Some reasons for miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention!

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Pregnancy is a very festive thing for every family.However, I do n’t know if there is such a custom where you are where you are in where you are in your pregnant mothers.Why is this?In fact, a large part of the reason is that at this time, it is also a period of instability during pregnancy. It is easy to cause abortion of the fetus due to some physical or psychological instability of pregnant mothers.At this time, it is too sad to avoid saying that after notifying the good news.However, why is it easy to have a miscarriage in the first three months of pregnancy?

Why is it easy to have a miscarriage in the first three months of pregnancy?

1. Embryo development

Generally speaking, abnormal pregnancy is the main cause of early abortion of pregnant mothers.In the first two months of pregnancy, about 80%of them are due to certain defects of sperm and eggs, and then when the embryo develops to a certain degree, it will terminate naturally.

2. Pregnant mothers endocrine dysfunction

Only under the action of progesterone, fertilized eggs can go to bed on the uterine wall, thereby growing into a fetus.However, when the hormone secretion of pregnant mothers in the body is insufficient, the uterine milde development will be poor, and then it will affect the development of the fertilized eggs, which will easily cause abortion.In addition, if prostaglandin increases, it will also cause frequent contraction of uterine muscles and cause abortion.The decrease in thyroid function will also cause obstacles to the oxidation ability of the cells, the growth and development of the embryo that affects the embryo, which causes abortion.

3. The uterus of pregnant mothers deformation

Under normal circumstances, the normal uterus is a hollow bag composed of muscles, and the shape looks like an upside -down pear.But what are the physiological abnormal uterus, the shape is different from the general uterine shape. Although it can be conceived normally, it often causes miscarriage.

4. Personal influence

Pregnancy will not only bring a great burden on the physiological aspects of the pregnant mother. At the same time, due to the changes in their bodies and the increase in responsibility, it will also put a lot of pressure on the psychology of pregnant mothers.Especially in terms of emotion, many pregnant mothers will also rise and fall at this time.Whether it is psychological or physiological, the changes in pregnant mothers are very huge. When the pregnant mothers have fallen from the beginning of the extreme excitement to extremely frustrated, such unstable emotions will cause the imbalance of the regional region of the cerebral cortex and the subcutaneous center of the pregnant mothers.EssenceAt the same time, these bad emotions will also shrink the uterus, causing the unexpected miscarriage of pregnant mothers.

5. Trauma that suffers in daily life

In daily life, the abdomen of pregnant mothers is impacted or squeezed by the outside, and even a pregnant woman falls or participates in heavy physical labor, or some severe sports can cause the uterus to shrink.This causes pregnant mothers to abort in the early stages of pregnancy.

The above is why the pregnant mother is susceptible to miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy.After all, pregnant mothers are very fragile and unstable at this time, and a little unwilling, there will be unexpected situations.Therefore, during this period, pregnant mothers must not relax their vigilance, take care of their bodies, and adjust their mood.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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