Slag Su feels the ceiling?Remember, your face saves you!

What kind of boyfriend is this!

Driving a luxury car to pick up his girlfriend to go to get out of class ↓

Go to the Western Restaurant to date ↓

Send you rose ↓

Accompany you to self -study ↓

The point is that people are handsome ↓

Very talks in love ↓

Gentle to girls ↓

After reading, can I want to eat love with him?

Don’t let it go first,

This bitter lets the oranges eat it alone,

Because the god boyfriend in your eyes is actually a peerless sea king.

Before chasing you, he originally stared at the school flower of your dormitory ↓

You have chosen the ordinary and ordinary you in pursuit,

After all, your first impression in his eyes is "not too spiritual" ↓

Used to pick up your luxury cars, the co -pilot will naturally not only take you one ↓

As for the key to your home,

Laughing to death, of course, there are two ↓

In fact, when he was chasing you, he also had a little dangerous.

At that time you were ending a sad secret,

When I borrowed wine, I thought I met "Prince White Horse" ↓

In fact, I just mistakenly entered the fishing ground of Playboy ↓

Those who have seen the drama should know that the plot of Orange said comes from "Zeng Youth",

The heroine is Guan Xiaotong,

In fact, the male lead is from Zhang Yishan,

Yang Cheng played by Fan Ye is just the love target of the female lead college.

But I have to say,

Fan Ye really performed this "negative scum man" role.

Honestly, I haven’t seen such a lively rich second -generation Neptune in domestic dramas for a long time.

What are you listening to?

"I am also curious why I came to you, maybe because I dreamed of you last night …" ▽

"I may really like you" ▽ ▽

"What is the most important thing for two people together?"

"Wait for me to know, I’ll tell you" ▽

"Because you are my girlfriend, so I have to report to you early, right?" ▽

"I don’t understand your girl, why are you so anxious to occupy a person? Is it because you can occupy other people’s lives casually as long as you fall in love?" ▽

"I like this kind of energy like you don’t care about love, how good this is, I’m not tired, I’m not tired," ▽ ▽

"Don’t come here for two days, my girlfriend is coming to review" ▽

Even break up with the heroine,

His words also made his popularity so want to give him a punch ↓

"I like you, maybe I can’t talk about love" ▽

No exaggeration to say that each of the above sentences can be mocked in 800 posts in Douban,

The screenwriter also set up a reason for "Native Family Unhappy" for Yang Cheng’s scum man.

But it is obviously not very able to convince the audience …

In the latest plot trailer,

Another "female friend" of Yang Cheng found the female lead,

Tell her that she was pregnant …

Good guy, Orange has never seen such a exciting and blood -blooded plot …

Speaking back to Fan Ye,

His comments in recent days are basically ↓

"Yang Cheng, you remember that you have not been relying on the face of Fan Ye …"

Indeed, netizens are still very clear between Fan Ye and Yang Cheng,

In addition to because he plays Korean drama alone in the play ↓

It has a lot to do with his usual passerby.

Take the recent promotional drama, for example,

His desire to survive will break through the ceiling ↓

When I sweep the building, I have been saying that I hope Qiao Qiao can stay away from the scum man ↓

Everyone scolds characters and scolds characters,

But Fan Ye’s variety show,

The square immediately turned into "hahahaha was laughed at him" …

Take the latest running man Thailand, for example,

You guys, where is the shadow of a "scum man"?

"Fan Ye Search Air"

"Sudden Fan Ye"

He seems to have a sense of variety in his body,

The word "variety" is still well understood, right?

"Variety", what is "Variety",

How to explain to you what is "variety",

Very variety show, it is called "Variety" …

“Do not understand this stalk’s suggestion to make up the lesson yourself

Remove the Internet storm by the face,

Fan Ye is certainly not the first person.

Zhu Yilong, not long ago, too,

He Fei in "Disappearing him",

Gambling ↓

Kill Wife ↓

Finally sell miserable deception ↓

The audience can’t help but do it at the humanoid of the cinema after watching it ↓

Whether it is a roadshow or an interview,

Zhu Yilong himself also wants to follow He Fei. ↓

"I want to say goodbye to him quickly after shooting."

"Don’t want to talk to him"


Ni Ni joked that he was the same as He Fei,

I was so frightened that Zhu Yilong immediately explained "(We two) there is no common point at all" …

No wonder Ni Ni wants to tease him,

Teacher Zhu looked in big eyes,

It looks quite harmless of human animals

Coupled with the acting skills that have been online

It’s hard not to be "separation of human movies" ↓

Here I laughed at orange,

Teacher Zhu watched the movie with everyone in the audience,

Tastened to a movie ticket was rubbed into a hahahahahaha …

Sure enough, everyone has no resistance to the contrast …

Pour forward again,

Liu Xueyi is also a typical example of "sand sculpture" to escape the Internet storm.

In the early days, "Liuli",

Brother Hao Chen, who he played in it, kept brainwashing the heroine because of his selfishness and paranoia, and died of death and slandering the male lead.

The emotional progress of the male and female masters added "100 million" hindrance ↓

The honor of the "Demolition Team Captain" and "Master Tea Art" and the honor ↓

But netizens scored himself and the role very well,

Not only does it keep sucking powder and get the title of "Crazy Crazy Beauty", but also almost become the spokesperson of Tianzhu Mountain ↓

The first is that this brother’s survival of the screen desire to "save" him.

Come and see his efforts to escape from the Internet storm.

Interviews before the drama, and tried to clarify the relationship with Hao Chen, and the upright people couldn’t set up.

The signal of "Haochen Behavior, please don’t rise me".

During the drama broadcast, Weibo was actively opened, and the interaction of the stalks stopped.

Take a look at the image of the image of upright and handsome guys,

It’s hard not to be loving.

"Changfeng Du", which has just ended recently, is also,

The Tai Fu Luozhang he played is different from the typical bad guys of general dramas.

It is "bad" very layered,

Take this paragraph, fanning the fan at the same time, and in words in various arch fire ↓

A power minister who has a high power but smoke is so jumping on the screen ↓

This brother still has something to do,

The show is full of the image of the previous sand sculpture …

Of course there is another reason,

"Although Tai Fu is bad, it is really beautiful."

Another referring to the character that makes popularity itching,

Li Chengzheng, the male lead played by Chen Xingxu, will be in top3 ↓

Belly Black Prince Li Chengzheng,

In the early stage, the mind is simple, and the young man is atmospheric ↓

Long hair style can also be comforted at ease ↓

In the later period, the city government was revealed, and the expression acting skills can be kept up immediately ↓

Each kind of different personality interpretation, the shape has changed accordingly ↓

No wonder the circle,

Although Li Chengzheng is very scum, it is really hard to be excited. Who can watch "East Palace"?

This brother also "rescued" the face of the male lead …

Of course, do you have any time when you are rescued ↓

“"love at first sight"

Ah almost forgot our purple potato essence, Yin Song (Zhang Xiaochen) in "Qingqing Daily" ↓

In the play, he is so bad of oil ↓

For their wives,

Various domestic violence, house arrest, PUA, great masculinity … ↓

"Soft rice hard" ↓ ↓

For your own brother and foot,

It’s even more cruel, playing everywhere ↓

“Here is the 13 -year -old sister of Wu Shao (Yin Qi) pushed out and kisses

During that time, Orange Yi saw him appearing,

The state is immediately switched to Yin Yan ↓

Fortunately, Zhang Xiaochen himself can play stalks,

During that time, the automatic response to the automatic response to the social account was opened to open online scolding services,

After the role is offline, I apologized to Fang Ru and Hao Yan again …

have to say,

If you are not afraid of bad people, you are afraid of bad people ugly,

The "purple potato essence" when I was young is still a bit ↓

It is worthy of "Come on!Eighth in the eighth place of good boy ↓ ↓

Look at it like this,

It seems that the negative role is more likely to discuss, and it is more conducive to the circle.

Especially the setting of the actor himself and the character’s contrast,

To some extent, it is considered a recognition of acting skills, right?

Fan Ye himself I guess I never thought,

"Zeng Youth" a male three character,

Many people have already shouted to let him and Guan Xiaotong make up …


It turns out that it can still become a slag Su Sky ceiling …

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