Some things about "popping" during pregnancy

Two days ago, a pregnant mother secretly private letter assistant: My husband always wanted, I didn’t agree, I made cramps every time, what should I do?

Many pregnant women want to know this question: Can I still pop up during pregnancy?Some feel that it must not work. You must abstain from. Papa will affect the fetus and will have a serious miscarriage. This is not fun.Some of them hesitated, swaying between slap and non -popping, most of them will choose to endure.But in October in October, it is difficult to protect yourself or the other party.Regarding the crackling during pregnancy, you don’t need to be so wronged.It can be popped during pregnancy. The proper sexual life can also help improve the estrogen level of pregnant women and have a more pleasant mood. This is actually good for the fetus.

1. When is the safest room in the same room?

Although the couple can be in the same room during pregnancy, it is not when I want to have the same room in the same room. Be sure to pay attention to the taboos in the same room.

Try to avoid the early 3 months and the last 3 months of the same time in the same room.In the first three months, the fetus was unstable, and the popping could easily lead to abortion. In the next three months, the belly was large, no matter which position was uncomfortable, and the impact could cause serious consequences such as the placenta peeling and the premature breakthrough of the fetal membrane.For premature birth, severe cases of fetal death.

The second trimester is 4 to 7 months. At this time, the placenta development has been completed, the fetus has stabilized in the palace, and the risk of abortion has also been greatly reduced. In addition, the early response of pregnant women has disappeared, and sexual organ secretions have also increased. At this timePerform sexual life with appropriate frequency, but should be controlled.

2. It is best to use a condom

Some people say that they are not afraid of pregnancy anyway during pregnancy. As long as it is kept clean, there will be more fun.This is a wrong understanding.

Sexual life is best to use condoms or ejaculation in the body, so that semen cannot enter women’s vagina.Because the prostinone in men’s semen is in contact with the vaginal mucosa, it can promote a strong shrinkage of the uterus after pregnancy, which will cause abdominal pain in pregnant mothers and easily cause miscarriage and premature birth.Although this chance is not particularly high, it is best not to take risks.

3. Sexual life during pregnancy may lead to problem bleeding: pelvic congestion during pregnancy, softer necks in the vagina, and collision of sexual life may cause mucous membrane and blood vessels to cause bleeding.Infection: Surgery life may bring the external bacteria into the vagina. If it is due to the shortage of delivery, these bacteria can enter the body along the open uterine mouth, causing infection.Abortion or premature birth: The stimulus of sexual intercourse can cause uterine contraction, leading to abortion or premature birth.Early breakthroughs in the fetal membrane, early stripping of the placenta: The abdomen of the pregnancy is bulged during pregnancy, and the sexual intercourse is inconvenient. If the abdomen collides with the abdomen, it may promote premature separation from the placenta and the uterine wall, or increase the internal pressure of the uterus, causing premature breaking the fetal membrane.Therefore, sexual intercourse should be dependent on the physical condition during pregnancy and carefully decided.

4. Under what circumstances do not pop up?

Although most women can enjoy sexual life normally during pregnancy, if there are the following situations, try to avoid sexual life as much as possible: there is a history of premature birth; vaginal hemorrhage with unknown causes; premature fetal membranes, that is, the fetal membranes that wrap the fetus and amniotic fluid.Early rupture; incomplete cervical function, that is, premature cervix open, increased fetal weight in the middle and late pregnancy, cervical expansion without abdominal pain; the front placenta, that is, the placenta part or completely covered the cervical mouth; multi -fetal pregnancy; other high -risk factors; other high -risk factors; other high -risk factors; other high -risk factors;For example, the partner has sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Sexual life is harmless during pregnancy. It does not mean that encouraging sexual life during pregnancy, but just to say that healthy pregnant women do not limit normal sexual life.If you ca n’t get around the way, you will cook it first, and you will be a good man after giving birth!

After all, do it yourself, eat enough food!

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