Some precautions for pet dogs to breed and pregnancy

Let’s talk about the background first: My girlfriend has a public firewood at home, and I have experienced the experience of breeding with several other mother Chai Chai. In order to make the dog mating successfully, we also read a lot of posts.I want to write a post from the bitch to breeding, to pregnancy, and the final production.I thought of wherever I wrote, there was nothing logic, it was scattered, hehe.

Generally, the bitch will be estrus once in half a year.The whole period is about 20 days, but most of the time the bitch refuses mating. It is only a few days that the bitch is willing to mate with a strong period of time. At this time, the success rate of breeding is high.(But there are quite a lot of dogs such as Shiba Inu. Even if it is time, you may not be willing to mate. Then the breeder needs to come to artificial insemination.)

When the bitch’s willingness to mate is not strong, the male dog is approaching, and the bitch is likely to bite the male dog. At this time, a person strokes the bitch’s head, puts it on the cover, and lifts its ass;The dog finds the location and let the male dog persuade himself.This is more tiring. It is not easy to operate when encountering irritable bitch. Either the breeder is invited to operate. The breeder generally charge about 500, and you can find it on the same city.

What I recommend is "free love", which allows them to mate by themselves, but the first conditional condition is that the bitch has a strong willingness to mate with, and there are specific performance. The bitch will take the initiative to approach the male dog and put the buttocks at the male dog.We human beings only need to provide one ground without slippery, without other interference, humans should not keep staring all the time, they will be shy.If two dogs live together, this mating is easier, but if it is a dog from two families, it is recommended to bring the bitch to the public dog’s residence. The male dog must have a sense of security at the place where you are familiar with.When I first started contact, the male dogs and bitches may roar each other and bite each other, but after they are familiar with, don’t be nervous.

Dogs are generally more suitable for about 8-9 o’clock in the evening (I found that dogs like to mate at this time). Before mating, the dogs can be carried out.easy.

Generally speaking, when the male dog sees the estrus, the bitch will follow the bitch and find the opportunity to ride on the bitch. The male dog will put the whole little brother in the peach of the bitch soon after the male dog counseling the bitch.Will get a thing on the top to lock the younger brother.At this time, they will automatically stand back to the ground, and the male dog will start to ejaculate.But in this process, the bitch will roar or even want to break free because of pain. Be sure to soothe the bitch, touch its head, and help it rub its belly, which can soothe its tension.If the bitch is broken away, it is easy to hurt the male dog’s younger brother.The time to lock ejaculation is about 10 minutes. When the male dog ejaculates, the younger brother will automatically slip out, and then they will lick the excess liquid of the genital mouth by themselves.

The above is a breeding at one time. Generally speaking, it is best to match it every other day, so that the chance of conception will be relatively high. If the time is tight or the male dog is good, the next day can be directly equipped without one day.

If the mother Chai Chai is successful, the peach will gradually shrink, the nipples will rise, and the smell of any male dog will reject the smell of any male dog, and it will yell at the "loser" male dog, and no longer has the willingness to mate.Usually, pregnant bitches become drowsy, sticky, some of the appetite, and some of the appetite.

In fact, pets, like humans, are not so easy to fertility, and they will encounter various problems, but no one can count the power of dog fertility. It feels like that the dogs are pregnant to produce.EssenceIn fact, there are also many small -yields and difficulty in giving birth. There are dead fetuses. In order to make the bitch safely give birth to a healthy cub, we are still doing some care.

Mother Chai Chai usually shows 45 days. Before that, if you want to know if the dog is pregnant, you can take the B -ultrasound to the hospital for about 30 days after the breeding, but the B -ultrasound results are nothing, and it does not meanI must not be pregnant.To hit the B -ultrasound, you need to shave the hair on the belly, and it takes half a year when the hair grows.

The precautions for bitch during pregnancy are as follows:

First, strictly prohibit severe exercise. Dogs who love to play balls usually do not lose the ball with it. It can play it by itself.

Second, normal diet, do not big fish and meat, what do you usually eat, what to eat during pregnancy, you can appropriately add some egg yolk, lactose milk, cooked chicken breasts, beef.Why should you be familiar, because you are not recommended to take insect repellent during pregnancy, so cooked the risk of parasites will be reduced.

Third, proper calcium supplement.We humans are doubtful about health care products, but some owners eat a lot of health products for dogs every day, and we don’t know if they have a good effect on dog hair and body.The bitch needs calcium supplementation. Both cheese and milk are high calcium. You can also eat some pet calcium tablets, or buy calcium glucose for human children.If you do not replenish calcium, the production of mother firewood will bite his child because of calcium deficiency (what the dog owner said)

Fourth, it is best not to take a bath.It is usually about 60 days during pregnancy. In addition, some dogs will become dirty and smelly. If you have to take a bath, to inform the beautician for pregnancy, and you should lightly hand, especially your belly.The dry cleaning foam is easily licked into the stomach by the dog by itself, and it is not recommended to use it.

5. Don’t feed the medicine at will. If the dog is uncomfortable, take it to the hospital to ask the doctor how to deal with it.

Dogs show their arms (the belly becomes larger, and the side looks down on the side, and after turning around and becoming inconvenient), you can also go to the B -ultrasound to see how many things are in the stomach, so you can prepare what you need, shave it by the way, by the way,Prepare for breastfeeding in the future.

Preparation of the delivery room: Clean and warm blankets, several urine pads, relatively closed compartments or open cages, the compartment can be put on a large cardboard by themselves, or you can buy that kind of delivery room on Taobao.Generally speaking, the delivery room can be placed where the owner can see.When the bitch produces, there is no sense of security, and the company’s company is also important.

The bitch needs to cancel inflammatory needles, take anti -inflammatory drugs, and calcium supplementation.Some bitches are not good at sex, refuse to breastfeed, and do not take care of milk dogs. You can prepare pet bottle in advance.There are also colorful ropes, distinguishing the eldest and third and third.The number of Shiba Inu children is uncertain. Some of them have one, and many of them can have five. The multi -child must prepare the labeling color rope to distinguish the eldest and third and third.

Dogs are generally produced in the middle of the night. When they are near production, they will break the amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid is generally pale green. If the green is very deep or even black, it is likely that there are dead tires in the stomach. At this time, let’s observe whether the bitch can produce it yourselfIf you haven’t moved for a long time, take it to the hospital for examination. If it is difficult to give birth, there may be cesarean section.

After production, most of the time is to eat milk and sleep, and the bitch will be tired. Some bitch becomes hair removal and thin after giving birth.After more than ten days, the milk dog will open his eyes. Before that, he closed his eyes and milk.

Write here first, like a stream of water, what I think of in the future, and then add it. If you have any questions, you can also consult me.

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