(Sports) Thank you for your insistence on the first game

Xinhua News Agency Adelaide, July 15th.

——The interview with Chinese women’s football team members Lou Jiahui and Yao Lingwei

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Dongxing, reporter Lu Wei

There is still a week before the first match with the Danish team in the Women’s World Cup group stage. Chinese women’s football veteran Lou Jiahui and midfielder Yao Lingwei said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency on the 15th that they are confident to face the impact of European teams, but the first priorityThe goal is to play the first game.

In the afternoon of that day, when the Chinese women’s football team came to the training ground in the Illi Park in Adelaide, it happened to be sunny. The sunlight brought a hint of warmth in the winter afternoon, with the temperature of about 13 degrees Celsius.At the warm -up session, the head coach Shui Qingxia came to the field and played a circle of circles with the team members.The atmosphere of the team makes people feel very happy.According to the plan, the team will fly to Sydney on the 16th to prepare for the second teaching match with Colombia on the 17th, which is also the last warm -up match before the World Cup.

Before the training, Lou Jiahui told reporters that cherishing the third time and the last chance to participate in the World Cup very much.

"I am very happy and thank myself. I have been giving for so many years, and I can give myself the last chance to participate in the World Cup. I also thank the coaching group very much." She said.

"This must be my last World Cup. I cherish it very much. I hope that the team can achieve good results.

The 2023 Women’s Football World Cup will open on the 20th. The Chinese team will usher in the first game against Danish on the 22nd, and will then play against the Haiti and England.

When it comes to the group stage, the veteran who had played back to the back of the back, the frontier, and the striker said that although it was very difficult, everyone was confident.

"First of all, we are doing ourselves first. Faced with the three opponents of the group stage, it is still quite difficult for us, but from the team members, including the coaching team, the entire team, we are still very confident to face thisA few games, "she said.

The 27 -year -old Yao Lingwei was good at the back of the back. She has gradually occupied a place in the national team midfielder over the years. This time she participated in the World Cup for the first time.

The moment he recalled the list of 23 people, Yao Lingwei told reporters that she told her parents as soon as possible.

"Because my parents are particularly concerned, when I know, I shared it with them for the first time. When I was a kid, my dream was to enter the national team, and then I could participate in the World Cup. I felt a bit dreamy." She said.

In the face of the European team, what should I do if they encounter the opponent’s high position and block the ball line?Yao Lingwei said that as a back -waist player, he needs to speed up the ball and observe more. Whether it is the speed of handling the ball or the speed of defense, "it is faster than the speed of the Asian team."

Speaking of the group stage, she said, "We just strive to play every ball, and it is best to do it. Because there is no way to think about it, we have to step by step. We just want to play the first game.The ball, first put the first ball in the most important position. "(End)

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