Six symptoms of female urethritis!What to eat?

Urethritis is a very common urinary infection disease. It is often caused by diseases that do not pay attention to personal hygiene, which is more common in women.Let ’s take a look at the symptoms of female urethritis?

Symptoms of female urethritis

1. Urine abnormalities

After urinary tract infection, the abnormalities and changes of urine will be caused. Our common phenomena are pyuria, hematuria, qiuria, and bacterial urine.

2. Back pain

The most common clinical symptoms are low back pain, and diseases around the kidneys and kidney are one of the main causes of back pain.When the renal envelope, pyelone, ureteral tubes are stimulated or tension increases, it may cause pain in the waist. Generally, urinary tract infections will not cause back pain.

3. Disinerous urination

Common urinary urination abnormalities are frequent urination, urgency, and pain, and sometimes there may be urinary incontinence and urinary retention.Chronic renal failure caused by chronic pyelone nephritis often accompanied by urine in the early stage, and there may be less urine or no urine in the later stage.

4. Decrease in immunity

Patients with urethritis often experience fatigue and colds.

5. Symptoms of non -gonococcal urethritis

Non -gonococcal urethritis symptoms include increased vaginal discharge, yellow, urination burning sensation, pussy pain, small abdominal distension, cervicitis, and less conscious symptoms, and about 80%asymptomatic.However, pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility, such as infection during pregnancy, causes high chances of abortion, premature birth and death.

6. Symptoms of gonococci urethral inflammation

Increased leucorrhea, different color odors (80 % of the conscious symptoms are not obvious), which can cause complicated fallopian tube obstruction, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and infertility.

What are good for female urethritis?

Permail lotus leaf tea

Materials: 5 grams each of lotus leaf dry products, car, and wolfberry.


1. Wash the dried lotus leaves, the front of the car, and the wolfberry with water.

2. Wash the pan and place it on the fire. Put the dried lotus leaves, the front of the car, and the wolfberry together in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with high heat and turn off the flames for 10-15 minutes.

The efficacy of medicated diet: The front of the car and the lotus leaves have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, diuretic and diuretic. It is suitable for patients with humid and humid urinary tract infections.

Bitter gourd soy bullfrog soup

Ingredients: 400 grams of bitter gourd, 50 grams of soybeans, 500 grams of bullfrogs, 5 red dates, 1 egg, ham and starch each in moderation.


1. Bitter gourd, cut into small sections, wash, the bullfrogs are cleaned, red dates are soaked in red dates.

2. The eggs are scattered into the bowl, and the salt and water and starch are mixed with salt and water and starch. The ham is cut.

3. Put the appropriate amount of water into the clay pot. After boiling, add all the raw materials. After boiling on high heat, use a Wenhuo pot for 100 minutes to season with salt.

The efficacy of medicated diet: bitter gourd and bitterness, bitterness, can eliminate toxins, avoid the accumulation of toxicity in the body, soybeans strengthen the spleen and diuretic, bullies clear heat and diuretic, diuretic and diuretic.Effect.

Mung Bean Poria Pricer Porridge Porridge

Materials: 200 grams of mung beans, 200 grams of coix seed, 15 grams of soil Poria, 100 grams of rock sugar.


1. Wash the mung beans and coix seeds, add 6 bowls of water into the pot.

2. Poria Poria crushes into a small piece, put it in the pot, boil it with high heat, and turn over low heat to continue cooking for 30 minutes.

3. Add rock sugar until melted.

The efficacy of medicated diet: Coix seed and Tu Fuling are commonly used heat -clearing and diuretic, detoxifying pus, mung beans to clear heat and detoxifying, three combination, have the effects of diarrhea and diuretic, diuretic, and diuretic.Yellow red, urgency, and frequent urination have a certain dietary effect.

Banlangen watermelon juice

Materials: 20 grams of Banlangen, 20 grams of white pamagen, 300 grams of watermelon, 5 grams of licorice, an appropriate amount of fruit sugar.


1. Wash the Banlangen, White Maoen, Licorice, and drain for later use.

2. Place all the medicinal materials and water in the pot in an appropriate amount of water, heat it to the boiling with the fire, turn off the heat after about 1 minute, and remove the medicine solution to cool down and set aside.

3. Peel the watermelon, cut into small pieces, put it in the juice machine, add the cooling medicinal solution and fruit sugar, stir well, pour it into the bowl, and drink it.

The efficacy of medicated diet: Banlangen tastes bitter, cold, has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and swelling. White grain has the effects of cooling blood and detoxifying, diuretic and diuretic.Diuretic products, licorice clearing heat and detoxifying, the above four flavors are matched, which has the effect of dietary therapeutic effects on urethritis caused by the dampness and heat of the bladder.

Disclaimer:. The content of this article is compiled and published by the doctor assistant. It is limited to sharing medical science knowledge, which does not represent the medical view of the doctor himself.Because each person’s constitution is different, the prevention and diet must also vary from person to person. Please follow the doctor’s advice for specific medication, diagnosis or defense! This article is for reference only.If you want to make an appointment for a doctor, you can also make an appointment!

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