Six months pregnant+ankylosing spondylitis, she has received the company’s notification at home

Mr. Guo in Hangzhou reported that his wife was influenced by ankylosing spondylitis during pregnancy and never went to work in the company.On March 31, his wife received a notice from the company’s relief relationship.

Mr. Guo: After I was pregnant in November last year, it was normal before, and normal work was going to work.Around March this year, she had a symptom, that is, the symptoms of the rigidity.

Mr. Guo’s wife, Ms. Sun: I found that it was slowly painful. About March 20th, I suddenly couldn’t afford it. I came back from get off work at night, and I could go home.In the middle of the night, I went to the toilet and couldn’t get up.

Reporter: What do you feel about?

Mr. Guo’s wife, Ms. Sun: On both sides of the butt, the tail vertebrae here.

Ms. Sun said that because of ankylosing spondylitis, it is inconvenient to move now. You can only take a wheelchair when you go out. Usually, your life also requires family help.

Ms. Sun: If you like this, I come to work, and my family is not assured.After all, I go to the toilet or something.

Mr. Guo: I lay on the bed for about a week.At that time, their company did not even have the option to ask for sick leave. Only the option to ask for leave, we still issued the leave bill as usual.

Mr. Guo provided his wife’s medical materials.The medical record on March 29 shows that the diagnosis is back pain, and it is recommended to rest for a week.In the sick leave certificate issued by the hospital on April 4, the diagnosis was 21 weeks of pregnancy and ankylosing spondylitis. It is recommended to rest for two weeks.

Mr. Guo: A notifying us one month in advance that in the end of April and early May, the company issued the company to cancel the labor contract with my wife.

Reporter: Didn’t communicate with you before?

Mr. Guo: No communication and negotiation.

Reporter: During your wife, why can he issue a labor contract?

Mr. Guo: This is also a puzzling point.

Mr. Guo showed the notice of lifting labor relations issued by the company to reporters, which mentioned that Ms. Sun and the company signed a labor contract on March 1, 2021.The plan and the treatment cycle failed to clarify the absence of the post. The company faced the important management positions of the design department for a long time to work and unattended. It was decided to propose a legitimate labor relationship 30 days in advance and give economic compensation for 2 months of salary.The money is Zhejiang True Culture Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd.

Ms. Sun: The team leader, who was promoted last year, designed hand -made blind boxes and tide.It may also be because they often sit for a long time. If you need to meet often, you may not be good for this condition.

Zhejiang True Culture Creative Co., Ltd. is located on the second floor of Block A, Block A, 553, Dongning Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou. A staff member responsible for personnel came forward to receive Mr. Guo and reporters.

Staff of Zhejiang True Colors Culture and Creative Co., Ltd.: Because of this matter involved in this matter, I unilaterally cannot be interviewed, and it means that the company explains it on behalf of the company.

Reporter: Then you can be responsible for recording, feedback to relevant leaders, and leaders to reply to me.

Staff of Zhejiang True Culture and Creative Co., Ltd.: I must first communicate.First of all, I want to collect information, then I think this is no problem.I don’t know if the 10 -minute information collection is okay.

Reporter: We have been delayed for several minutes.

After the on -site communication, the staff recorded the reporter’s phone and said that the subsequent response would be made.During the pregnancy, Ms. Sun received a notice from the company to relieve the labor relationship, and the reporter also asked a lawyer.

Lawyer You Hongguang, Zhejiang Fengguo Law Firm: We believe that enterprises are suspected of lift the labor contract illegally.We also know that during pregnancy, the worker actually has two choices. The first choice can require enterprises to continue to perform labor contracts; the second is to require enterprises to bear the compensation of the labor contract illegal.Doubles of economic compensation.

Later, the reporter received a call from the staff of the Personnel Department of Zhejiang True Culture and Creative Co., Ltd.

Ms. Luo, the Ministry of Personnel Department of Zhejiang True Culture and Creative Co., Ltd.: Do you want to make a news hotspot and make some reports. I think it may be because it is a business within our company. I think it may not be particularly good on our company.Too convenient.

Ms. Luo said that during the process of communicating with Ms. Sun, Mr. Guo came forward to reply. The two sides had not been able to reach an agreement.

Reporter: Do you want me to tell them, can you talk to the company if you talk?But today she has seen her situation.

Ms. Luo, the Ministry of Personnel Department of Zhejiang True Culture and Creative Co., Ltd.: No, it is okay to let her entrust her husband to come over, not to let her pregnant woman come over like this.I can also understand.

Reporter: Then I will tell him.

Ms. Luo, the Ministry of Personnel Department of Zhejiang True Culture and Creative Co., Ltd.: Then you can tell.

The reporter feeds the situation to Mr. Guo. He said that he could communicate with the company. If he could not reach an agreement, he would handle it through legal channels.

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