Specific mothers run 8 months of pregnancy and run "Malaysia" doctor: It’s just a case.

On the 18th, the list of Marathon finished Marathon held on the 18th was released.Among them, a female player who runs "all Malaysia" is a against the sky!She ran to the end with 8 months of pregnancy and finished the game in 5 hours, 17 minutes and 30 seconds.The "fierce" expectant mother named Li Lili is 40 years old this year. This time, "going to the horse" is the 62nd "Malaysia" she ran.

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Netizens’ comments are divided into two major camps, and even opposed voices believe that "this is irresponsible to themselves and children and families." Can pregnant women "run off their horse"?How to scientifically "running horse" and avoid exercise risks?

Li Lili told reporters that she was an elite runner who had a 9 -year -old running age.At the age of 40, she was pregnant for the first time, and the "horse race" during pregnancy was another challenge to herself.She insisted on running training to relieve pubic pain, leg cramps and other pregnancy discomforts, and regulated emotional and stress."Actually, running is normal during pregnancy, but there are very few domestic samples. I first ran the San Francisco Marathon in the first foreign game in 2012. I saw a pregnant woman who was pregnant for seven or eight months of pregnancy. From that day, I know that the old and weakCan run for disability and pregnancy, as long as you step by step and keep a normal amount. "

The story of the former Xiehe Hospital’s obstetrician and the doctor of clinical medicine Xu Yunyun’s "running horse" was inspired and encouraged by Li Lili.Choosing to continue running during pregnancy, Li Lili "prepared". She consulted the doctor, read relevant information, and focused on the evaluation of her physical condition.With 5 kilometers, 8 kilometers, 10 kilometers … With the help of professional supplements such as abdominal belt, leg tie, etc., Li Lili ran jog to the third trimester.

Xu Changen, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Fudan University, also participated in the Malaysia -Malaysia competition of this year.He said that as a contestant, he admired Li Lili’s behavior, but as a obstetrician, he did not advocate that pregnant women were "race".After all, pregnant women are in a special physiological period, and the marathon is a movement that challenges the limits of the human body, so it is not recommended that pregnant women run the marathon. "Xu Changen suggested that pregnant women exercise slowly and swimming." As the uterus increasesIncreased, coupled with the vibration generated during exercise, it will increase the load of the uterine ligament and pelvic floor muscles. Running in the third trimester can easily cause premature birth. "

Qiu Jun, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Sports Science, told reporters that the marathon itself does not lead to death, and the accident is mostly due to potential diseases.Due to the high intensity and time of the marathon, it is easy to induce sudden death or genetic diseases.

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