Song Zhongji’s wife’s pregnant belly photo was exposed, and the couple had attended a friend’s wedding together to show super love.

On February 3rd, some netizens took a photo of Song Zhongji and the newlywed wife on the Internet. It is reported that this was a shooting during the wedding of Indian friends in Bali in Bali in Bali last December. Song Zhongji and Katie performed very much.Envy others.

Earlier, Song Zhongji posted an article on the Internet that he not only announced the good news of marriage, but also revealed that his wife Katie was pregnant.After the news was revealed, many fans also sent blessings.According to Korean media reports, Song Zhongji has arranged his wife to stay in the villa in Seoul in Seoul in Seoul. This villa is worth 20 billion won (about 100 million yuan).The pets raised are also checked to South Korea, which shows that Song Zhongji is very considerate of Katie.

Earlier, some Korean media said that Katie had divorced before and had two daughters, but none of these news had a hammer.Katie is a British. She has been an actor before. For the British media, which she knows her, she has never reported the news of Katie’s marriage and having a daughter. It can be seen that there are still many information on the Internet.

Some reporters have interviewed Song Zhongji’s parents. For the good news of their son’s remarriage, Song’s father just hung up the phone after returning the four words "nothing to say".There are great cultural differences, and the mother -in -law is not good news for Song’s father.

After Song Zhongji remarried, many people also broke the news, saying that Song Zhongji and Song Huiqiao were just three months after divorce, and they lived with Xinhuan Kitty.Such a breaking news has a great influence on Song Zhongji’s reputation. In fact, Song Zhongji met when he filmed "Vinsonzo". The woman was his Italian teacher.From time to time, it was the two talents after 2020, and the two began to live together in the spring of 2021.

Song Zhongji’s wife, Katie, is currently pregnant. The media has taken a picture of her and her mother’s mother and baby shop. The media infer that Song Zhongji’s first child will be a daughter because Katie has always chosen skirts during shopping.

Before the public remarriage, Song Zhongji had introduced his girlfriend to relatives and friends. Many stars in the circle also knew the news of Song Zhongji and Katie.In December last year, Song Zhongji and Katie went to a friend’s wedding, and the two went out at the wedding.According to netizens, in fact, Katie took Song Zhongji to the wedding, because the groom at the wedding was the brother of Katie’s sister -in -law.

From the photos of Katie, it can be seen that her pregnant belly was already obvious in December, and the Korean media also broke the news that Song Zhongji’s wife Katie’s due date was around August.It’s right.The staff of Song Zhongji said that Song Zhongji and Katie had a wedding, but at present Song Zhongji will go to overseas to shoot a new drama for four months, and Katie will be produced in 6 months.put off.

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