Spit it when you eat it?Why do babies always vomit milk?

Usually after the baby is born half a month to about two months

Exitness will occur

This is a pathological condition

"Stomach essential"

Adults have cardiac sphincter and pylorus sphincter. It is generally not easy to spit out what they eat, because these two "doors" closely control them to prevent food from flowing against the current.And the child’s gastrointestinal tract development is not perfect, it will be a bit horizontal stomach, in a horizontal position.The mouth is loose, the "door" is not closed, the stomach and the esophagus are like a straight tube, and a little pressure will vomit milk outwards, causing gastroesophageal reflux.

This situation grows with age

The development of organs is mature

Will get better slowly

Because the baby’s stomach capacity is small, if you eat too much, and the posture is wrong, it is easy to cause vomiting.The smaller baby’s thorax is not developed. Pastening is relying on the stomach. If the belly is full, the deep inhalation is equal to the increase of negative pressure, and the milk is poured out.

How to feed your baby?

When breastfeeding, Bao Da Bao’s mother should work hard. It is best not to lie down, because if you lie down, you will spit out when you get fed.Therefore, it is best to sit up and hold it, and do not have too much milk at a time. After full, he will slowly put down when he is confused, so don’t shake it.Will spit it out.

Do not feed immediately after the baby is crying. If the baby cries loudly because he is too hungry before feeding, he will swallow a lot of air, and it will be too anxious when eating milk.It is easy to cause milk, which will cause vomiting. After vomiting, it is easy to cause reflux of the gastrointestinal esophageal. If it is stretched into the trachea, it may cause bronchitis.

After feeding, it is best for the Bao Bao Bao Mom to pat the baby appropriately and shoot the air in the baby’s stomach.

No matter how big the baby is drinking, there are fewer milk, but if you still vomit or vomit food, this situation may be some abnormal gastrointestinal diseases. Parents should pay attention to it.Whether it is abnormal.

The temperature of the milk is not suitable or the milk has deteriorated. The baby is allergic to food protein and can also cause vomiting.

It is not necessary to ignore the baby’s vomiting

Be sure to pay attention to feeding your baby’s posture and posture when feeding

Don’t feed too much, pay attention to shoot after feeding

If it is still wrong

You need to take your baby to the hospital quickly to find the reason

Avoid delays


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