Apple’s sister’s neck was short and fat below the neck. The entire upper body was fat, and her belly was rounded, as if she was pregnant for seven or eight months, plus the two legs were fat and thick.It is not like a young young woman, full of the image of a greasy aunt.

This image makes many people dare not compliment. After all, women are ashamed and men avoid. Although his image is hard to say, her personality is very good, funny and funny, and the funny paragraphs of shooting have brought a lot of joy to people.Essence

Suddenly one day, Sister Apple announced one thing to everyone: she wanted to lose weight, become beautiful, and be a goddess!

At first, fans felt that Sister Apple couldn’t do it. I did not expect that after a few months of hard work, she really changed into a goddess who was beautiful and bumpy. This is compared with the previous appearance.Compare.

Today, Sister Apple can be said to be fair and bright, tall and tall, bright and bright, and flickering.Coupled with the long legs of the water snake’s waist and a shy expression, the fans are fascinated by the soul.

But at this time he was not satisfied, and even was abnormal, and his face was beautiful. When Yan Jiu’s current live room, he caused a lot of people to watch. How much does Siye cared about Apple Sister?Specifically moved, and some parts were more spitting, and Sister Apple’s face was deformed.

Sister Apple is wearing a black suit with a tall and slim figure, which is indeed much better than before. However, the face has just finished the needle, and there is no makeup, just to make everyone look at his true appearance today.

And Sister Apple himself said that her mouth was very successful, but her nose was hard to say, and she even said that she filled her nose with ear cartilage.

Sister Apple said: Whenever he has a little bit of color, don’t take the road of plastic surgery.At the same time, Sister Apple warned everyone to try not to cosmetic surgery. She was not only addicted but also guilty.

At the same time, she also shared her maintenance figure. In fact, after all, she was selling goods online and claiming that Liu Wen was eating the products she recommended.

On the whole, her transformation must be obvious to everyone, from fat to thin from ugly to beauty, which has also caused countless women’s envy.Now even if Suyan does not open her beauty, she is still confident.

Seeing her changes, her lip shape changed, the whole person was a lot younger, and the temperament became different after weight loss.

As for the change of the whole person after the cosmetic slimming, no one thought he had been like this?After that, the temperament is no longer a fat man with more than 200 pounds, and even her husband looks at Sister Apple. Not long ago, the two were still playing in Sanya, ready to have a second child.

After Sister Apple became popular, she had a certain economic strength. All of them had to thank his plastic surgery teacher Yu. The two often talked in the live broadcast room. The two beautiful women were really eye -catching.

From the perspective of cosmetic surgery, ears cartilage is a very good material, the thickness of the cartilage, the softness and toughness of the curvature, which is very close to the human nose cartilage.In the lower, ear cartilage became the first choice for doctors.

That is to remove the amount of ear cartilage on both sides and simply extend the nasal column, and then the softness of the entire nose after the nose is expanded, including the elasticity of the nose, and the movement of the nose is basically recovered.

Although the cartilage rhinoplasty effect is good, there is also a certain limitations. One is that when the nose is deformity or the collapse is severe, the strength weakens slightly. In addition, the surgery is successful.What other side effects.

Ear cartilage rhinoplasty is only applicable to the tip of the nose.On the one hand, because the cartilage material of the ears is relatively small, the back of the nose is definitely not enough.On the other hand, ears and cartilage are not suitable for nasal column, because the cartilage of the ears is bent, which may cause nasal column to bend

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