Small knowledge of mask maintenance

Can I apply the mask every day?

First determine what kind of skin you are. It is not recommended to apply it every day if you are oily. It may accelerate the oil out of the skin, which is counterproductive.It is recommended to apply moisturizing or whitening masks for 2 to 3 days. Of course, if your skin condition permits and economic conditions are permitted, it is okay to apply time every day.

Applying the mask must have a purpose: improve skin problems (acne, improvement of skin tone, spots, small fine lines, firming), the skin is very good just wants the skin to stay at 18 years old, because the purpose is different from the demand, the cycle of the mask is applied to the mask.It’s not the same, please refer to the following questions.But if you can apply your face in 2-3 days to achieve the effectiveness you want, isn’t it more economical and efficient than every day?

How often do the mask apply?

Acne type: weekly

Exfoliating, deep cleaning mud: 1-2 weeks

There are acids and whitening ingredients: 1-2 weeks (usually acids can thin the skin and stimulate, so it is not recommended to apply it too often)

Moisturizing anti-aging type: 2-3 days

Warm reminder: The previous cycle is just a general ruler. In fact, it is necessary to make a moderate increase or decrease according to its own situation.

How long will the mask be applied at a time?

It is generally recommended for 15-20 minutes. Please confirm the instructions on the mask first. Each brand varies from various brands.

The mud -shaped is basically cleaned after drying, because the four seasons are different from the sisters in the north -south hemisphere environment, so it can be removed after drying.Deep cleansing mud also has to be removed once after the moisturizing spray is killed, and it is removed after the second time it is killed. Therefore, you should ask clearly when you buy it. If you look at it before using, it will be more accurate.

Is the older mask, the better the effect will be?

No, according to dermatologists, 5-10 minutes during the process of applying the face, the skin has absorbed enough nutrients. If time is too long, it will take away the skin’s moisture, which is counterproductive.

Can you apply your face without washing your face?

Do not pinch! The skin should be good to pay attention to three things: clean, clean, and clean.Very important so say three times!

The skin is well absorbed, and the cleaning should be done well. If you think that the foundation of the house is not good, it will collapse in the Gaidi treasure ~

So every day, no matter how tired, you must do your homework well. If you are good for the skin, she will pay it back to you.

Do you want to wash it after applying the mask?

This depends on what type of mask you apply.

The creamy mud should be washed, and the instructions should be taken to see the instructions.

Do you want to wipe the maintenance products after applying the mask?

This depends on what type of mask you apply.

Clasma mud -shaped exfoliating should be wiped, just keep water -keeping and anti -aging.

Can I apply a mask for pregnancy?

Usually this kind of gray zone problem, avoid unnecessary disturbances or it is recommended not to be available.

If you really want to apply it, it is recommended to apply water and moisturizing type. If there is no acid, it will be more secure.

However, women usually change women’s constitution during pregnancy. Some are not allergic to skin allergies, some are afraid of cold, dryness, and hotness, and some do not eat spicy people. Therefore, this ruler is still in their hands.

Warm reminder: If you really want to apply, please apply it on the back of the ears, the back of the neck or the inner wrist, and try to apply it for 5 minutes to see if you are allergic and then decide if you decide whether to apply it.

Can I apply a mask if I am allergic?

Please first determine the allergic source, the natural isoporctatitis, it is recommended not to, unless it is anti -allergic.

If the season alternate allergies, this is really a bit difficult, because it may be applied before, and alternately applied to the season.It is also possible that this season will not be alleged alternately, and it will be allergic next time.

suggestions below

1: Please apply the fragile skin behind the ears, the back of the neck or the inside of the wrist for 5 minutes to see if you are allergic and then decide whether you want to make it.

2: Please check whether the bed sheets you sleep should be clean, whether the schedule is normal to stay up late, whether to smoke and drink, eat very spicy recently, just replace new care products, and so on.

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